Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Man with the Pink Lips

So if you have been watching my YouTube videos (after I learned how to use Movie Maker on my laptop), you will see this picture pop up at the end of the video!!!

As you would guess this would be the hunny I have randomly referred to in other postings. Yes, this man is the owner to my heart and supplier to my ever going addiction to Make Up!!!

As funny as this picture is, originally it started off as a joke. Joe had just arrived home from a day at work and I had just finished working on my first tutorial (well at least the picture taking).

He, being the good husband that he is, complimented me on my make up and it made me happy. I mean I do like to get nice or "pretty" for myself, or whenever I'm feeling crappy. Because it's hard to feel crappy when you have make up on.
But he is my favorite person to get feedback from! Thus for his reward for making me smile was a kiss.

However, he isn't a fan of having lipstick or lipgloss on his lips ( I think it's cause he has nice natural bright lips, so anything else draws attention to them. But then again I could be imagining it). And since I was rocking NYX Fig lipstick, which is a bright pink. I planted a nice firm kiss on his cheek.

Looking at it, you can see my lips perfect on his 5 o'clock shadowed cheek. It was only natural for me to reach into my purse and pull out my camera. It's actually a fairly decent picture of him, the pink lips with his bright blue eyes, and the green blandness of his military uniform. PRICELESS all over!!!

After I looking at the picture, I knew how I could use it. I thought it would be a perfect ending to my videos. I mean I like/love make up and I love my hunny. Have the best of both worlds on the Internet for everyone else to see.

Though really, as cute as this picture is, it's technically out of "Regs" for military standards. If any of his supervisor's knew that his picture while in uniform was being posted constantly online, I do believe it would cause a problem for him. But since they don't know, it shall remain!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Update & Rant about 1st winter in Germany

I am so behind on blogging, for some odd reason when it comes to sitting down to write. I always seem to find an excuse to do something else (which has mostly been cruising Youtube , but that is besides the point).

At the current moment I have 12 videos on my YouTube Channel, and as of February 3rd 28 subscribers (woot, another 22 and I will do another contest), and 7 friends. And this will sound pretty lame, but these numbers make me really happy J Considering I just started doing videos on January 8th, so thank you!!! I only hope to be as talented as so many other make up junkies !!!

Now why would me, a pretty outgoing, spontaneous person want to do a YouTube channel? Pretty much it's a creative outlet for me while we (my hunny and me) are stationed here in Europe.

And yes I know, the next question you would ask, but Lo you are in Europe, what are you doing home making videos and blogging? Well mis bonitas this 1st winter here has been extremely rough, and the groundhog saw his shadow on the 2nd, so it means another 6 weeks of this stuff!

Like no joke, this past week to weekend, we overall received 15 inches of snow! Now, Germans are more prepared for this, but this Southern California girl didn't know what to do with herself! For reals, I never had to deal with driving around in snow. The only thing I ever had to worry about was if I had sunblock packed somewhere in a bag. Or figuring out a safe spot to hide any munchies away from evil seagulls. Who would've thought that I would have to deal with this?


Yes, it's beautiful. And yes, it's pretty sweet to go sledding down the hill behind our backyard. Or to make snowangels and snowmen.

What drives me batty, is that Germany is having a SALT shortage?! Did I say salt? Yes I said SALT!!! It has gotten to the point where the smaller towns/villages (which our town is included in this one) do not salt the roads through the town. They plow, so dodging piles of snow is always fun! NOT! They will salt one side of the Autobahn (which is the freeway here) and yes, it's true. There is no speed limit!


I know I know, it comes off like I'm complaining and being super pessimistic. I do like being here in Germany, I mean who doesn't love Europe. This is an opportunity I will not let pass me by, I just wish it was spring already. With constantly having to call base (to verify what color road condition we are in) or check the weather on the internet it overall makes it very difficult to travel. Like yesterday I had the day off from work and I wanted to go to the gym, I figured I should call and make sure that it was open. Good thing I did, they had gotten the call from the Commander to close down for the day. Oh I bet y'all are wondering what some of the military stuff I will more than likely rant about. So I will make sure to inform you as I blog. Wouldn't want you to roll your eyes and go "Lo is talking crazy. She really needs to get out more often!"

Explanation of Road Condition Status for Civilians (Non-Military Personals)
military stuff

Doesn't that seem like a bunch of Gibberish?? I mean, seriously I have been a military dependent for 23 years! My pops was a Marine, and the hunny is Air Force, but I still for the life of me don't get their talk. I'm like "Babe, speak English!" I love him, but really sometimes...

Anywho that's that for my 1st rant about my 1st winter in Germany. I promise next blog will be something much more interesting, perhaps a review on the Coastal Scents brushes I got last week.