Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Make up and More

Although it is really Halloween, I am posting pictures from the Halloween Party that I attended last night.

A collection of a bunch of military men, women, their spouses and children + costumes+ a little alcohol for those who wanted to add a little fun = a really good time!

Now as sad as this sounds, I actually suggested to Joe of what he should be for Halloween. I came up with the idea more than a month ago. The only items we had to pay for were the colored contacts and the wig. I happen to find the bright solid tie at the attic on base. Overall spent on Joe's costume 40 bucks and of course the time of which to apply his make up to get him into character. I'm not gonna lie, I was overall pretty proud of myself. Joe looked dead on to Manson.
Make Up used in this look:
Mix of White face paint & Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in 001 Ivory
ELF Studio HD Loose Powder
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Orche
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Slate
Coastal Scents 88 Eyeshadow Palette
Wet N Wild Cream Liner in Black
Cover Girl Waterproof Lash Blast Mascara in Black
Milani Metallic Eye Pencil in Black
NYX Girls Round Lipstick in Electra

PhotobucketThe longest part of this whole make up process was glueing down his eyebrows (which he majorly trimmed them down to help me out...though now it looks like he doesn't have any...cause they are short and blond now).

My costume choice was actually decided the night before the party! My original costume choice was originally going to be a naughty school girl, appropriate because Marilyn Manson went to private school all his life (just in case you didn't know that). But sadly the dress I had wasn't big enough for my bust so I had to go with a back up look. Now I did a mini fashion show for Joe the night before and I let him choose. Since I was going to be on his arm or by his side most of the night, what he wanted to see me in!
Needless to say Joe picked something short, leather and sexy!

That showed alot of cleavage! ha ha

Overall, we had a really good time hanging out with Joe's coworkers. Took some homemade pizza that got eaten within the 1st hour we arrived!

Here are some random pictures from the night! Always an interesting time letting my hair down!
PhotobucketI like the evil/dark boys! he he

The boys striking a pose!

Yeah lol Dont know whats going on there?!

Though I had my own fun! he he

Thursday, October 28, 2010

SugarPill is Now in my Life

Now I have held out a very long time before jumping on this band wagon of SUGARPILL!

Yes, I know right, what is wrong with me? SugarPill has been raved about on blogs, twitter, YouTube, and make up sites for a good while now. But it would take the Monster Sale that occurred right around Halloween this year to finally get me on board.

I actually learned about the sale via Twitter from the lovely and wonderful Phyrra, who is not only an amazing artist but a very through beauty blogger. By far one of my favorite people to read when I actually have the chance, even then just scrolling through her FOTD 's is pretty nice as well. From her I have learned of more mineral companies..who (in time) I plan to check out.

Anyways, Phyrra had a short blog entry on October 13th in regards to the Monster Sale that SugarPill was offering. In the entry she spoke of how SugarPill was being AWESOME and having a Monster sale on the Pressed Shadow Palettes. The Palettes were going to be 40% off normal price as many of them were rejects, whether it was because of a pressing error for a make up pan or packaging problems. No matter what the case was, all those palettes were going on sale...and I had to take advantage of it.

You can purchase the 4 Pressed Eyeshadow palettes at SugarPill for $34.00, which is the better deal of the pressed shadows by this company since on shadow individually is $12.00 so you end up saving $14.00 by getting a Quad. It's important to keep in mind though that the 4 Color Palettes are set in whatever colors they have, so although there are 3 Quads available one of the quads will have a repeat of colors (ie Cold Heart..which has the purple from Burning Heart and the blue from Sweetheart).

With all this said, I ordered my Quad on October 13th (pretty much right after I read Phyrra's post), since apparently people were jumping all over the deal, only one Palette was available. Now the palette I got ended up having one minor flaw which is the reason it was available for the Monster sale price.

**I like to point out that I paid $20.40 for the Quad and for Shipping and Handling it is a fixed rate of $5.00, thus the total I spent for everything was $25.40. Which no matter how you look at it is a GREAT deal for the amount of product and the quality of product I was receiving! As the Pans themselves have 4 grams of product (.14 oz) to get 14 grams of product for under $26 bucks totally ROCKS!!!**

I got an email about 2 hours after making my purchase stating that my item had been shipped out...same say processing?! Again, AMAZING!!! This being my first purchase from SugarPill and having such fast processing of my order, proves to me they are company to definitely keep saved in the favorites section of my laptop.

Exactly one week later, October 21st I received my lovely package! That's right 7 days, again another huge KUDOS, as it on average takes packages from other make up related companies 7 to 10 days to get processed through Customs and into my mail box!

Totally Heart the exterior packaging
Everything was packed so nice and neat!

Another thing that makes SugarPill stick out is the fact, the lovely Owner and Creator, Amy took the time to sign my order Slip. I know she is quite a busy woman, with her make up line as well as her fashion line. But it truly makes my order and overall experience with purchasing from SugarPill personal. Plus I think the sticker is super cute! The package came with two business cards, one of the company and then Amy's Personal business card!!!

Finally to what I officially ordered
The box that the palette came in...very cute packaging. SugarPill overall is just very catchy!
The exterior of the Palette.
The backside of the Palette. The SugarPill Kitty is just too CUTE!

Finally the inside of the palette! As you can see it's Burning Heart.
The colors include the following (from top Left & Down, to top Right & Down):
Poison Plum

These are amazing, Brilliant, pigmented Matte shadows that are filled to the brim of the pan. The only shadow that had a small dent in it (which is another reason why it went on sale)though you can't tell in the picture is Buttercupcake, the yellow. I accidently stuck my finger in FlamePoint, the orange, before I took this picture hence the fingerprint in it! ha ha

Let's look at some swatches of the lovely products!
**Please keep in mind I swatched this over two different bases, refer to picture to see which side is on which type**
Hopefully the annotations show up...photobucket was giving me some issues when I went to post the pics to the blog post! just in case the top row closest to my ring finger is on the white base, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. The bottom swatches are on ELF Mineral Eye Primer.

The colors are just amazing! PIGMENTED! BRIGHT! MATTE! FABULOUS!

Although these do remind me of the Coastal Scents Creative Me #1 Palette, SugarPill by far is brighter and has longer staying power. It took me two make up wipes (I use ELF Studio Make Up Remover Wipes) to get all the color off the back of my hand.

The hardest color to remove would be Love+, being the matte Red...and it always seems like Red Matte shadows tend to stain. But with a little extra wiping it came off and did not stain my hand, which is good cause then it shouldn't stain my lids!

Overall, I'm Very Very VERY satisfied with my first order and experience with SugarPill.

Now that I have some pressed shadows from them, I realize I long for the loose shadows. Hopefully sometime soon I will have the luxury of placing an order for some. But for the time being I hope to get some good use out of the Burning Heart Quad. I personally think I will end up transferring it over into my Make Up Kit as I can see the bright colors really popping in photoshoots, especially when I work with certain photographers that want COLOR!

I can't wait til I can place another order...for now I will just sit and oogle at the pretty colors!



Monday, October 25, 2010

FOTD: Glamour Doll Eyes Smokey Rainbow

Considering it’s a Monday, I normally don’t take a lot of time to my make up especially if I have to work.

However, this Monday is a bit different because:
1. It’s the last day I have to work of my picking up shifts from a co-worker ( I don’t work again until Friday afternoon)

2. The weather is cold, yet the sun keeps fighting with the clouds (and the sun being out always puts me in a good mood)

3. I wanted to play with some Glamour Doll Eyes colors I hadn’t used before (which isn’t completely true, I have used one of the colors).

4. I got up with and out of bed with enough time to actually really play in my makeup!

Thus I came up with this fun, bright multi colored shimmery look.

I wanted to try a white base under the shadows to make the colors pop just a bit more, and I figured I could kill two birds with one stone (trying out a product that I plan on reviewing later). So I prepped the eye using
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Orche
Revlon Cream Shadow (white color) from the Electric Pop

This layering I hope will not only remain creaseless, but give the shadows the pop they justly need.
Products used:
Applied Wet Glamour Doll Eyes Shadow Masquerade 1st 1/3 of lid
Applied Wet Glamour Doll Eyes Shadow Dirty Jeans middle 1/3 of lid and lower lash line
Applied Wet Glamour Doll Eyes Shadow Backstabber last 1/3 of lid
Glamour Doll Eyes Shadow Making A Scene in the crease
Glamour Doll Eyes Shadow Doll House as highlight and inner tear duct
NYC Liquid EyeLiner in Black upper lash line
Forever 21 Black Eye Pencil from Love Peace Collection in waterline
Loreal Volumnoius Carbon Black Mascara







Since the eyes are bright but semi smokey, I paired some bright lips with the look.

Photobucket no flash
I have just been loving the way NYX Fuschia LipLiner looks with bright eyes. I don’t doubt it’s because I am more partial towards pink for lip color choices, but Fuschia is just the perfect combination of purple and pink in one.

Photobucket Flash

Just to give a little shine to the lips (since I filled in the lips entirely) I added just a bit of Scene Queen, Glamour Gloss available from Glamour Doll Eyes (currently Glamour Gloss is unavailable, but sometime soon it will be back up for sale).


Overall, I’m very happy with this look. I think it the combination of the purple and green with the overall grey sheen to it is pretty. Besides the fact that I believe purple and green are nice colors that help pop brown eyes.

I’m considering trying to recreate this look again but using a matte black in the crease to see (whether or not a matte would be a better choice for the crease).

Hope you like the look! You might end up seeing it again on my YouTube channel.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Upcoming SALE for Glamour Doll Eyes

It is already known how much of an obsession I have for Vee's amazing Glamour Doll Eyes shadows!!!

And I seriously do believe that anyone who hasn't tried out the product is definitely missing out on some great products!

I actually did a review on this line about 5 months ago, since then my collection of Glamour Doll Eyes has grown. To where it now all fits in one whole drawer in my make up tower (one of those rubber made 7 tier/drawer). One day I will have something nicer to place my wonderful collection in...but for now it totally works!

I personally love all of the eyeshadows and twi-shadows from Vee, and it's important to point out that she is always creating new and exciting colors.

I'm currently waiting for my order of my 80's child Collection to come in (as it's my birthday present from Joe)...which of course I will swatch and share when I receive it!

Getting to my POINT!!!!

Vee has decided to do something UBBER AMAZING and FABULOUS! If you didn't already know Vee has decided to change the label...that is right the current label will be retiring its lovely self. Cause there will be a new face in the world of Glamour Doll Eyes!

What better way to help the original label's retirement than a final bang! Well, in this case, CLEARANCE SALE!!! That's right, all of the lovely Glamour Doll Eyes Shadows, Twi-Shadows and Eyelights, in all sizes (sample baggie, sample jar, full sized jars) will be on sale for 25% off normal price!

**Keep in mind all new collections will be normal priced. Custom Shadow Towers will be normal priced as well. Besides lashes**

Little Break Down of Glamour Doll Eyes

Eyeshadows, Twi-Shadows:
I love the fact you end up getting a really good deal for a full size shadow which comes in a 5 gram jar filled to the brim (if you opt not to get the shifter) for $6.00 (getting 2 to 2.5 grams of product). * During the sale only $4.50

*with a shifter in the full size jar you can get anywhere from 1.5 to 2 grams of product

For a samples you will be paying anywhere from $1.50 for a sample eye shadow baggie (which has .5 grams of product) *During the sale ONLY $1.13

$2.50 for a sample jar (that has 1 gram of product) *During the sale ONLY $1.88


Eyelights: (Glitter)
I own almost all of the Eyelights (amazing finely milled glitter)! Hate to sound so cliche but they are just as amazing, if not better than MAC glitters!

A full size jar in the eyelight will cost $4.50 (you will get 2 to 2.5 grams of product) *During the sale ONLY $3.38

Sorry no pic for a full size

For samples of the eyelights you will be paying anywhere from $1.10 for a sample baggie (which has .5 grams of product) *During the sale ONLY $.82

$2.00 for a sample jar (that has 1 gram of product). *During the sale ONLY $1.50


Don't forget about the AMAZING NEW SHADOW TOWERS

*Pictured Josh and Lorena Towers

Vee is also running a current special on the Pre-Made Shadow Towers..15% OFF of the normal price. Reason being is the labels on the Shadow Towers will be changing as well!

There are 4 different types of towers you can get 3 tier, 4 tier, 5 tier, 6 tier

price for 3 tier: $10.50 on SALE for $8.93
price for 4 tier: $14.00 on SALE for $11.90
price for 5 tier: $17.50 on SALE for $14.88
price for 6 tier: $21.00 on SALE for $17.85

**Also If you didn't know, there is actually a Lorena Tower (pictured above on the right) that is available. That's right, I chose those lovely colors of Bare Naked, Chocoholic, Fabulous.**

Out with the Old and in with the NEW

As sad as I am to see the original label be put to rest, I'm VERY VERY excited about this sale!

Just because it is twice in one year that Vee is hooking up all Make up lovers, collectors and artists with GREAT Deals for her amazing shadows! Normally Vee does a ONE time Customer Appreciation sale (which just occurred a few months ago), so to have another sale so close!!! AMAZING!!!!

So if you have been on the fence about Glamour Doll Eyes or if you are an fiend like me, needing to stock up on the lovely shadows. TAKE ADVANTAGE of this SALE!

**Sale will end whenever Vee decides. Quantity is limited of what is when it's's Gone. Or in this case...the sale will more than likely be over**

In the Kitchen: Easy Creamy, Cheesey Chicken Enchiladas

As much as I enjoy blogging about my make up passion, I do like to state that I feel like I'm a unique and overall rounded individual.

When I started off my YouTube Channel, I wanted to touch basis on all my various interests and make videos on them. I only hoped that others would be interested in watch the videos.

One of the most watched section other than my living in Germany Series and my make up tutorials is my In the Kitchen Series.

Whenever I do these types of videos, I tend to relay heavily on my wonderful and amazing assistant (and husband) as he tends to me my camera man. As well as at times my extra pair of hands when I need something stirred so that it doesn't burn.

In the In the Kitchen Series, I share my favorite dishes that I have learned from family, friends and the back of some random soups or boxes! Never doubt there is always a way to make a dish your own...just by playing with a few ingredients!

One of these, make it my own dishes I recently posted on my channel was Old El Paso's Creamy, Cheesey Chicken Enchiladas.

I gave the original recipe a little spin, making it more of a lazy man recipe (or so easy that even a non cooker could manage it).

This dish took overall about 30 minutes from start to finish to cook, which is great especially when you have hungry mouths to feed. Plus if you follow the directions exactly as it is on the El Paso Enchilada sauce can you will have more than enough for two people (cause that is all that is in our household...and Joe doesn't mind left overs).

Located below is the video of how to make the dish!!!

My Interview & Trial Run as a Make Up Artist

So yesterday was one of my longest days ever!

Not only did I have to work at my normal job at the gift shop, but afterwards I had my trial test run at a local photo shoot.

Now, I did do this trial run for free with the compensation of some shots that could be used for my portfolio. There actually quite a few more than the ones I am going to be posting on this blog, however I am waiting for the photographer to re-go through the pictures and send me any others.

My overall thoughts about the shoot, I had a really good time, though it was really long. I ended up helping out the model and picking her up, because she was literally in the town next to the base (which is where I was leaving from to head to the shoot). And then I dropped her off, which prolly explains why I was there so long. Though I wanted to see the photographer at work, and I ended up putting a little imput here and there for what the model could do. Suggested a set up here and there..and luckily the photographer was pretty easy going, liked the suggestions and went along with it.

I only did two actual make up looks on the model, the first was a "safe" look. I was ubber nervous and I was worried that the model wouldn't like my style. Plus I wanted to kinda show the photographer that I could do simple, yet visible enough for print (ie catalog). Considering the model had opted for a coral and black scarf, layered tank tops of black and coral and dark jeans..i wanted it to be more casual.
Makeup for this look
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation mixture of 001 and 006
Wet N Wild Concealer Stick in 02 Medium
ELF Studio HD Loose Powder
ELF Essential Bronzer in Sun Kissed for contour
ELF Studio Duo Bronzer/Blush...blush for apples of cheeks
Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in SunKiss as highlight

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Wet N Wild Color Icon Vanity Palette
Manhattan Eye Pencil in Dark Brown (this brand only found here in Germany and for how creamy this pencil was it reminded me of MAC Eye Kohl) upper lash line
Maybelline The Great Lash Mascara in Dark Brown

Original Bistix Chapstick to moisturize
NYX Girls Round Lipstick in Orange Soda


I state this as my "safe" look because I was trying to warm myself up. I seriously was so nervous, I would end up holding my breathe when I was working on the model, I was worried about breathing on her...but I made sure that if I had to. I would smell like minty gum! ha ha, I loved watching videos of what to keep in a makeup kit, cause I learned that was one of the big things to have (besides mints).

The next make up look was more my thing anyways, as you all know I love color..especially satin, frost and shimmer eyeshadows. Considering I switched over my Coastal Scents Palettes into my kit (both my 88 Shimmer Palette and my Creative Me #1 Palette) I decided to play with color.

For face makeup I only changed one thing:
Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush in Berry Shimmer was the blush I switched to

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
P2 Eyeliner in Black Upper lash line
Wet N Wild Cream Eyeliner in Black for waterline
Maybelline The Voluminous Falsies Mascara in Black

NYX LipLiner in Fuschia
Clear Lipgloss from KiK just for some shine

I went for a slight tapered look for the eyes, the model was a mix of Filipina and German. I really wanted to capture her exotic dual nature. Plus when the model and I were headed downstairs which we were using for changing area (both of her clothes and her make up). The photographer asked me if that was basic make up (from the first set), I commented yes and so he told me he wanted some color.
Once I was done with the model's makeup, well predominantly done with it (minus applying the black mascara), I let her sneek a peak at herself. She got a huge smile on her face and was so excited about the colors. I think she was a bit worried, cause I had stated I was going for a 80's colors inspired look.

However the photographer was extremely happy with the choices I had made! Woot to that!


The next section of pictures are actual photo shots that I suggested the model pose as or suggested to the photographer to set up for.

Models bring their own accessories, clothes, etc to the photoshoot and I noticed she had this cute rosary. I thought it would be interesting to have it on her, considering her make up was so bright, her outfit (which you cant see in this pic) was semi provocative (gray cheetah print leggings, tight black shirt and bright blue heels).

I recommended to the model to try this pose, besides her hair in the pigtails. She originally had it set in a ponytail ontop of her head and as I thought it was cute. I thought the pigtails would really cute, plus as soon as I helped her with her hair. The photographer liked the change and she ended up working the pigtails.

This is my favorite shot of the night, and actually this is what I suggested and actually set up. Originally the photographer had her seated long ways on the couch with her heels just hanging slightly off of the couch. That was the only pop of color that was present besides her make up. So I went downstairs to grab the lipstick to touch up her lips...and the idea came to me.

Make her like she is at home in her room just doing her own thing. Since she had tons of bright colored clothes, I grabbed them all, her backpack, cell phone, the photographers laptop and just kinda threw them around her and told her to sit in the middle of the couch. Not only does it add a bunch of color but I think it's a really fun shot.

The photographer and I talked turkey, so I just need to email him a list of rates of my prices for various projects. Ideally, the photographer wants to include my price into his own when he is doing projects.

I'm not certain if this necessarily is a good idea, but I figure it never hurts to get my feet wet and see what happens. If I can get shots from it that I can use to build a portfolio and make some extra cash cool, and if I feel like I'm doing more than what I am making then I can bring it up and go from there.

I want to do one more photoshoot for sure, with another model and another two different looks, so that I can put in my app for Model Mayhem!