Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Item DONE: Update Finish What You Started Make Up Project

Yup...About that time again!

Another beauty product down in my arsenal of items that need to be used! Though with this being a facial product...and it being so small compared to what I have used before...I figured it would be done a whole lot faster than the regular sized product (boo to trial sizes for that reason...though they are good to let you know if you will like them or not...plus of course for travel).

I know I stated I would keep y'all updated on my overall thoughts and skin results from switching from one face wash to another. As I was originally using Clean & Clear BlackHead Eraser..which I do really love! So I started out using my Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser..and it was quite different that the Blackhead Eraser (as it is a cooling effect and doesn't have the scrubbie beads).

Now I did have a bit of a skin break out when I first switched to the Deep Action Cream Cleanser as I think my skin was like...what the heck is this?! It took about a week for it to get back to normal..and overall I liked the Deep Action Cream Cleanser...would I repurchase it (which I received this travel size version in a Swap with another YouTuber last year) more than likely not. It reminds me alot of the Noxzema Face products...even down to the tinglying cool freshness it give to the skin.

As the Clean & Clear website states "Deep Action Cream Cleanser removes dirt, oil and make-up deep down to the pores as you wash. Its oil-free formula won’t clog your pores and a special cooling ingredient leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean."

Overall, I do agree that it leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and clean..however that is after about a week of using it everyday. I say a week, because with switching to this product...the skin needs time to adjust..and if the product is doing its job properly. It should be deep cleaning the pores of any dirt, grime and nastiness so that the skin will be looking fabulous!

Since I finished off this product, I figured it was time to finally hop on the band wagon...as when i first got into YouTube I noticed everyone was talking about this face product.

That's right, the St Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub (which was voted 2010 award winning product from Glamour Magazine).

Again another product I hadn't used before...but I was very very interested in...as I have seen even knocks of this particular product sold at the military exchanges on our bases (sad I know huh?). Plus like I said everyone and their mother was talking about this product back when I first started to sit down and watch Monthly favorites and what not!

According to the St Ives Website "From America's #1 Scrub brand, this award-winning Apricot Scrub deep cleans, instantly leaving skin smooth and glowing. Exfoliates to reveal smooth, radiant skin"

Again I will have to keep you updated on the overall experience of using this product...though I did want to point out that when people say they use this scrub, they normally use it once to at most three times a week. While mind you, I will be using the scrub everyday as my day to day face wash.

I personally think I will have a bit of break out when again switching to a different product....I will let you know...when I switch to my next facial product!!!!!

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