Monday, February 28, 2011

Yup, Make Up Project Update again!!!

Just wanted to quickly let ya guys know that I finally finished my ELF Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips today!!!!

No lies I am ubber excited to have actually finished a lip product to entirety!!! I have actually never accomplished this feat before...and it is a feat considering how many lip products I do have now in my extensive collection.

Thank Goodness I am really sticking to this project, I think I might actually get through more of my products this way.

Now as it worked out, I did allow myself the luxury of ordering a new lip product...when I receive it in the mail I will be for sure making a small post on it with swatches as well.

But I did want to show you some physical evidence that my lipstick is done!!! So here we go!!!
Yup, totally holding up my empty for everyone to see!!!

Comparing a full ELF Liquid Lipstick to an Empty
Top: ELF's Cherry Tart Liquid Lipstick
Bottom: ELF's Baby Lips Liquid Lipstick

Although I have ordered a new lip product, I have decided to make my new product to use up from my lip collection the Cherry Tart Lipstick from I believe it will take me about a month to use it up. Plus I have been wearing complementary colors on my lips the past week, so I figure I can just keep doing so.

**I hope anyone else who is doing the Finish what You Started Make up Project is doing alright. I'm nearly done with my foundation and I have finally hit pan on my drug store concealer.I'm just waiting now to see how long it takes I started this project whole heartedly about a month ago.**

I will again update when I am closer to finishing off a product again...I'm thinking it will be my foundation that will finish off next over my lip products...unless of course I keep my lips moisturized with this winter weather!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Valentine's Goodies

I know I am a bit late with getting this blog post up, but I have had a busy last two weeks so I'm finally getting around to taking care of it!

However, I wanted to share my Valentine's presents that my hubby purchased for me! Of course I did choose them out, and they both did end up coming in the mail shortly after Valentine's day (however it was quite alright with me).

Now I honestly didn't jump at all on the band wagon when the Urban Decay Naked Palette came out earlier this summer. To tell you the truth I was quite against getting the I was very much into the colorful looks (which I still am...just only when going out nowadays).

But as time wore on and the videos in my subscription box kept popping up of a haul and someone else getting it, a video tutorial of someone else using it. I decided...well considering this item is such a HOT item...if I sign up for it...perhaps by the time that it is available I might actually want it.

So I signed myself up on the Urban Decay website and pretty much forgot about it..up until about middle of January when I received an email telling me that I had a palette on hold just for me from the Urban Decay website. Now, don't get me wrong....I was all oh neat...and figured it could just end up being a Valentine's present from Joe (if I decided to keep it). Or it would make a pretty amazing prize if and when I decide to do a contest again on my YouTube channel.

Now, all of you know that I am normally a HUGE mineral girl but with basketball season I have been doing some major dabbling into my pressed powders (in particular my neutral least for everyday wear).

Thus after receiving my Naked palette...which is literally sat on my dresser for a good week..I decided I would keep it for myself. Thus it is now officially in my collection (this is the second Urban Decay Palette I have ever owned...I have the Black palette as well that I swapped for a few months back).


Now, the Naked Palette runs $44 dollars and with Urband Decay's website you get free shipping and handling when you spend $50 or more. So I added a mini primer potion in the color Eden as well to the purchase from the website. This would be my third mini Primer never might end up seeing it on a review or giveaway.

Again, I don't jump on band wagons right away when it comes to Hot products because I hate really wanting something, looking for it and not being able to find it. I personally end up keeping my eye on a product and once it is talked about a whole lot less is about the time frame that I look into purchasing it (if I really still want it by then).

**In particular right now, crackling nail polishes are SO in right now. It's funny just because I noticed that particular type of polish about August-September over here in the P2 collections (German brand). It's funny how its such the rave in the past month over in the states...I'm actually interested in getting a German crackling polish and perhaps a stateside brand and see if there are any major differences..since I'm back into having polish on my nails.

Speaking of Fad nail polishes...I did happen to received another product(s) that were huge in the states a bit ago.


I now have in my possession the mini version of the Katy Perry Polishes from OPI.

I totally love Katy Perry and again after watching several videos where people were showing off the colors (and from my personal love of the Glitter polishes from OPI). I knew that the collection was something that I did really want. Thus my little extra splurge for it.

**I recently posted of using one of the polishes as a Nails of the week. I do have to work tomorrow, so more than likely I will be having extra time to change out nail polish color to something different.

Overall, I'm ubber happy with my Valentine's presents from the hubby this year. He got a dart board and once I get paid some extra money to go towards the video card he has been saving up for his big computer.

Nails of the Week: Katy Perry's OPI Not Like the Movies

So with the basketball season coming up to a close for me...I have been letting my nails grow back out again (as I followed the rules myself and kept my nails trim...since I occasionally played against my girls).

And with my receiving some awesome nail polish for my Valentine's present, I decided it was time to play with the pretty colors.

The first color I decided to try out from my Mini Collection of Katy Perry's OPI polishes was, Not Like in the Movies.

This nail polish in my opinion was one of the most interesting colors from the four...due to the fact that the color itself seems to change pending on what light is hitting it!

It has an iridescent shimmer, and I would describe this as a grey/green with pink and purple undertones (ie shimmer). Cause anytime I'm sitting looking at my nails and move my hand around I can see anywhere from 2 to 4 colors! Totally lives up to the name...Not Like in the Movies!!! he he

Without Flash

With Flash

I have had this nail polish on for about a week now...and I must again say how much nicer using OPI is for chipping and staying power than any other nail polish I have owned.

Not only do I require less product applied to my nails (this was only two coats of the polish) but I have had little to no chipping. I actually had to file down my nails a but so even with doing that (after having nail polish on) I had no issue.

It really does make me want to get into nail polishes a bit more (at least for the better quality items) but I figure it will have to be special colors or collection to really get me to jump on that bandwagon.

I do love Katy Perry and of course all the hot videos talking about her nail polishes have been out for awhile now (though the shatter polish seems to be the hot trend at the moment). Overall I'm very happy with my polish and I even don't mind having a mini polish (cause the full sizes are just too least on eBay they were).

So Pretty

**Random side note, I just recently started using a new nail polish base from Manhattan (German make up brand) I'm wondering if it combined with the OPI makes for better staying power. I will have to use it when using a less expensive brand and keep you informed!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update: Finish What You Started Make Up Project 2011

Figure I would post a quick update in regards to my Make Up Project Finish what You started.

I did throw away one of my items as I couldn't get any more product out of it (due to the structure of it) and the little bit of product that I did get out was starting to dry up. So...SO LONG to my ELF Mineral Eyeshadow has seen better days. I know there are videos on Youtube of how you can depot the ELF version of the eyeprimers and use it to the entirity. However considering I have had that particular primer is about a year old..I figured it was time to let it go (it was in my second purchase ever from ELF from February of last year...kinda crazy huh?)

In regards to other products, I am about a week at most away from finishing off my Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips from ELF as well. I will be posting my February favorites and it makes an appearance (plus you can see how much is literally left in it). No lies I'm pretty proud of myself when it comes to finishing off a lip product as I really can't think of any lip products that I have done that

So, hopefully sometime next week I will be posting another update and have told you that Baby Lips is no longer with us!!!! He He

Once that lipstick is done...I'm so all over buying a new lip product, MAC's Viva Glam Lady Gaga 2..totally all over it! I actually don't really like nude lipsticks...but since I have the original Lady Gaga lipstick (pink total spring favorite). I figure I should get the second one...just because I dunno it seems like a good idea (and I'm a sucker for Lady Gaga).

**Which I am totally doing a mini funeral for my Lady Gaga lipstick when it is done...I'm about halfway done with it. Though I randomly save it for a fine occasion**

On a totally other side note, I'm totally loving my cream blush from NYX in Boho Chic 11...that has been my favorite for a few months now. And one thing about cream blushes is that they last FOREVER! Only a little bit of product is required to get a decent color pay out (wash of color)...and considering this blush has a shimmer in it. I don't require any highlight powders!!!

I do like to change up the color by patting a very small amount of a pressed blush ontop of BoHo Chic (when my favorites for Feb go will see what I mean).

I'm more than halfway done with my Rimmel 26 hr liquid foundation...which is nice because I'm really looking forward to trying to find a good drug store foundation. I do like Revlon Colorstay and the Photoready..but I'm looking for something else. I'm really itching to make up shop..however I'm sticking to this make up project (and not buying anything new from a category until I have finished one item).

Anyways enough rambling...I will keep you updated. As products are finished, I will tell you of what I will be purchasing next (if there is anything in that category that I am wanting to try). And I will be letting you know when I add a new item to my list to finish, as once I finish my ELF Baby Lips...I will purchase the Lady Gaga 2 lipstick. And I will be adding another ELF Liquid Lipstick to my Make Up Project to finish in the color Cherry Tart (their pinky red...that reminds me of a lipstain color).

Monday, February 21, 2011

FOTD: Spectrum Cosmetics Blues and Purple

As you guys know, I received some products from Spectrum Cosmetics to review..and with the weekend. I decided to play with my shadows and come up with a fun and bright FOTD.

I do have a major thing as of recently for Blue shadows..and I have done this look several times using different shadows of blue and purple. Played with using different colored liners as well as adding glitter randomly...however I do always seem to go back to it. Perhaps its the color combination of blue and purple that I really like...perhaps its because I feel that it makes my boring brown eyes a little more fancy. As I have noted that whenever I have blue (where its eyeshadow or eyeliner my brown eyes appear to be a lighter brown than they normally are).

Thus I put this look together...and left it on all day. In the evening I had plans to go out so I ended up just smoking the purple out more and added a silver in the inner corner to make it fun.




Better View of the Eyes:

Products used:
Mayra's Cosmetics Eye Corrector in Light
Applied Wet Spectrum Cosmetics Take of Your Cool shadow all over lid
Applied Wet and Dry Spectrum Cosmetics Fairy lady shadow in crease
Navy blue shadow from Sleek Storm Palette inner V of crease
Spectrum Cosmetics Blue my Mind shadow smudged on lower lash line
Mac's Blanc Type as a Highlight
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Zero
NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara in Black


I decided to smudge a bit of Blue my Mind onto my lower lash line to keep the blue close to my I felt that if I left only black pencil on the lower lash line it wouldn't be quite complete.


The dark navy shadow from the Sleek Storm palette added just enough smokeiness and depth to the eye that I wanted for a day time look. Since Spectrum's Fairy Lady is such a hard matte shadow to get proper color pay out...I thought adding a darker blue would change the purple just a bit. Which the dark blue blended with Fairy Lady makes it a darker purple...which is kinda least to me.

Final Face


To finish off the face for cheeks I used my Go To blush NYX Cream blush in 11 Boho Chic. I'm not certain if it has just become habit to reach for this blush as it is one I am trying to finish. But I love the fact that I don't have to add any highlight to my the shimmer in the Boho Chic works gives me enough shimmer. I lightly pat once on each cheek the Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush in Mellow Wine to help set the NYX Cream well as to just slightly darken the cheeks.

For lips I exfoliated with my Bubble Babez Lip Du Jour Sugar Scrub in the winter weather has been rough on my lips (even though I wear pretty moisturzing lipglosses or chapsticks). I then applied NYX Lipliner in Natural and filled on..and applied ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick (which is a lipgloss feeling to me) in Baby Lips.

The only thing this look was really missing was some falsies...whether they were to be more natural looking pair or even the accent would've been the perfect final touch to the look! yet I didn't have enough time to put lashes on as I needed to head to work. Thus I had what I had!

Day Time look

Evening time: having added just a bit of Spaceships Don't have Reaview Mirrors on the inner corner of the lower lash line.

ELF Mineral EyeShadows

A little while ago I received a bunch of ELF's Mineral Eyeshadows from a fellow YouTuber (who actually asked to remain nameless). She had sent them to me because she had purchased the entire collection of Minerals (when they were having their 50% off sale). She went through most of them and kept only a few (mostly neutrals that she felt she would actually use).
Thus I received an email after I had put up a review on an ELF product from her and it lead to me receiving these products. Which of course I am very grateful for (as many had only been swatched, some not even opened). I went through the various colors, swatching to see which ones would be my favorite.

I personally turned around and sent out about 6 colors to a different, younger YouTuber so that she could try them out as well. Since I knew she wanted to try out ELF products but didn't that the funds to do so.

Anyways after my long winded story, I wanted to share some swatches of the various colors and some first thoughts on them.

I have used these quite a few times since I received them, the purples I used in a Budget Beauties look for this month on my YouTube channel. So far so good for pigmentation and for wearablity...though with these you should use a pretty good they will last longer.

**My biggest issue with ELF when it comes to these Mineral shadows is they have NO description of the various colors. Literally, just a picture for a customer to look at (which we all know that pictures are at times deceiving). Thus for my descriptions I can only go off of what I perceive of the I tried as best to describe it.**

*These products were swatched both Dry on ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. The top is the ELF Primer the bottom is the NYX Eye Pencil.**

The Mattes

According to the ELF UK website (where it is not mentioned on the US version) "All our Mineral Eyeshadows are shimmery with the exception of 'Seductive', 'Partier', 'Temptress', 'Innocent' and 'Enchanting' which are matte".
I wish they would have this statement on the US ELF website...however it does help those who are looking to try out the Mattes...or even stay away from them.

Swatches: Left: Enchanting, Right: Seductive

Enchanting: a light matte brown (khaki brown) though its more noticeable of a brown if it is on a white base. It looks more neutral beige/pink on just a primer

This color would be good to use as a blending color to where the crease color meets the highlight color. Or an all over the eye a base eyeshadow that other colors could be put on.

Seductive: a matte Black (though its very light especially when it is blended out). It contains small flecks of silver sparkle in it (again more noticeable on a white base).

This color is best as a crease help darken or smoke out a look. Also could be used on the waterline to help set any cream or pencil that is placed in that location. You will be able to get the most dark color payout for this shadow by placing it on top of a dark (ie Black) base.


Thoughts of ELF's Matte Shadows (that I own):
I think ELF attemption of matte mineral shadows are going in the right direction...however for the color to really pop I had to use a white base. And I don't think someone will always want to use a white base under their shadows (especially if they are wanting to put a shimmer on their lid). If somehow ELF could make their mattes pop a bit more I would be happy to add them to my collection...but for now. I'm content with the two that I have...and trying to figure out ways and looks to make them really stand out.
Definitely products that you have to build up to use them to their full potential.

Recommended Colors: None of the Mattes...spend your money else where

The Purples Kinda

Swatched: Left: Socialite, Middle: Royal, Right: Girly

Girly: Lilac/pink color with a little bit of shimmer (the shimmer is a light pink color to it). Blended out this color takes on a slightly iridescent lilac pearl

This color makes a good Highlight color or inner tear duct (eye brightener).
Royal: dark purple grey with a slight undertone of a grey. Tons of shimmer all throughout this shadow, it being purple shimmer and reflects.

This color is a pretty all over lid color or even a good crease color (pending on the look that you are trying to do). If this color is applied Wet or on top of a purple/dark base the metallic undertone really pops.

Socialite: One of the interesting colors from the entire batch I's a gunmetal grey with lots of shimmer (the shimmer is a combination of a silver and grey). On a white base this color has more of a rusted metal payout.

Another pretty color to use on the lid or blended into the crease.


Thoughts of ELF's Purple Shadows (that I own):
First, I categorize Socialite in the purple category because I think the color actually looks pretty swatched with Royal and Girly. But besides that the color Royal itself is a purple that when foiled is quite metallic and it seemed appropriate to have another metallic color within this swatch (family). All three of these colors together would actually make very pretty look...perhaps when I have some more time to play with my minerals I will do so.
Overall color payout and pigmentation for these colors is quite good.

Recommended Colors: Royal and Girly

The Neutral Metals

Swatches: Left: Sassy, Middle: Confident, Right: Golden

Golden: pretty gold with tons of shimmer (shimmer is of course gold). When this color is applied over a white base its a darker golden color, with a slight hint of copper coloring.

Gorgerous color to use as a lid, inner tear duct (eye brightener) or lower lash line. Also would be very pretty turned into a liner.

Confident: a darker brown...reminding me of bit of a walnut shell with a ton of shimmer (the shimmer is more copperish coloring).

A pretty crease color...perhaps even lid (for a darker brown smokey look)

Sassy: Rustic copper color with a TON of shimmer (the shimmer is more golden color). The color itself reminds me of a brand new penny.

Pretty lid color or perhaps applied wet as a liner would make green or hazel eyes POP!


Thoughts of ELF's Neutral Shadows (that I own):
I actually really like these three shadows in particular...and I'm normally a color lover girl. I think these shadows are a must have in mineral colors...if you are going to go with ELF minerals. The Golden can be worn all by itself with a funky black winged liner for something fun. While putting all three of these colors together would be a pretty metallic wearable everyday look...these colors remind me alot of the colors offered in the Urban Decay's Naked Palette.
Using NYX Yogurt Jumbo Eye Pencil under these shadows would be a great way to make the shadows really stand out...and keep with the neutral look.

Recommended colors: All three...Golden, Confident, Sassy

The Earthy Metals

Swatched: Left: Caffeinated, Middle: Wild, Right: Earthy

Earthy: Olive green color with a shimmery golden undertone. Reminds me alot of Golden Olive by MAC

Beautiful color to be used as a lid color, liner, and blended into the crease

Wild: chocolate brown with shimmer (golden shimmer). This color had better pigmentation and color payout over the white it made it look darker brown.

This color would be good to use into the crease...or if you have a neutral look to add a little more depth to the inner v of the crease.

Caffeinated: darker gold with tons of golden shimmer. It reminds me of an antiqued gold.

Another pretty lid or liner color.


Thoughts of ELF's Earthy Shadows (that I own):
I think these Earthy Metal colors are pretty..good especially if you like the darker neutrals or something in the browns/green family. Wild is the color that is closest to a matte dark brown that ELF has, pending on how much you pack on and blend I could see it falling into a matte category. Caffienated and Earthy are definite colors to get...especially if you are looking for a dupe to MAC's Golden Olive.

Recommended Colors: Caffienated and Earthy

Final Thoughts

I have read that alot of people compare these mineral shadows to Bare Essential shadows (which I do have some I will test that theory out). But considering I am a mineral shadow lover and have quite a few different brands...I feel I can give an honest opinion in regards to these shadows.

I think while ELF is trying to come up with some affordable mineral shadows...I do think they need to go back to the drawing board at least when it comes to the Matte color choices. Most of the other shadows have tons of shimmer in them...which people have complained are the only things that stay after wearing these shadows for the day.

So far in the time frame that I have played with these shadows I have had a tiny bit of the normal spot for me that always happens (if shadows are going to crease...inner crease just above my lid by my inner tear duct). I am going to continue to try these shadows out to give a final overall review of the products.

But just from the time frame of using them now...they are not bad. If you are new to mineral make up (IE wanting to play with loose shadows) I would recommend to try these out as learning on since they are affordable and can last a long time (quantity) if you are not wanting to spend alot of money.

Make Up Storage and Collection

My Makeup Collection and Storage

I thought it would be fun to do an updated video on my storage of my make up collection. Keeping in mind of course the fact that I'm not trying to brag about how much I have. But rather with as much as I do have of how it is easier for me to find it all and go through it by my organization. Cause if you didnt already know, I at times am a control freak and I do like things to have their places. Since I am normally fiddling in my make up once a day, 7 days a week (unless its the random weekend day where I dont feel like putting on any make up). I tend to reorganize or purge products about once a month...moving things around. Tossing anything that is old and needs to be replaced (most of the times just pulling a product from the extras spot I have and using it). Or reminding myself of what I when you have a larger collection you at times forget all the products that you have.

Thus I thought something fun to do and share was a video showing everyone how I organize and have my make up area done up (as it's somewhat decorated..but not completely).

I am including some pics of the area as well

And my video

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's FOTD using Spectrum Cosmetics

I took the extra time on Valentine's Day to do my make up a little nicer than usual...considering I had the afternoon shift at work. And I was woken up early due to a phone call from the Youth Program Director from base (the person that I answer to in regards to my coaching).

After having a nice brunch with my hubby where we exchanged cards and I thanked him for my Valentine's goodies (some of which I am still waiting on). I ventured upstairs to fiddle with my minerals.

Considering I recently received some products to review from Spectrum Cosmetics, I felt it was the perfect time to try them out and see how they held up. I received a random array of blues, silver, pinks and a purple..that I felt I could do something in the pink. So without further FOTD
I wanted very suttle, yet soft and girly..considering I was going to be wearing it at work and then afterwards at basketball practice.
However I did want a little bit of smokieness to the look, thus I added a bit of black into the inner v and blended it out...making it look more purple.

Better look of the eye

Products used:
Providence and Grace Eye Primer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt
Wet N Wild Color Icon in Vanity Shimmering White Inner Corner & Highlight
Applied Wet and Dry Spectrum Cosmetics Circus Cookie Shadow all over Lid
Applied Wet and Dry Spectrum Cosmetics Pink Pocketbook Shadow in Crease
Sleek Makeup Storm Palette Black Shadow in Inner V
Applied Wet Spectrum Cosmetics Pink Monkey Shadow patted lightly on center of Lid
Sleek Makeup Storm Palette Rustic Red Shadow Lower Lash Line
Wet N Wild Cream Liner in Black in Water Line
NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black top lash line
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara in Black

The only thing this look really needed were some demi lashes or even accent lashes to give the look a little more feminine flair. But I didn't have enough time to apply them before I went to work.

Of all the shadows from Spectrum that I wore this day...Circus Cookie was my favorite. Not only was it easy to apply...but the pigmentation when it was applied wet and then a bit of dry product to set it....was wonderful.

I felt with Pink Pocketbook (part of the Valentine's 2011 collection) I really had to build the color up in the crease...and even then it wasn't to the darkness that I wanted. I originally tried just applying the shadow dry but the color didn't really pop as did the Circus Cookie. Thus I got my blending brush just a tad wet and attempted again which made the color payout much much better. Yet I still wasn't quite satisfied with the look, hence why I added the black to the inner...I felt it was still just a bit to light for my taste (at least...if you are someone who likes soft looks..leaving the black out would be fine as well).

And to keep with the idea of darker I used the rustic red/wine color from the Sleek Makeup Palette in Storm for the lower lash line and of course black liner on the top and bottom. Had I kept it with the softer look (not adding the black to the inner V), a white or silver color in the waterline would've been a good option.
Perhaps instead of the black eyeliner Wet N Wild's Cream Liner in Eggplant (that pretty purple) would've been a good way to go as well.

I swear it always works out where I think of other options to do a look after I have already done one...but I guess it's good to always retry the look and see if the other ideas work or not. I think i just might redo this look but the soft version this weekend for my date night with the hubby.


To finish off the face I used NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic 11 (one of the products that is featured in my Finish what you started make up Project for 2011). I also lightly applied Wet N Wild Color Icon blush in Mellow Wine just to give it a darker Boho Chic is a very soft shimmery pink.

For lips I used my MAC Lipglass lipliner in Fuchsia (yes I said Lipglass Lipliner...this is so discontinued now)...I lined my lips with it and filled in. I actually lightly blotted some of the color off..since it was originally first too dark of a lip color..thus with made it look more like a lip stain. For gloss I applied ELF's Liquid Lipstick...which feels like a lipgloss to me...not a Baby Lips.

Overall I thought Spectrum products were pretty good, I think I might try different bases to see if I get a better color out.
**Side note...the shadows did crease but keep in mind I had basketball was barely noticeable until about 9 hours after wearing**