Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrating the New Year

pic of Joe and me New Year's Eve 2011

A very late post, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Hard to believe it is already 2012...I swear where did the year fly to??!!

Anyways this post is about me New Year's Eve 2011-2012 and how I spent it. Considering this is the first New Years in the states that Joe and I have celebrated since we first left to go to Germany it was a pretty big deal...and also pretty different as well. 

Let me explain...via pictures!

Picture New Year Eve 2010-2011

Yes, the biggest difference is in Germany Fireworks are legal and actually encouraged to be set off on New Years. As the fireworks were forms of celebration and entertainment that brought happiness and joy to whoever watched it. 

Picture 2010-2011

Of course it works out to where Joe turned to me a few days before New Years and asked me where we could get fireworks...which are ILLEGAL here in California. And yes he was pretty sad, but have to make due with what you have.

Pic from 2011-2012 (Travis, Jimmy, Joe)

We decided to hang out with our friends at a local Irish Pub, formerly known as Patrick's, to celebrate the New well as say good bye to Patrick's (it worked out where the owners decided to sell, and with the new owners they were getting rid of the name). 

Pic from 2011-2012 (Steve and Me)

Pic 2011-2012 (Ray and Travis..they like their hats)

Pic 2011-2012 (Travis and Steve) imagine this is early in the night

Yes, if you look at the pictures most of my friends that night that were out with us are male. As it works out, most of my friends here in Cali are males...I'm slowing but surely finding good female friends to have in my life. 

Overall it was a good night, had some good drinks, good laughs, and stories to share and remember all throughout the 2012 year!!!