Monday, October 31, 2011

My First Halloween back in the States

Picture from Halloween Party went to last week

So if you are wondering how I spent my Halloween Night, I chilled at home with my parents, mister and herd of dogs passing out Halloween Candy and attempting to upload pics to my personal Facebook from the past two weeks.

Considering I normally get right on top of getting pictures up on my personal Facebook..I have been a bit lazy recently. So in the midst of hearing the doorbell ring and the echoing of Trick or overall Halloween evening was pretty tame.

I slightly wish I had decided to get the motivation to go out....but my mister was too busy watching Monday Night Football (my biggest issue with living back in the Joe can watch football games because we have cable. If you are wondering how I was lucky enough not to have to worry about that is the fact that we weren't willing to pay an arm and leg for cable to watch the shows and whatnot in the states. We figured if we liked it enough we would download it to our external harddrive and watch it on the computer). 

The first trick or treaters arrive shortly after 630 PST and the door rang the last time about 830 PST. Which towards the last hour or so it was the older kids who were trying to score candy. My costume consisted of pj pants and an Amsterdam t-shirt...the lazy bum! ha ha

I did go to a Halloween Party two weekends ago and decided to do something different and dressed up as Lady Gaga from her Born This Way video (when she was a dead skeleton). All I really had to get for the costume is get the wig and then the bow tie as I had a suit I used and some make up was a first run for doing something like that. Plus I only did it in a little over an the details of it aren't that great. I did come up second for best women's costume.

As you can see, my mister was the Killer from Scream, kinfe and all! So needless to say I think we looked like a pretty odd pair it totally worked. Plus he actually tied for first place for best dressed man in costume! Though he actually won $20 bucks while I only got a round of biggie though.

Overall had a good time at that party..I only wish I had more time to play with my costume make up so that I could give more to my YouTube channel. Will probably add some looks just randomly later on when I have the time.

Totally other side note:
My family dresses up their dogs for Halloween this year!!!!
Derek the Hairy Pumpkin and Reckless the Devil

DJ the Convict

Ginger the BumbleBee

Hope everyone else had a memorable Halloween...I wish I had more fun stuff to report...guess there is always next year!!!

Happy Halloween

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm back


                                   Hello out anyone still reading my blog???

Well, if you have then you know everything beauty related for me came to a huge stand still about mid September...and I prefer to give more of the update here on my blog...verses going into it on my YT channel. So I might direct those who are wanting to know the who, what, where, how, when and why...but for those of you who actually pay attention you will know before everyone else!!!


Alright, so as everyone knew...I was in Germany with my mister who was Active Duty Military...well all of that has changed. AND NO, I'm still with my mister...we are just no longer military persons.

That's right, my mister separated from the military late last month...which means I am NO LONGER a Military Spouse or Dependent. I am NO LONGER living in Germany...I am NO LONGER a stay at home housewife.....Boy that was a mouthful.

                           QUESTION: WHERE ARE YOU NOW?

Me and the Mister are currently living in southern California...with my family at the moment. So, if you know where my home town is...then you know where I am at. 

                          QUESTION: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW?

I actually just started a job, October an Administrative Assistant/Receptionist for a local Sheet Metal Company that does alot of jobs with NASSCO (military related company) and Solar Turbines (another large company).  I see there being alot of potential for professional growth, plus it allows me the time to get back in touch with my roots. Also a huge perk is it's a Monday through Friday job, which means I will still have the weekends and evenings to do my own thing (whether it;s YouTube videos, freelancing still with my Make Up Artistry, or hanging out with my mister, family and friends).


Of course I still plan on doing videos..and blog postings. I'm trying to get into a routine of things...and with getting off of work before 5 pm it will make it nice to have some "me" time. Although I do need to figure out a work out schedule as well, considering I really am not a fan of trying to fight people at the gym for cardio I am SO NEEDING the gym! Coming back and trying to find a job was pretty stressful and I really didn't get to the gym as much as I liked. 


Needless to say it's been interesting trying to adjust to being back in my parents I really haven't lived here longer than 3 months (when I was a I went away to college) or 2 weeks (as an on my own or being married to my mister). With five different personalities in a 4 dogs...Yup, Reckless has buddies to hang out with now. And 1's been alot going on. Plus trying to figure out chores, dinner schedules and actual space/privacy as been sooooo fun to deal with...hence why it has taken me so long to finally get a video recorded and uploaded to my YouTube channel. 
No matter what though, I am very thankful that my family has been here for my mister and's been a very rough transition going from military life to civilian life...and it's good that someone has our backs. 


Of course, things always need to change that things do not get boring. I am very sad that we have left I won't be able to properly finish my Living in Germany Series...nor In the Bar with my bestie..Chrissy...My lovely Jew. But I will try to come up with some fresh ideas of what people might be looking for. I'm thinking of doing more blogging in regards to what it's been like trying to adjust with life out of the military...cause it is strange. 


Considering Joe had put in 7.5 years in the military...he is taking a bit longer to get adjusted to things. Plus he is doing alot of classes offered by California's EDD to help him prepare for job searching, resume working, interviews..etc. Had I not been lucky and got hired..I more than likely would be joining in with those classes. But someone has to bring in the bacon, so I'm taking care of my family.
But yes, I think he will still make an appearance in a video every now and then...more than likely my younger brother might be doing so as well. Considering he is another YouTuber...and likes to do extreme costuming and perhaps my channel  will be in for a treat.


Not certain yet, the other weekend Joe and myself went with my parents to a Halloween themed party at a local veterans office..I was Lady Gaga from her Born This Way video (yup skeleton face with a suit...I had quite a bit of interesting reactions with that outfit). I think Joe and I might end up passing out candy that night, as it's a week night. Don't know if we are going to dress up...and so far no other major party invites. Guess I'll have to keep you updated.


I honestly can not wait to do freelancing here in California...although I will have to do alot of TFP/TFC (Time for Print or Time for CD) to get my name out. Considering I had a handful of photographers who liked to use me for shoots, besides the random military wife who wanted make up lessons. 

                                                    PLANS FOR FUTURE

Going to do a small giveaway on my SoCalSwthrt1107 FaceBook Fan Page when I get to 50 likes...and another giveaway for a MAC Cosmetic's goodie when that page gets to 100 likes. Plus I will keep regular updates all related to my YouTube channel on that page.

I plan on doing a small giveaway for my YouTube channel  for my birthday, anniversary, Joe's sharing is caring...details will be up soon for that.

And I will be hoping to do more reviews of products that I have been using faithfully since our move from Germany to the States. 

**Side Note**

If you at all wonder why my product selection for items for favorites, if and when I do tutorials, and reviews is somewhat limited is because I have had to condense and have mostly basics for my own personal make up collection. I know how is the world is a make up addict suppose to survive without her goodies or space to showcase all her goodies. Trust me, I have been slowly but surely having to deal with this. However on a good note I have been slowly and steadily using the products that I want to finish up (IE Project 2011 Finish what You Started). Considering most of the items I have had in my collection have been with me for a bit, plus they are drug store brands. I think it will make for interesting reviews.

Anyways, just wanted to give you the 411 on me...if you have any questions, comments or can leave them in the comment section or send me a message on my Youtube channel. Facebook me...or tweet to me!!



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Little Bit of Time with Elizabeth from Kiss My Sass

I love Indie Companies, and I have decided it was time to have a little Question and Answer with lovely owner of Kiss My Sass, Elizabeth.

I feel as a mineral junkie, it's not only the products that keep me purchasing. But the master mind behind the products, the customer service and overall presentation and reputation of the company. 

I have actually known of Kiss My Sass for about 9 months (or so), due to the lovely Phyrra. I have been following Elizabeth ever since, as I drooled over quite a few swatches of her products. 
What makes Elizabeth business savvy is not only does she make her own mineral make up, but she has a bath product line Suds N Sass. I'm hoping to place an order from her bath line and test out some of her products (I will keep you updated). 

Now that I have ran on a bit, let me get to the main point of this blog post!!!

Since Indie Companies are home-run company as a consumer (and mineral addict) my loyalty and love/lust for a company products really stems from how well I get to know the owner. So I felt it was time to get to know a little more about Elizabeth and Kiss My Sass. 

My Mini Interview with Elizabeth

Q. What made you decide to start your own business (in particular mineral cosmetics and soaps)?

A. After I had my daughter in 2006, I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home Mom and raise her myself.  I also knew that I needed something to do from home to make a little bit of money to supplement my Hubby's income.  I tried mark/avon as well as Mary Kay and they just didn't do it for me.  Then I received a Melt & Pour soapmaking kit as a gift and I fell in love.  Not exactly with the quality of the product in the kit but with the idea of making my own products instead of selling someone elses.  I did quite a bit of research after that and in January 2008 Suds n Sass was born ; )

Q. What inspired you for your company's Name?

A. I had actually gone through quite a few names and my husband suggested Suds n Sass and I loved it!  My husband also came up with Kiss My Sass as name for our previous Lip Gloss which I also loved and thus carried it along to Kiss My Sass Cosmetics!

Q. What are your personal favorite products from your own line (type, color)?

A. This is very hard as I love alot but here are my top favs:
Blush: Sunday Morning & Innocent
Highlighter: Halo
Lip Gloss: J'adore, Purple Rain & Sweet Escape (I prefer the Gloss over the Glaze)
Lip Mixer: Divine Diva & Downtown Brown mixed w/ Nude Attitude
Shadows: Boogieman (Halloween 2011), Reign Over Me, Boardwalk, and so many others it's hard to choose!

Q. What are your top 3 sellers in eyeshadows? Lipglazes/glosses? Cheek products?

A. Shadows: Reign Over Me, Sleepy Hollow, Spellbound
Glosses/Glazes:Plastic Princess, Purple Rain, Innocence
Cheeks: Glisten, Suntan, Raspberry Snow Cone

Q. You originally sold both cosmetics and soaps...what made you decide to change to mostly cosmetics?

A. At that time, I was running out of space for two growing companies and I had decided to close Suds n Sass & open Kiss My Sass Cosmetics for makeup sales only.  Since then, I have moved everything to a much larger space and I am doing both Suds n Sass & Kiss My Sass Cosmetics : )

Q. Where do you get your inspiration for colors? names of colors?

A. Inspiration for colors comes from things in my daily daughter, nature, makeup I saw someone wearing in one of my fav tv shows etc.  As for names, this is where I struggle and often times I ask my hubby or I ask my Twitter followers!

Q. What makes your products different than other make up brands or other indie companies?

A. I don't think there's anything specific that makes my products different from other indie companies but I do try to be original when creating colors and I try to have the best customer service possible!

Q. What are some of your personal favorite make up brands?

A. While I do love Kiss My Sass Cosmetics lol I also wear makeup from other brands (both high & low end brands) such as Urban Decay, MAC, Bare Escentuals, Hard Candy, Physicians Formula etc.

Q. What do we, as fellow make up lovers, get to look forward to with the fall season from your company?

A. I'm a bit late answering these questions, but I do have some Halloween/Fall themed items available on Suds n Sass and if the Halloween/Fall Goodies aren't on Kiss My Sass Cosmetics yet, they will be very soon!  Halloween is my favorite time of year to create both unique colors as well as unique fragrances!

Q. What is one of your goals you hope to achieve before the ending of 2011? (this can be company related or personal...whichever you want/feel comfortable answering). 

A. I was planning on Re-Launching Suds n Sass on October 1st BUT unfortunately, I had completely lost everything on the Kiss My Sass Cosmetics site : (  My goal for the rest of 2011 is to have both sites up, completely finished and running smoothly as well as maybe a Christmas/Winter/New Years Eve collection..

I want to Thank Elizabeth for taking the time to humor me and answer all my questions!!!

Hope you have enjoyed this little minute of getting to know a Savvy Indie Business Woman!!