Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tub soaks for the WIN

Bath Bombs
Get yours here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0784FM8TC

I have posted several times about the amazingness of bath bombs because I am a big tub soaker, especially when I work out and am sore. This also counts for when I dance or when I am super stressed and I really need the down time of relaxing.

I have posted several different brands of bath bombs that I have used throughout the last 2 years. Honestly I have not been disappointed in any of the products so far! 

Just look at the pretty colors!
And this smells amazing too while it melts/fizzes down.

I like to end this post with some information I read on the healing Powers of a Warm Bath Article.

“Although very few of the claims for healing baths are backed by rigorous scientific studies, the anecdotal evidence for their efficacy is abundant,” says Minneapolis-based dermatologist Bailey Lee, MD. Perhaps the most well-known studies have focused on the therapeutic effects of the Dead Sea in Israel, where a combination of high water salinity and UVA radiation from the sun has proven effective in treating skin conditions such as psoriasiseczema and vitiligo.
A trip to the Dead Sea might not be in your budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your own bathtub into a mini-spa. According to Lee, the ideal temperature of a healing bath is warm, not overly hot. Soak up to the neck for 10 to 15 minutes max, and make sure you don't get any of the water in your eyes. After drying off, apply a moisturizer with minimal fragrance or additives.

Best: Improve Your Mood (And Sleep) With Lavender Oil

“Lavender oil is often used in a bath for post-episiotomy healing, anal fissures and hemorrhoids,” says Lee. Beyond its skin-healing powers, lavender also has also anti-anxiety effects and decreases premenstrual emotional symptoms. “There is much research now showing that essential oils can affect alertness, arousal and mood through stimulation of the olfactory nerve,” says Power. “Aromatherapists may recommend an essential-oil bath to aid sleep, promote relaxation, manage stress and lift the mood.” Mix the lavender oil with an emulsifier before adding it to the bathwater. Power recommends blending four to six drops of oil into a tablespoon of whole milk, cream or honey, then adding it to your bath.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What is a Perfume Atomizer and Why Should You Always Have One with You

Have you ever heard about perfume atomizers? These are tools specifically designed to help you transform the liquid perfume into a very fine mist. The main reason why you may need a perfume atomizer is rather simple; it allows you to wear that perfume without having to spray a large stream of liquid on your body. Instead, the atomizers tend to eject just a fine spray, and that’s it.
As a result, the atomizer allows you to apply that perfume in smaller amounts. Atomizers are great for those situations when you travel all the time or when you are at work and need your perfume but don’t want to carry the large bottle with you.
On top of that, the perfume atomizer is also designed to help you reduce the amount of mess that regular perfume bottles tend to do. Not only will you get almost all the fine spray on your body, but the surrounding region won’t smell like your perfume ever again. It’s a much more elegant, distinct and refined way to spray a perfume, one that brings in front some very good results.

How does the Perfume atomizer work?

The atomizer has a bottle with a tube that’s seamlessly connected to the nozzle. When you choose to press the nozzle, the atomizer will immediately send a very small spray through it. The great thing about the atomizer is that it’s designed to be small and portable, not to mention that it also comes in a variety of shapes designed to save space in your purse as well. Atomizers also tend to have various colors and sizes, but what makes them distinct is that nozzle which allows you to spread only a very simple spray.

How do you fill a perfume atomizer?

In order to fill the atomizer, you will have to remove the nozzle and tube; then you just pour in the perfume into the small atomizer bottle. Only some models tend to work like this, though, most atomizers tend to require the removal of the nozzle, you place the atomizer directly on the tube, and then you start pumping. The method you can use differs, but overall it will be one similar to what we mentioned above.

What does the atomizer do?

The atomizer allows you to have a portable perfume that won’t occupy as much space in your purse. But why is this a must have? Using an atomizer will help you remove the hassle that comes from having a purse that’s too heavy. If you get an atomizer, you can leave your perfume at home, but you can still enjoy the results offered by that perfume, which is nice. Not only is this a splendid travel solution, but the value that you can receive from an atomizer can be second to none! Plus, the atomizer is perfect for strong perfumes and fragrances so that you can use yours in such a situation as well.
This is what mine looks like and I love it!


Friday, February 23, 2018

Masking cause thats what I love to do


Get yours: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XCHPHHZ
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As usual another post about another KBeauty fave and thats within the same brand by IBeautyLabs, this time it is the Crystal Mask.

The claims of this mask are the following:

  • IMPRESS WITH YOUR RADIANT, GLOWING SKIN: Every woman who respects herself trusts nothing less than highest quality cosmetic products. If you have been looking for the ultimate facial care mask, you have cometo the right place! This crystalcollagen mask is all you need to deeply hydrateand nourish your skin. The thick, steady, easy to use face mask will allow your complexion to absorb collagen and fight aging! If you want to stay young and impress, your quest stops here!
  • ERASE BLEMISHES AND LOOK REFRESHED AND REJUVENATED: This facial skin therapy crystalcollagen mask can deeply moisturize your complexion and whiten your skin. What is more, it can help you reduce wrinkles and aging signs, treat acne, erase spots and blemishes, minimize poresand acquire a beautiful face.Are you ready to make some heads turn?
  • PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY CARE AT THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME: This pure collagen skin care facial mask can be used by beauty experts, professionals and women who like to take proper care of themselves. The high quality and the low cost give you the chance to indulge yourself to the professional beauty care at the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need to waste money on beauty salon visits once and for all!

I have used one of the 5 masks so far and I really do enjoy it. I think this mask would be great for those with really dry skin, however I do have combo skin. And the winter weather here in San Diego has changed from warm to windy and cold, so I have noticed my skin is getting chapped. 

Comparing this to the gold mask, I actually prefer this one a bit more. The fit is nicer and sticks better to the skin. 

I am going to share one with my mom who has super dry skin and see what she thinks about it, since she has the ideal skin for it. I can see myself using this maybe once a month, pending on the weather and how my skin is acting. With switching diets recently it is a little hard to try products that are hydrating as I think I need more acne focused products. I will have to try another mask and see how things go. I will keep you posted :)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Give me my Lunch Box

Its been week 3 of going more plant based for my choices of food, in particular the last week I have been weeding out products that have listed, milk, egg or anything else that is dairy related. 

And tonight I am working on meal prepping for the week, mostly cooking my veggies to go along with the other additional things (ie Quinoa) though I did just purchase pasta made from lentils. I am very excited to try that out soon :)

Since I am taking the time to be so healthy, I figure it was also good to use items that are better for me too. Have you read about how made plastic is for you? I do store my food in plastic containers after I have cooked it or any left overs. 

Hence why I recently picked up 3 compartment containers to help with meal prepping, what I like about them is they are microwave safe and glass so I wont have to worry about plastic being cooked onto my food.

Where to purchase the Containers: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077F279X8

Another extra perk is that it comes with its own utensils, so if for whatever reason I didn't have some. Or I forget to pack something, which more often happens, I don't have to worry about it!

Highly recommend these, and I do need to get some more!

Friday, February 16, 2018

I feel pretty

Being a plus size female can be tough. I am never a big fan of shopping for clothes in stores unless I am completely in the mood for finding something of a particular occasion. Just because most of the time I can't find something that would be really cute in my size or the options for outfits is limited, especially being busty and broad across the back. My mom says I have a line backer back at times (tho it did work out for me when I was playing sports in high school and college).

Hence why at times online shopping is helpful and times not. Hit and Miss just like the stores and at times having to wait til something comes in and you can try it on is killer. But at times very very well worth the wait!

I recently got this Long Sleeved Maxi Dress from Amazon

Where to get the dress: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0751FCPMF

It came in basic options for colors, and I decided on grey since I have lot of black and this is a pretty good color that I can make the focus me more on my accessories or my make up, pending on the event and my mood.

it's stretchy and defintely long enough, I am 5'9 and it comes just to the bottom of my shin which means I could wear cute heels, boots or even slide on shoes and others could seem them. I really enjoy the bell shaped of the sleeves, I think its something a little different.
And the V style criss cross of the cord at the top is a nice additional touch to the dress as well.

This is in the size L, which it fits nice, not too snug nor too big. And if I am cool, as you can see in the pic I had some leggings underneath the dress (better for those events outside and its cool).

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Helping the Planet one bag at a time

So California passed the no plastic bag law in 2014 was in effect for a short time frame in in 2015 and then stopped. Was put back on to the 2016 ballot and passed again, and in full effect in 2017.

So it is normal not to either be willing to pay anywhere from 5 cents to 20 cents for a bag, paper or plastic or to carry in purchases plastic or cloth bags when shopping. I have a small collection of various materials, sizes from all different places.

My boyfriend is currently traveling for work, so pretty much everywhere he has stopped and found a bag, he buys it for me. I dont know if he thinks I am a bag lady!

But this law forces people to have to be more mindful of the trash they are putting out into the environment, which is why I started to look for alternatives to other ways of helping the planet. I do use alot of plastic/tupper wear at home for left overs and carrying items verses to go boxes. I try to only use regular plates, tho on the rare occasion I will use a paper plate.

I have even gone as far as getting reusable ziplock style bags in order to carry smaller things (when a baggie takes up less space).
example of this is the picture below:

EZ Seal Resuable Bag: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078NXVJ7M

I am a hiker, I am currently part taking in the 5 peak challenge here in San Diego as a personal goal. I ideally like to finish them all up before Spring, I wont doubt I will do them all again with the boyfriend when he is home. But for now it's just me and my dog, occasionally a friend and their pup or child will join us. But it is definitely a great feeling to be out on the trails.

Hence it's important to take supplies, water, ear buds for music if you are alone and snacks for the peak when you take a moment to catch your breath, drink water. I carry a small back pack, so I like to try to conserve space as well as be easy on my shoulders. 

This is why I really have been enjoying using the EZ Seal reusable bags. I carry my dried fruit and nuts in it when hiking, I carry carrots for my hummus at work. And I use them about anytime I need a ziplock. They are easy to clean, warm water and soap. I have a pack of 6 and have had them for 2 weeks already. I dont see any need to purchase sandwich size or snack size ziplocks because they work better.

Every little step of making less trash, is one step to having a better life for the future of our planet.

Coffee Coffee Coffee...of the week

If you talk to any of my family and friends and you asked them does Lorena like coffee? They would give you a crazy look and say, well DUH!

I remember one of my old best friends back when I was off at college (we were kinda dating) called me a Caffeine Fiend. For Valentine's Day he sent me a card with some money in it and he said, try not to spend it all on coffee you fiend! To this day, I still think about that and cant help but laugh a little.

before I started on a more plant based diet, my favorite drink was a small or tall or short, double shot mocha (pending on where I was at it was either regular or white chocolate) with whip cream. Sometimes I would change up and have non fat milk, more often I would have low fat milk.

Now my drinks are super expensive in the most basic form, because almond milk, soy milk or coconut milk is almost a buck more as a substitute.

However there is always something that across the board at any coffee shop or persons home is coffee, I am lucky if they have a fancy milk (that i can use as a creamer) but I have gotten use to having coffee with some sugar or honey. I haven't fully gotten use to black coffee yet, but the goal is one day soon.


Currently I am loving on Zancona Roast Cafe, a mild medium bodied blend that is super smooth and super mellow. I love medium roasts more for the caffeine intake. but this one has a really nice flavor, most of the time if you are looking for flavor you have to go dark roast.

I got the version in whole bean and grind it myself, so that the grounds have a more fresh flavor and I dont have to worry too much about getting grounds from the bag all over the counter.

Overall very happy with this coffee