Sunday, December 10, 2017

Keeping Organized while on the Go

I have really come to love the INNX products when it comes to keeping my car organized and clean. I have used their seat covers and cargo liners, their cargo nets, a pet barrier between my front seats to block the space from kids or critters. And today I put in a backseat organizer in the back. I have it hanging over the back seat  SUV, since the back seats typically lay flat and we use the space for cargo instead. 
It is thick canvas like material that is strong and durable. It wipes clean easily in case it gets dirty, which happens a lot in my car. It has clasps and straps to allow you to hang it around the headrests in your car. You can adjust them so they hang right. There are additional straps for helping to secure it and keep it in place, but I am not using those. I simply have it hanging around my headrests right now and it works great.
I am loving having it in the 4Runner now and it is working wonderfully for me. It is nearly impossible to access from the back of the car when I open the back up, requiring me to crawl in and reach things hanging there. But it is perfect for easily reaching over the seat when sitting inside or having the side doors open. I love having the extra storage space to stick the baby wipes and barf bags I always carry when we go anywhere!

The answer to truck clutter. No more boxes of car supplies sliding from side to side in the trunk of the truck. This Seat Back Storage Organizer will keep everything organized and neat.

Taking care of my fur baby

Teddy the Black Lab Huskie Mix

I love my fur baby and as beautiful as he is, trying to keep his fur at bay..both clean and tangled free can be an issue. Most of the year, as being in So Cal (weather is nice) he is mostly shaved down or trimmed down so that we dont have to deal with his fur. However, in the winter we let his coat grow out and as nice and warm as he is, he leaves hair everywhere! 

Thus, we made the decision to add a new Brush into his grooming routine at home. 

Parateck® Dogs Grooming Brush

The wonderful combo of a glove and a brush, easy to use that even a child could do it. Yes I will baby sit your child, will he/she pet and brush my dog? 

Teddy is a bit nervous originally when we made the switch, but as time has gone along he has gotten use to it. I personally recommend this verses a handled brush, especially if your pet is a little more skittish or sensitive to being brushes. 

If your dog cringes every time you get out the brush then this mitt you wear on your hand is sure to calm and soothe them because it feels a lot like they are getting petted and babied by you. This mitt has metal pins that get rid of shedding. At the great price, you might want to keep two around. The back of the glove is mesh which allows for good air flow while you are grooming. Some pet owners use this mitt to help massage in shampoos and conditioners for better effectiveness.  

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Just in Time

I recently decided it was time to get a new watch, as I wanted to not have the infamous Fit Bit HR tan as well as I wanted something a different.

I found this lovely watch online and just fell in love, because it is so different and unique. 

The color is bright and I really like the small details on the face of the truely is something that I have not seen others wear before...which is why I like it so much.

As described  "Relogio feminino skeleton watch Triangle watch women Delicate transparent hollow leather strap wrist watch quartz dress watchRelogio feminino skeleton watch Triangle watch women Delicate transparent hollow leather strap wrist watch quartz dress watch"

I just love the way this looks, don't you?

This piece would make a great present for a holiday, birthday or just because you love the woman whose wrist it would adore. 

I am not much of a watch collector but I am glad to have this, it's a great statement piece that can go with basic outfits. It can take the jeans and comfy sweater to the next level while being just enough for a cute little black dress. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How to fight the Fall Cold in Southern California

Living in Southern California does have its perks, however one of the downsides is when it becomes fall. The morning starts off cool, normally requiring a long sleeve or even a light jacket. It gets warm my late morning to  middle of the afternoon. And then as soon as the sun starts to set, it gets cool and fast. 

Where I live in the mornings its in the low 50s and one morning I woke up last week it was high 40's

Which mean it calls for socks and even the heater being turned on at night..but most important to carry around in the backpack or purse is EZC Pak

Full of vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea these are the supplements and vitamins one takes if they are starting to feel a little under the weather, ie little more tired and usual, the co worker is starting to sniff or worse yet coughs.

Popping 1 to 2 pills of the pack, just when you are starting to feel eh will help give your immune system a little boost. 

Of course the addition of fluids, rest, and a good diet while feeling like you might get sick definitely doesn't hurt either. 

a pic of the back for those who like to see what's in it

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Electronics Make My Life easier Part 2

Get your own here:

Being on the go and regularly having to do most of my communication via my cell phone, it only seemed fitting that I would finally invest into a truly wireless Bluetooth Headphone/Ear Bud.

Honestly it kinda reminds me of the new thing they are offering for Apple users, tho this is so much smaller to it's harder to tell if Im using it or not (good and bad thing).

I am an Android user, so it easily connected to my phone and the sound quality is great. I couldn't be happier with it. It is a little odd that it is only on one side, it's something I have slowly been adjusting to. It's a little easier to get distracted by things in my other ear..but receiving calls is super easy and perfect to hear. And I have even used it to play music on it as well...if a certain song gets stuck in my head and I can't shake it.

The portable case is nice, because I am a bit of a clumsy person and so I can easily destroy something super small and super delicate..but with the case the likelihood of that happening lowers (hugely..I know I can be such a dork).

Overall I would get this wireless, bluetooth Headphone an A+ and I would recommend it to any of my friends and family :)

Traveling made so much easier

Mask :

I do not consider myself a traveler..but looking at my calendar the past 6 months, I have definitely been on the go. Though an upcoming trip will be alot longer in the air (ie 13+ hours...going to Europe).

The biggest issue that most people have when on a plane, besides of course being uncomfortable and closed off from fresh air is being able to sleep. I am borrowing a family friends neck pillow and I have been lucky enough to recently receive a silk Travel Sleep Mask.

It's big, velcro back to make it easy to adjust and super soft. Although I am not a blue color fan, it is  a pretty royal blue and definitely keeps the light out. 

I actually can not wait to use it, though trusting my luck by the time I am ready to use it...we will be descending down to our final destination. Just happens to be my luck. 

I have other sleep masks, those that have the elastic band on the back and those are never quite comfortable because they make the material in the front bunch a bit by the eyes. And if you ever tried those that tie...the knot never seems to stay and can be uncomfortable to lay on (the back of your head). I am truly impressed with the velcro honestly feels like I was wearing nothing the other day, when I wanted to take a cat nap and the room, even with the curtains and blinds closed was still a little bright. (I need full darkness whether day or night, to truly be able to fall asleep).

Electronics that Make my life easier Part One

I love music, one of my favorite things to do when it's time to clean house or time to get ready for a date night. Pop on my Pandora, turn on my blue tooth speaker and let the music play through as I go about my business.

My boyfriend is currently using an old bluetooth speaker I have, it's about 3 years old so that particular brand has already released several editions since then.

I recently got the AncordWorks speaker and am super impressed with the sound quality, as well as I am super stoked about the addition perks. Biggest thing, it is so much lighter than my original speaker and this one is waterproof, which is good because I have has had to be super careful with my other one when I was outdoors and using by a pool, or if weather wasn't too great and it started to rain (i use to teach outdoor yoga on a roof of a hotel in downtown San Diego.

I am truly happy to have a new speaker and one that works so well! Definitely wont be leaving my home without AncordWorks speaker when I know I will be playing music!

Get your own here: