Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Swap to start of the School Year...if I was in school of course!!!


So the wonderful and amazing Victoria and I had discussed a few times throughout the summer of doing a swap, and just because of timing (and some crazy heat weather on her side of the world). We finally got to send our packages to each other! Needless to say I was very pleased, surprised and delighted to get all the awesome stuff she added to my collection!


As it appears I will never get away with not having enough nail polish...pray for me when I have to leave Germany (as the moving companies normally deny letting polishes be sent overseas..I know lame right?). I was very excited to actually get a first in my collection of OPI for Sephora, as I have always looked at the colors (when I have visited the states) but always believed they were out of my price range. I know Victoria is a HUGE polish ran....so I feel very honored she would be willing to share her love of pretty colors with me!

Body products

As I stated in my actual video for my YT channel, Victoria loves bath and beauty products...though she totally has a fetish (just kidding girl) for lotions and all different types of smell goods. So again I was pretty excited about getting some of these types of products, as I know she has good taste! I'm trusting she will have made (which she did because I love the lotion already) good choices for scents and usages for me!


Getting a new MAC lipglass is pretty exciting, considering I dont really have too many of them. However I honestly was just as excited for the Coral Reef Lipgloss from Revlon (as we are constantly sold out of that color at our military exchange at my base). I did feel like such a dork for not knowing that hot pink tube was a new fruit scent lip balm (or whatever) when I filmed the video! Totally means I am behind in regards to what products are available to purchase!


I did request a decent amount of L'oreal HIP products, as I had personally never owned any (or ever used any). I feel with having such an extensive collection in mineral products, I felt my collection should also have different drug store brands. I'm looking forward to trying out the gel liner as well as the eyeshadow duo!!!!



Random other goodies!!
Very cute earrings!!! Totally love them!!!

Overall, Victoria totally hooked me with and I'm so glad to have done this swap with her (especially since it's her first). Thank you girl...I totally appreciate it!!!

Here's the Video


  1. You got some really good stuff!!!

  2. I had to move about 15 pounds of my nail polishes from Switzerland back to the US in my suitcases. It's doable but man I shouldn't of brought so much and bought so much!