Monday, January 11, 2010

New to the World of Blogging

A Little About Me:

My name is Lorena, but most people call me Lo

I'm 27, married to an amazing man. With two pets.

I'm originally from Sunny San Diego, but currently living in Speicher, Germany cause my hunny is doing his duty and serving our country in the USAF.

I do have my Bachelor's Degree in English, I'm hoping (needing) to get my Credential and Masters in Education, cause I would like to be a teacher.

I'm an avid collector depending on what phase I'm into, it was shoes, then purses and now its MAKE UP!!!

I'm a self proclaimed MAC whore, though I am learning very quickly the ways of Urban Decay, NYX, etc.

What I like to do for fun:

I like to go and knock down some pins at the bowling alley on base, it kills some time (especially on Sundays when Germany is pretty much shut down). I'm getting fairly decent at it, everytime I go my average gets a little bit better

If there isn't anything to watch or my hunny wants to play his game (WoW, yes I married one of those people!!! ) I will read a book that I picked up from the library. I read pretty much anything, though I love to read novels (that a movie is based off of). You would be surprised to know how much Hollywood changes a writers hard work, just so it can appease the auidence.

I constantly am cruising the internet, browsing for something to buy (eBay, Maccosmetics, FredericksofHollywood, CherryCulture). Watching and learning new things from videos off of YouTube, my favorites are tutorials of makeup. I will also have open to read reviews on any product mentioned in a video, to find out it its really worth the hubby's hard-earned dollar! ha ha! Or I could be fiddling around on Facebook or Myspace, it sucks living in another time zone. If I make any phone calls back to the states, I normally get voicemails or I'm waking someone up!!!

Why I'm starting this website:

As I stated before I pursue whatever phase/fad I am into at the time full heartedly. Since it is makeup, I do plan on using this site to give opinions/review of various product. as well as suggestions of different looks. All comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated of what I do. Hope that you enjoy this site, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me :)


Lorena the So-Cal Grl In Germany

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