Thursday, December 30, 2010

One of the best random days

Now if you have been reading my blog you have seen one of my newer posts talking about the lovely little Leiana, the future make up artist, that shared with me some of her lovely looks the other week.

Well as it would turn out, mom wanted to get something little for Leiana for Christmas from my blog sale. And since they are local, we decided to meet so that they could pick up Leiana's goodie.

We scheduled a time and place to meet, which happened to be the gym (since I have been trying to meet with my girls basketball team during Christmas break).

Leiana came in and was so funny, she told her mom she was going to be shy when she saw me. And of course that silly girl was! It made me laugh, because I was just as excited to meet her as maybe she was to meet me. She had actually requested that her mom ask if she could take a picture with me. It was too cute, and of course I had to oblige. So what if I was dressed for the gym and had on very little make up, the opportunity to meet one of my fans is a BIG deal.

Plus the fact that Leiana loves make up and is only 5...and can do it herself. Very good might I add!

So mom picked up her goodie, and I handed Leiana a little box of random things I had picked up for her. With it being so close to Christmas, and Joe and I being here, I thought it would be nice to get Leiana a little something. Just to let me know I was appreciative of her and her mom.

Meeting Leiana was the highlight of my day...and I not only posted this picture on my twitter, but also on my Facebook (both my make up page as well as my personal page).


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Some Random Goodies from a Sweet Subbie

I had received these awesome goodies from one of Cookiemix67's subscribers, named Angelica back in November.

I do realize it has taken me a long time to get this blogged about, however I did want to talk about the products. Considering, it was the first time that only subscribers of Cookie's had sent me something. Most of the time it was one of my subscribers who would end up sending me something, and something extra to share with Cookie.

I do always feel honored and quite blessed when someone takes extra time in their day to send me something. It means so much to me, because they don't have to. But they want to...and it has always been my personal thought that what goes around comes around. As one of my friends put when we were growing up, "sharing is caring".

Thus, I just wanted to say Thank you to Angelica and her daughter Briana for sending me the thoughtful goodies. I have the picture that Briana drew for me put to the side...I'm trying to find a cute little frame for it!


Keep in mind there was no real reason Angelica sent me goodies as well...though I am very much appreciative of them...especially considering the fact they are brands that I do not personally own any of.


I have heard of this company before actually from both Cookie and Mayra (of Mayra's Cosmetics). Cookie had received some products from a different subbie..and since we liked to share stashes...she showed me what she got. I thought the products were pretty good, pigmented and quite easy to apply. While Mayra had at one point been inspired by a quad and came up with her UV pigments (those that glow in the black light) luck would have it..I would be seeing that quad again!

This quad has no name...just a number but look how bright and pigmented these shadows are!

**These are swatched on top of ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer**
The pigmentation of the skin is just as good as it looks in the pan! I plan on saving this quad for a fun spring time look...or perhaps even fasching (if you want to know more about that...i will be posting more about happens twice a year...and is quite fun).

Not only did Angelica include this lovely quad she threw in another one!!!

Again very pretty colors...this is more of an everyday to weekend quad...great for those with green eyes (as purples really make green pop).

Again pretty good pigmentation...however I really think these would pop even better over a dark base (black) or even a purple base.


Now I had never heard of this brand at all until I had seen Cookie open up her package from to get something completely new and unknown is quite nice!

As much as I am a sucker for eye shadows...I do love to be able to try out different products within a brand. Luckily for me Angelica thought about this and included something awesome!

A GORGEOUS and amazing pink is a hot vibrant pink that looks great on my warm skin tone. As Cookie had pointed out to me several times...whenever it came to the discussion of pink lipsticks. Most pinks look better on me..while browns and nudes look better on her cooler skin tone.

And of course...last but most certainly not least!

The packaging is so sleek and pretty


Again beautiful color to have together...kinda reminds me of the paintwheels from Lady Byrd that everyone and their mother tries to sell on their make up websites!

However I do believe those shadows are nothing compared to these!

**Swatched on ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. The swatches that were applied Wet were done so with MAC Fix +


All these shadows do have some amount of shimmer or glitter in them which is more noticeable when they are applied wet. I think of all the colors my favorite two is the soft magenta pink on the top right corner and the dark purple, bottom left corner. I think those two together would be a pretty combination.

Looking at these colors again...actually reminds me quite of bit of Revlon's Colorstay Quad in Berry Bloom, however these shadows are more pigmented than the Revlon's.

Overall, I again feel very honored and lucky to have someone else think about me and include me in their thoughtfulness to someone else!


Holiday Look #2 2010

The second look in my Holiday mini series is using my FAVORITE pressed eyeshadow Palette...this has made an appearance two months in a row (in my favorite's of the month videos)...the 15 Ultra Shimmer Palette from Sedona Lace.
**Keep in mind I do NOT get anything extra for taking so highly about this product, I just feel that others should know about it's AWESOMENESS**

With all that said, I am a firm believer that brown eyed girls can pull off any eyeshadow color...we are one of the few eye colors that about anything looks good on. However, there is this stigma that blues can not be pulled off my brown eyed babes...and let me tell you what?! I think blue really makes my brown eyes pop! So keeping this all in mind...let's get to the look!

This look is really all about the EYES! Blue frosty Shimmer!!!



This look is a lovely mix of most of the blues in the palette

The following products were used to create the eyes of this look

MAC Paint Pot in Soft Orche
Revlon Cream Eyeshadow Quad in Electric Pop 712 Light blue color
Sedona Lace 15 Shimmer Palette (refer to above for placement)
MAC E/S in Kid in crease*
MAC E/S in Blance Type as Highlight
NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Love & Peace Black Eye Pencil from Forever 21 Make Up Line
Benefit Bad Lash Mascara in Black
Ebay False Lashes applied to last 1/2 of eye

*I applied Kid as a base color in the crease, as I notice it is easier to get a shimmer color applied into the crease to stick better with a base shadow. The layering when I tried to do this look before without the matte shadow the blue shimmer just all blended into one and made a big yucky mess!
I normally have a medium to darker brown eye color and with this combination of blue shadows they take on a golden brown color...which no lies is pretty neat!


For liner in regards to this look a small winged liner is complimentary to this very bright look. If you make the liner too thick it will over power the shadows and take away from the look verses adding more drama to it. With the addition of some small demi lashes, I think it makes it flashy but not over done!



Overall I really loved this look, and I didnt realize how good it looked on until I started editing the video tutorial and looked at the pictures on the computer! Major KUDOS to Sedona Lace for being one of the few make up companies that carries the larger pressed eyeshadow palettes! Cause so far I have not seen this being sold by any other company.. which makes Sedona Lace stick out in my mind!

Final Look
If you haven't checked out Sedona Lace website..better do it!

If you are interested in seeing how to do this look check out the following Video

Glamour Doll Eyes: Swatches and Thoughts

With the month of December comes several exciting times. And for this make up lover and collector, nothing got me more excited than the release of new colors on Glamour Doll Eyes!

Yes, the lovely and amazing Vee, Creator &Genius, of the oh so lovely brand is a MAD woman. And when I say MAD I mean it in the sweetest, most loving way.

Vee by far has proven that she is a creative and ubber savvy business woman. Not only releasing two HUGE Hit collections, 80's Child and Big Cities. But she has released several new colors to the site. Now the colors I purchased in this small little haul was mostly the colors I did not already have in my own personal collection (which includes the Twi Shadow Perfect Cure...somehow I misplaced this shadow...hate it when that happens).

Overall there were a total of 7 new colors released in the line, which 4 of the 7 were part of the limited edition Halloween Sets*.
**If you are interested in reading a bit more about the Halloween Set then check in my previous blogs. They do include swatches of the colors and first thoughts and impressions of the colors**

Another key point I want to bring to your attention is the new labels that are found on the jars of Glamour Doll Eyes Products. Vee had a contest a little while back, seeking the aid of creative followers and subbies to help her create a new look for GDE labels. With the release of new colors and the "reopening" of the website (as she had it down during her trip to southern California), all products will have the new labels.

As a side note, I would like to also state that when I received these shadows (which were sample sizes), they came sealed. Another new addition that the lovely Vee has added to her products, which shows customers that they are receiving neatly packaged and sanitized products! HUGE THUMBS UP! Plus it ensures that the jars will have a harder time spilling in transport..and since mine is traveling all the way to Germany. I know I greatly appreciate the change!

So the newly released colors include:
* indicates I have previously blogged with pictures of swatches of the colors
Dazzle Me

With this purchase I decided to order Dazzle Me, RoxxCandy and Rocket. So let's get into some swatches and thoughts!!

How this will work is I will post pics of the products (in their jars), pics of swatches, give you my description of the color and then the site's official description will be marked with (*). I also want to point out these items were swatched Dry on ELF Essential Eyeshadow Primer (the one for $1).

See New Label. The label is cute, the only thing I do miss is the ability to see which color I am reaching for!

Dazzle Me-nudey gold with a TON of gold shimmer.

It reminds me alot of Bare Naked...another GDE color. The major difference is Dazzle Me seems to be a more subtle nude, making it a great highlight color.

The amount of shimmer in the shadow though is AMAZING, whichever angel I moved my hand the light was constantly reflecting and kept my eye fixated on the color! I think if this color was applied wet it would be even better!

*Dazzle Me is a light beigish sheen with silver shimmer


RoxxCandy- Silver Sky Blue with hints of silver shimmer and glitter. Tons and Tons of Glitter which include, blue, purple and green

RoxxCandy is an interesting color as when it is swatched on my skin (NC15-20 at the moment) it seems to take on more of a silvery color (with just a hint of blue). But looking at it in the jar I can totally tell it is a soft blue, it's always interesting how that happens.

Again another amazingly packed shimmer filled Blue silver that just screams highlight or inner tear duct eye brighter. I think it will be a great color Wet all over the lid, I would also love to see this color over a black base. Perhaps then the blue will POP more! Overall, very pretty..I'm just a little sad that it doesn't show as nice on my skin tone.

*RoxxCandy is a very light blue with silver, green and purple sparkles


Rocket-mixture of a blue grey color with a undertone of gold or green. It's hard to tell as it seems to change with the light. TONS of Shimmer though it appears to have a more satin finish.

Again this color reminds me of another GDE...Pistol Pistol. I think its the underlying greyish color, mixed with the shimmer, especially when it is blended out. The major difference between Rocket and Pistol Pistol is the undertone is more multi colored with Pistol Pistol. While Rocket has more of a golden/green (maybe I'm seeing green..but I swear it kinda has a green sheen on my skin).

Another color that would look GREAT applied wet or on top of a black base, as I think the true nature of this color would POP. I think this could make a good lid color or be blended into the crease (of what type of look...I'm not quite certain).

*Rocket is a very unique color. It is almost a gray with blue and dark dark purple undertones with gold shimmer. Very complex color

This ends the newly released colors.

However, since I haven't done much blogging in regards to the Twi-shadows I did want to include the swatch and thoughts of the additional shadow I ordered.

Twi-shadows are just like the regular shadows in the Glamour Doll Eyes line, however these particular colors are inspired by the characters of the series Twilight.


The Perfect Cure Inspried by Carlisle (the father of the Vampire Cullen family)-Medium brownish gold with golden shimmer

This color is interesting because it has a texture of a satin...but the color output of a matte (if that's easy to explain..ha ha). Definately is a crease color....or perhaps a lid color if you wanted to do a fun dark smokey brown.

This color would look amazing wet...I'm still not quite certain how I don't have this color with my other Twi-shadows. I'm thinking I swatched it...decided it wasn't for me and swapped Cookie for something else (cause I'm silly like that). So it is only right that I get it back into my it's always good to have a nice brown shadow around!

*The Perfect Cure This color is a medium brown with a low sheen, almost matte, with a tiny bit of gold and green sparkle.

Final Thoughts on New Colors

I look forward to playing with them as the newest addition to my collection of Glamour Doll Eyes. I think it will be actually a little more of a challenge for me to come up with looks using these new colors as they are just JAMMED packed with SHIMMER.

I know I know, how in the world is that possible....for there to be too much SHIMMER in shadows..and there isn't really. I just think as time goes along and as Vee continues to add colors to her collection, the colors are getting more and more AMAZING!

The biggest question on my mind right how will she top these new jewels?


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Look #1 2010

With the holidays now just around the corner...I decided to jump on the band wagon of trying to create some easy to wear Holiday appropriate looks. So far I have done two...I'm hoping to try and do two more before the New Year...but that really depends on how much time I devote to working on my hobby.

The one good thing about it being just me and the hubby is we can both do our own thing on the actual holiday themselves for a bit...get back together to hang out. Of course if we had plans with others that is one thing...but as of right now. We are going to be sticking at home and enjoying the day off!

Anyways, the first look I created for the Holiday season is a pretty simple semi dramatic smokey look using of course one of my favorite mineral lines....Glamour Doll Eyes. I want to state that I actually got the idea for this look from another fellow YouTuber named Chelsea AKA Macismycrack. However I did change it just a in used a different color. But I still like to give credit where credit is due!

So with all that said here is the look!

I used only two shadows to create the smokey eyes.
Glamour Doll Eyes shadow Pistol Pistol
a marvelous and magical, gun metal grey with a ton of rainbow shimmer
Glamour Doll Eyes twi Shadow Skin of a Killer
a lovely shimmery and sparkley soft white


A way to make this eye really pop is adding some false lashes as to make the dramatic look even more feminine. I don't know what it is about false lashes but whenever I wear them I always feel very girly and very glamorous. Maybe because it is easier to bat my pretty eyes!



I have been told this look could be considered too dramatic even for evening time. But I think to each their own. I rocked this look during the day...but definitely think it is more evening time appropriate as it would look great with a cute dress or sexy skirt suit. I personally almost wore this to Joe's Christmas Squadron Party but decided on a bright eye look (which might be making an appearance on the blog and youTube channel as I have been obsessed with the palette I used to create the look).

One more time the final look
I do really like wine colored lips especially with the fall and winter season. So put this with a soft wine that I think really compliments the smokeiness!

Below is the actual video of how to create this look yourself!

Monday, December 20, 2010

More Goodies to Add to the Blog Sale

Looking through my stuff some more...I thought I could add a few things to what I currently have on sale.

I'm hoping that these products will sell as they are just taking up room in my cabinet..since I have them separate from my current collection.

So without further adue let's get into what is up for grabs. Now the biggest thing with this blog sale is it's first come, first paid...gets the items!
I will be doing all my transactions through PayPal, please keep this in mind when looking through the items listed. I will ship the following day the transaction has been processed and the funds are available in my PayPal account.
Pay Pal Account Email all Payments made to:
*I will also send an email invoice of payment owed so that you know the exact amount*

Shipping & Handling prices
I am going to keep this fair, as I know that it doesn't cost entirely too much to send products within the states. (Most blog sales make a good amount of product off of shipping) For the initial first item the charge is $2.00 and any addition item is $.50.
**Now say you get enough items where they can fit into a flat rate box (which can cheaper & faster since it's priority). I will suggest that to you, because I do want to be fair!

Any questions, please leave them in the comment section below! And so Let's get to seeing the goodies!!!

MAC Quads
Quads Purchased Seperately $5.00*
*Does NOT include Shipping and Handling

Well Plummed Eyes Quad (SOLD)
Includes the following colors:

Has been used about 10x's
Please note Pans can not be taken out..they were glued in!

Sweet Cakes Quad (SOLD)


Used a total of 6x's

Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette
Used $2.00

Lust Palette

Used total of 3'xs

Revlon Products:

Nail Polish in Beach $1.50
Used once..color just isn't for me

Single Matte Eyeshadow in Persian Blue
Supposedly Dupe to MAC Electric Eel
New: $3.50


includes Mini Sponge Applicator

Cream Eyeshadow Quad in Electric Pop
New: $3.50

Still Sealed from sticker from Original store...CVS

NYX Products

Girls Nail Polish in Mushroom Glitter 132
Swatched ONCE


Mosaic Blush in Dare 12
Used 6x's



Hard Candy Mouthing Off Lipgloss in Heartbreaker 210
New still with Packaging

Sally Hansen Lacqure Shine Lipgloss in Lotus 50
New still in packaging

Stila LipGlaze in Brown Sugar 19

Again any questions please leave it in the comments below or send an email is