Monday, January 31, 2011

GiveAway Time On the YouTube, Twitter and Blog

After some consideration, I figured it was time to do a fun little giveaway on all my different website pages that I have a following on.

Thus there will be various rules for each website that I have subscribers and followers make sure that You are AWARE of which rules go to which I will only repeat myself one time!!

The giveaways are all going to start on the same day and end on the same day and pending on which one you enter...please be aware of this.

The items that are up for grabs are small goodies that I recently purchased from my favorite unique accessory esty store...Your Sweet Treat. I personally own 4 pieces of jewelry from this store (and two are on their way to me as well). I truly love the unique and adorable products, which is why I am giving everyone the opportunity to try to win something of their own.

Keep in mind I purchased these items up for grabs with my own money, for you all because I wanted to share a little bit of what I like with you!!!

Start Date of Giveaways: Feb 1, 2011..Tuesday
End Date of Giveaways: Feb 14, 2011, Monday 6 pm EST or 3 pm PST..which is midnight here in case you were wondering!

These Giveaways are Opened INTERNATIONALLY, as I want all my subscribers, followers everywhere to be able to win something!

**It is important to note, that one person can end up entering the giveaway a total of three times (ie entering each form of giveaway...YouTube, Twitter, and Blog). I am doing this because it makes it more interesting when more people each prize is different so I don't have to worry if someone ended up winning two items. However you can only enter each particular Section ONE the rules will state in each their section**

Rules for YouTube Entries
  • Must be a subscriber to my YouTube channel
  • Must be 18 and up, or have Parent permission
  • Enter ONE time only via Comment
  • Comment must state Your Favorite Sweet Snack ....example "My favorite sweet snack are Peanut butter cups"

Rules for Twitter Entries
  • Must be a follower to my Twitter account
  • Must be 18 and up, or have Parent Permision
  • Enter ONE time only via @ Comment to myself
  • Comment must state the Following "Hey @SoCalGrlnGerman enter me for your @Yoursweettreat giveaway "
Rules for Blog Entries
  • Must be a Blog Follower
  • Must be 18 and up, or have Parent Permission
  • Enter ONE time only via commenting on this blog entry
  • Comment must state Your Favorite Snack after doing something (working out, school, work, taking a nap...whatever) example " My favorite snack after I work out is a Power Bar"

Hope that this posting makes sense...if you have any questions shoot me an email anytime to my email that is listed here on my blog or on my Youtube Channel. I will make sure to get back to you!

Winners will be announced on Feb 15th...and names will be chosen by using Fruit Machine!


Overview of Madame Madeline Lashes

I have been lucky enough to qualify to do a review on the False Lash Provider Madame Madeline.

I personally have purchased from the website before so I already had an idea of what various brands that they carried. The website has everything from Revlon, Elise, Ardell, Andrea, Gypsy, Sherani, Japonesque, to my personal favorites...Red Cherry. Besides the random lash extension products and special lashes (IE Halloween).

However I personally have not tried out all the different brands/products that Madame Madeline first order I mostly stuck with what I know which is Red Cherry False Lashes.

Thus given this golden opportunity, I decided to try out a few of the other brands..that I have heard via YouTube or read reviews on via MakeupAlley.

Overall I recieved a total of 5 products that I will be doing a review on. I showcase the products in a video that I just recently uploaded to my Youtube channel.

I received the following lashes to review. I was able to look through the website, make a list and the company would decide which lashes they would like to send me from my list. I actually received every lash that I had on my list (which is very nice).

I am including pictures I found off the website (as I accidently deleted the pictures I took with my own personal camera). Also I want to note the ** on the prices listed means Madame Madeline's website offers a bulk deal (price) on that particular item. Go to the website in order to find out more information.
1 pair of Elise False Lashes #347

Described on the website as "Blue and Black Mod Feathered Lashes".
Price $4.55

1 pair of Ardell InvisiBands Babies

Described on the website as "Ardell InvisiBands Babies is natural looking style. Babies lengthens and thickens eyelashes in just the right amount. Style comparable to Modlash #53 Lashes and Ardell Fashion Lashes #135."
Price $3.49 **

1 pair of Andrea Accents #305 Lashes

Described on the website as "Andrea Accents is a collection of LITTLE (HALF) LASHES. Andrea Accents 305 lashes will change the way you look at faux lashes forever. Eye Accents were designed to enhance your look by not creating new new. They are half the length of typical strip eyelashes and are to be used on the outer corners of the eyes to give your eyes a little boost. "
Price $3.49**

1 Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Lashes #91148 (comes with 2 PAIRS)

Described on the website as "Enhance your look! Get Gorgeous, natural lashes effortlessly with Revlon Beyond Natural eyelashes. With various styles available, each with a different length and volume, you can easily customize your lashes."
Price $5.15

1 Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Clear .25 oz

Described on the website as " DUO Eyelash Adhesive (regular, non-Surgical) is the world's best sellingwaterproof lash adhesive, made in the USA. It is a safe, latex adhesive to use with Ardell Lashes, Andrea false eyelashes, and other body decoration/accessories. Duo eyelash adhesive provides a slight stronger hold than DUO Surgical Adhesive and is available in clear and dark tone."
Price $4.20**

I received an email confirming my products had been mailed out on December 27, 2010 and arrived in my PO box (in Germany) on January 7th, 2011...and considering that is during the busy holiday season (plus closures due to holidays...and it traveling all the way to Europe) pretty decent shipping speed.

Everything in the box came neatly packaged, plus they included some business cards with addition discount code to get 8% off the entire next purchase. Use code: FALSIES at check out on the site if you plan on shopping with them.

Some other random and useful information about the site includes the following:

Customers have the choice of purchasing items individually as well as by bulk, pending on what brand and product you are getting, the bulk products end up giving you the best prices.

It is important to note that you get free shipping if you spend $100 or more on products from the website, which seems like quite a bit. But if you are a freelance make up artist and need to restock up on lashes for photoshoots, make overs, or make up lessons...that really is a pretty good offer. (This offer is good for within the US).

There are various discounts and promotions on certain lashes, checking out the tab marked discounts will allow a customer to know of current promos. Also another good way to know about upcoming promos is to be on the emailing mailing list.

Yes, I'm signed up for that and compared to several other companies who massively email customers two to 5 times a week...Madame Madeline keeps their customers updated. However they DO NOT go overboard with the that customers don't feel overwhelmed or pressured to make a purchase. I personally get announced when a company sends out email after email of promotions and what not...I have unsubscribed to several beauty companies for that reason alone!

Overall, I'm happy with the service I have received from Madame Madeline. I do have a formal review to do on this company...but I just wanted to share a few first thoughts about the products and service so far.

Picture of a Look I did wearing my Andrea #305's

The Lashes are very Feminine Looking
And give the eyes that little POP

Monday, January 24, 2011

In the Kitchen: Baked Sour Cream Chicken

This is actually one of my favorite recipes I learned from one of my old bosses, back when I was single working in retail.

It worked out to where I had decided it was time to start bringing my lunch to work, as it would save me money and time on my break. Thus I was in the "learning" mode to find inexpensive and relatively easy dishes that I could make (and have a decent amount of left overs with).

Between choice of red meat or chicken, I more often pick chicken..honestly I really don't know why. Though it does seem to drive my mister a bit batty (as he is from Texas..and they love their red MEAT).

So when my boss shared with me this simple and easy Baked Sour Cream Chicken dish, it was quickly added to my list of dishes I could make. The longest part out of the whole dish is really the prepping and the rest is quite simple.

This recipe I would recommend to any beginner cook or (at times) lazy guy who wants homecooked food with little to no hassle. Joe is not a big fan of this dish, because he doesn't like celery I have had to tone down the amount I use in it to appease his taste. Nonetheless I still like it and I cook this dish at least once a month.

Check out the video of how to make it yourself:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Upcoming Giveaway of YourSweetTreat Goodies

As you guys know I love to shop, especially at places that have unique products...especially when it comes to accessories. If you have watched my YouTube channel you know that I purchased several different products from Your Sweet Treat, an online accessory store that specializes in accessories that look like little sweets.

Due to my personal liking of the different, cute and adorable the fact that I like to hook my subbies and followers up I have decided to do a small giveaway on all three of my different networks.

I will have a giveaway on my YouTube Channel, one on my Twitter and one here on my blog. Considering many people kinda transfer over (ie someone can be subscribed or following me on each social network are eligible to win a total of three different times). However, I do want to point out I have been keeping an eye on my followers on my blog and twitter account in particular as these two accounts have the smaller about of people. Thus I will be able to tell if someone decides to start following just to increase the likelyhood of them scoring a different prize.

I was originally going to have two different winners on my YouTube channel, however somehow the necklace that I originally purchased a few months ago for a giveaway is suddenly missing. I'm not certain if I just misplaced it...or somehow it walked out of the room when I had a visitor.
Thus the prize now is going to be something small, pending on how well things go for me personally. I might do another bigger giveaway at a different point.

Keeping this in mind, I will be posting the official rules and whatnot for this giveaway this upcoming Friday on all networks. So please keep an eye out for that.

And for now, if you haven't checked out Your Sweet Treat , definitely do so. As right now there is a Buy 1, Get 1 Nina is trying to clear out her old inventory in order to give her the space to create new and cute items for Spring!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FOTD: Providence and Grace Inspired Pin Up

I decided it was time to play with the products that I had received to review from Providence and Grace Fine Cosmetics.
Considering the fact I chose mostly neutral colors, I had an idea in mind of what look I wanted to create with the products (ie Pin Up Inspired). The fact that I have recently been dying in my hair black and majorly preferring wine to red color lipsticks made it quite easy and almost natural to choose to create such a look.
The one difference that I wanted to add into the look was w bit of color, I originally though perhaps a purple liner would be good. However, it is my opinion that brown eyes pop a bit more when a blue color is used. Thus I decided aqua would be a fun color to use as a liner.

I have created a look very very similar using Glamour Doll Eyes products. However I felt the colors in Providence and Grace had a bit more of a metallic look to them, thus it would make the look appear different. Besides the fact the lip color us definitely different compared to the Look I did using GDE.


Products used for Eyes:
Providence and Grace EyeShadow Primer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt
Matte Nude shadow from LA Colors Traditional Palette all over eye
Providence and Grace Mineral Shadow in Baby all over lid (applied wet)
Providence and Grace Mineral Shadow in Antique Copper in Crease
Providence and Grace Mineral Shadow in Shine as Highlight and Inner tear Duct
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Flipside lower lash line
MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating in water line
Jemma Kidd Liquid Eyeliner in Covert upper lash line
Benefit's Bad Gal Mascara in Black
Andrea's Demi Lashes in 305

Semi Closed Eye

Open Eye
I personally really like the use of blues as liner, anything from an dark navy to aqua (like I used in this look). I think for brown eyes it really makes the eyes pop more...true it more than likely does the same for any eye color. But whenever I wear blues...I notice I get more compliments.


On Lips:
Estee Lauder Lipliner in Tawny 03
Providence and Grace Lipstick in Bite
Providence and Grace Lip Glaze in Queen


If you are interested to see how I created this look then please watch the following video:

Overall I really enjoyed using the various products from Providence and Grace.

If you haven't checked out their website, definitely recommend it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Mom is my Hero

For those that have been following my YouTube Channel, You guys already know that my Mom made a guest appearance in a video "A little Taste" clip. As well as you know that my mom recently did the Susan G Komen 3 Day walk for the cure down in San Diego, CA the weekend before Thanksgiving weekend.

With a bit of teaming up together my Mom and myself came up with a fun little raffle for helping her earn enough donations to participate in this walk. The raffle went well and my mom was able to earn enough to walk.

The reason she decided to participate in the walk is due to a few family friends that had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Sadly two have passed due to the strain of the disease on their bodies and she wanted to do something in remembrance of them.

I am disappointed that I wasn't there to film her walking, I think it would've been fun. Although she did run into a mishap or so while walking, on her second day of the walk she pulled her muscle and had to get some medical attention (they stretched and wrapped her calf for her..before sending her on her merry way).

Even injured she still was in good spirits!

The walk was over the course of 60+ miles, throughout various parts of San Diego. From what I have heard the closed several different streets and a small part of the Freeway for all those that participated.

The walk ended on the third day, Sunday, at Petco Park (stadium of the San Diego Padres). I'm honestly not quite certain of my mom's official time, but I know she had a good time. She did the walk with a friend and her friend's sister.

My mom enjoyed participating in the walk so much that she actually has already decided to sign up to participate this year, which is November 18, 19, 20 2011.

My Mom is so Pretty!!!

I'm very proud of her, I really wish I could do it with her as well. I think it is important to be involved in something that you believe in. I think it is because of her example that I decided to get involved with Coaching Basketball on base.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baking Now added to In the Kitchen

I didn't realize how long it had been since I did an In the Kitchen with Lo video til I uploaded earlier this weekend.

I got asked towards the tail end of last year (2010) right before my birthday. If I could introduce some baking dishes into my kitchen series, apparently people thought I might have some good baking recipes to share. Ironically enough, when I have been stressed I normally helps calm my nerves and makes the house smell good.

Thus I decided after sometime I would try out a baking video and judging on the views and commentary go from there (of whether or not I would continue to more additional baking videos). So far from putting up two different videos,
the first being how to make HomeMade Pumpkin Ring or Pumpkin Bread. And the second being Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting.

Between the two, the Cream Cheese Frosting has received more views, but overall I think people are enjoying them.

I am including the links for both videos, if you haven't checked them out.

But from some comments and requests, I'm going to also throw in a healthy recipe every now and again so that those who are on diets can find something useful from my In the Kitchens!!!

Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

Friday, January 14, 2011

Starting off the Year 2011

With the ending of 2010...and the beginning of 2011 I realize there are various points in my life that need to slightly change.

The biggest is focusing on my own personal goals...I made a half ass joke last year about getting into Military Standards shape. So that I would be capable of passing the PT (Physical Test) in order to be able to get in...that was a big motivator for me last year to drop about 15 pounds. As you know from reading this blog that I fell off the wagon shortly after my family came to visit towards the tale end of the summer.
But I realize I shouldn't give up on my it was good motivation to change. So I'm planning to keep up with going to the gym as regularly as I did before...what seems to be the biggest problem for me is the fact they made the gym close now at 10 pm. Before it use to be open 24 hrs a that if I felt the urge to head off at 10 pm to go run on the treadmill it wasn't a big deal. Now I have to pay attention more to time and figuring out a more ideal schedule.

Second, I will try to make more time for blogging.

As I know this will be a little bit harder with Basketball season...however from working harder with the girls. I have realized what I need to have them focus on that I do not have to spend nearly as much time planning practices out as I did before. It does seem a little odd, but from going over stuff with them it makes me remember other drills and skill builders old coaches of mine had us do. Thus I'm in turn turning around and using it on them. The team itself has goals, which I hope by the end of the season they are capable of achieving.

Goals for Basketball Team
  • Be able to run a Full Court Suicide as a Team in 35 seconds or less
  • Be at least 75 % Free Throw Shooting Percentage
  • Be the BEST Defensive Team in League
  • Everyone be able to do a Right and Left Handed LayUp
  • Demonstrate the Best Sportsmanship on and off the Court

However, I'm sure to make the conscious effort more to blog. As I know I am extremely behind in posting swatches of various products I have received as gifts or purchased!

On a whole other different note, with the ringing in of the new year. The launching of my official website which is where you can find my professional portfolio as a freelance Make Up Artist. Another high point in my road to making my hobby into something real.

Check out my website Lorena Parsons

I am very lucky to have a friend who actually is a website designer who helped me out with it...well he made it for me...fixed bugs and will be available to work on it when I need it updated! yay for that. As I have issues enough trying to get this blog pretty looking...god forbid I try fiddling on a website that I would want people to refer to for my work.

I'm very happy with the way it looks, and I can't wait to work with other photographers to add to it. As I feel it doesn't nearly show what I am capable of doing!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moving Forward in Make Up

One of the best Christmas Presents I could receive this year, was something I earned for myself. After much debate (which was mostly with myself) I decided I would sign up for Model Mayhem and see what happens.

If you don't know what Model Mayhem is...well it's the networking site that many people in the fashion industry use to get exposure and make contacts. I do already have a small group of photographers in the semi local area that I hope to work with.'

However having a profile on this website would allow me the ability for when we either head back to the states to live or when I'm headed home for a visit to family be able to coordinate and work with some other photographers/models/ etc.

So after much hesitancy I decided December 23rd to fill out an app and see what happens. One of the must haves for putting an app in is four pictures of at least 3 to 4 different looks (especially if you are applying for Make Up Artist). However I used what I thought would be appropriate for pictures.

After waiting two days, I received an email on December 25th stating that my profile was approved and welcoming to Model Mayhem. So far I have done very very basic posting, I'm pretty much trying to find some Southern Californian contacts for when I go back to the states to visit in April (and I will be there for almost two months).

Fingers crossed things will work out...but it was one of the best Christmas Presents I earned