Friday, May 6, 2011

Update: Finish What You Start Make Up Project...OMG MY HG CONCEALER IS OUT!

Now this update...I'm sad to post just because it is talking about my HOLY GRAIL concealer that is now GONE!

I have had my Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer for what seems like forever...and it has made several appearances in my monthly Favorites besides being listed in my description bar for any recent make up tutorials.

I am seriously quite saddened that Maybelline decided to discontinue this particular product...I never really understood why...if it was to introduce FIT me into their brand that was the STUPIDEST mistake ever! You can still find random ebay stores or sellers that have a few jars of this type of concealer, but the mere fact that I will now have to be on the search for a good drug store concealer is just a pain in the butt. Don't get me a make up addict I should be really excited about it...means I get to try out different products.

However once I find a product I really really really's hard to find a second..or another to replace the first. Shoes are one thing...shirts another...but make up....I don't know.


May You Rest in Peace!

Why I liked the Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer:
First, the texture of the product was seemed like it could be rather thick if you applied to much. However the coverage was could and would cover any redness I had from any random break out (or pop up of a cynst acne). Besides of course cover the dark circles under my eyes.
Second, the amount of product for the price is pretty good. It literally took me months to finish this concealer...and that was using it everyday...sometimes even twice a day (ie redoing my face for going out in the night with friends to the pub or dance club). I do not like spending alot of money on drug store products, however this concealer was one of the few items I would easily purchase (again and again...if I could).
Third, again the coverage on this product was amazing. I heard alot of people say that it would cause break outs or that it would be horrible for under the eye (as it would crease or make that area greasy...because it was a bit thicker than the type of concealer you want under you eyes). But I love this seriously ruins my day that they had to discontinue it!!!

What I will be using now


ELF Studio Complete Coverage Concealer is next in my little box of items that I will be reaching for in my make up dresser. I was not a fan of the correcter by ELF but I'm hoping that the Complete Coverage Concealer will be something that budget savvy girls (like myself) will be able to use.

Major KUDOS to ELF for giving a variety of shades within the quad...I decided Medium would be the best bet for me to use during the summer. Fingers crossed that it will work out for well as they don't dry up before I have gotten an good opinion of what they can and can't do!

Hopefully this new concealer will at least give me decent amount of coverage...perhaps even I notice that there is a apricot/peachy color in the mix (which would work to help correct the darkness of my circles under my eyes). Only time will tell!

This update of another product done from my make up collection is bittersweet. Just because I am very sad to see one of my favorite and HOLY GRAIL products finally bite the dust!

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