Monday, January 18, 2010

Fake Mac Pigments on eBay

So recently I had/still having the lovely pleasure of having to deal with getting my refund back for purchasing some FAKE MAC Pigments from a seller on eBay.

I got a 5 MAC Pigment lot for a total of $36.00 (including ship & handle)! I thought I got a FREAKING AMAZING deal! Normally pigments cost $19.50 a jar at any MAC counter, store or website.
Thus 5 jars x $19.50 a pop = $97.50
I thought sweet I'm SAVING $61.50!!!
Trying to save a few bucks is SO SO not worth the hassle and headache!!!

Thumbs Down Smiley Pictures, Images and PhotoseBay seller ICEGDS18 is now on my sh#t list!!!
This seller not only claimed the product they sold was authentic, but was extremely rude and DEMANDED I list the reasons why/how their MAC was a FAKE!! Seriously, they DEMANDED twice for this list! And me, being as I am sent them 3 messages (cause eBay has a word limit) telling this person everything they wanted to know!

Let me tell you, it's been a pain my a$$. And I do realize now, that I did bring it upon myself. I didn't educate myself on the ways to recognize fake product from authentic based on pictures alone. But needless to say this will never happen again :)

Below is my Youtube video explanation of how the eBay pigments I received differed from a pigment I had gotten a month before from a MAC Store!!!

Tips so you won't be a Victim of FAKE MAC

  • Items listed on eBay at an AMAZING price are TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Do the math if you are saving over 50 % with purchasing from that seller, verses getting them at a counter, store or website. There has to be a CATCH!!! Think about it, would you be willing to sell any of your REAL name brand items for a fraction of what you paid for them? Yes, those who are lucky enough to have the MAC Pro Card or work for the company (or sister company) get sweet discounts,deals and gratis.
  • Most Important Rule ALWAYS ask for multiple pictures of the product. Top of the box, bottom of the box, front of the back, back of the box. With it being pigments you also want, bottom of the jar, inside of the jar, and back of the jar (especially if you get a lot of them). IF THE SELLER HAS AN ISSUE WITH YOUR REQUESTS, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! MORE THAN LIKELY WHAT THEY ARE SELLING ISN'T GENUINE!!!
  • Check out the sellers overall feedback percentage, make note of any Neutral or NEGATIVE. Check out what was sold and the comments from the buyer who left Neutral or NEGATIVE feedback. If it's similar to an item you are interested it, it gives you forewarning of what COULD happen to you.
  • IF THE SELLER HAS FAKE PRODUCT (AND IS STATING ITS GENINUE) OR YOU HAVE BEEN A VICTIM, MAKE SURE TO NOTIFY EBAY OF THE SITUATION. Ebay will try (to the best of their ability) to rectify any problem that you might have. Make sure to file an Open case and give them all your information. Keep all messages sent between you and the seller, the more you have. The easier it is for eBay to (hopefully) get your money back and deal with the EVIL FAKE Sellers!!!
Pictures of FAKE MAC vs REAL MAC

This is suppose to be VANILLA Pigment. Notice how it says "Vanila". MAC would never release a product with a misprint/misspelling, even to whole sellers. If you are looking into purchasing product and it's misspelled, more than likely its a FAKE!!!
MAC products will always have an Alpha Numeric label besides the name of the product. This is part of their production code, letting customers know when their product was manufactured. This code will be on the top of the exterior box, as well as on the bottom of the container. If it's in any other colored sticker other than silver (and at one point MAC used Clear labeling, but that's really old packaging) it's more than likely a FAKE! Left FAKE Vanila compared to Right REAL Violet.

To better understand and find out when your product was produced refer to link below

Finally lifting the lid of the pigment container will also be helpful if determining if a pigment is real or FAKE. This is the old packaging of pigments (as of Jan 2010, the containers will be more travel friendly), however notice the flat clear topper of the Violet. If you take this off (and sorry didn't show up well or I would've posted a pic) the topper itself on the bottom will have raised up Alpha Numerics as well. Meanwhile the Vanila has a shifter style topper, MAC would never use this type of packaging. If you see this, then it's FAKE!!!

Hope this is helpful and remember when it doubt, just buy from a counter, store or online.

Consider getting on MAC's email list, you will receive emails with a FREE shipping code. I am signed up and seriously get emails at least twice a week and it UBBER sucks!! Because it makes me want to shop all the time! Every time I have an email from them, even if I was just on the site the day before, I have to look. I know, I have a shopping problem! But for reals, what female out there doesn't?

Until later mis Bonitas :)



  1. Lol. I have the same bottle of "Vanila".
    I reported the issues and sent a message still no reply. It seriously sucks that people are selling fake MAC. <3

  2. Hello, I am selling on ebay as well MAC pigments however some have the clues of being fake but some not. I do not want to be that weller who is selling something fake. Is it possible for you to send me more picks of fake and real because I would like to refund my clientt. I just started so I only sold a few but now I am wondering what I got myself into. My pigments all have the 2 symbols next to each other but the color names on them all are just names no numbers but on a black sticker. also they have that top were there is th whole in the midddle were it looks like you dip your brush. Please help me I do not want to be like the seller you unfortunatlu delt with. Cindy