Monday, October 31, 2011

My First Halloween back in the States

Picture from Halloween Party went to last week

So if you are wondering how I spent my Halloween Night, I chilled at home with my parents, mister and herd of dogs passing out Halloween Candy and attempting to upload pics to my personal Facebook from the past two weeks.

Considering I normally get right on top of getting pictures up on my personal Facebook..I have been a bit lazy recently. So in the midst of hearing the doorbell ring and the echoing of Trick or overall Halloween evening was pretty tame.

I slightly wish I had decided to get the motivation to go out....but my mister was too busy watching Monday Night Football (my biggest issue with living back in the Joe can watch football games because we have cable. If you are wondering how I was lucky enough not to have to worry about that is the fact that we weren't willing to pay an arm and leg for cable to watch the shows and whatnot in the states. We figured if we liked it enough we would download it to our external harddrive and watch it on the computer). 

The first trick or treaters arrive shortly after 630 PST and the door rang the last time about 830 PST. Which towards the last hour or so it was the older kids who were trying to score candy. My costume consisted of pj pants and an Amsterdam t-shirt...the lazy bum! ha ha

I did go to a Halloween Party two weekends ago and decided to do something different and dressed up as Lady Gaga from her Born This Way video (when she was a dead skeleton). All I really had to get for the costume is get the wig and then the bow tie as I had a suit I used and some make up was a first run for doing something like that. Plus I only did it in a little over an the details of it aren't that great. I did come up second for best women's costume.

As you can see, my mister was the Killer from Scream, kinfe and all! So needless to say I think we looked like a pretty odd pair it totally worked. Plus he actually tied for first place for best dressed man in costume! Though he actually won $20 bucks while I only got a round of biggie though.

Overall had a good time at that party..I only wish I had more time to play with my costume make up so that I could give more to my YouTube channel. Will probably add some looks just randomly later on when I have the time.

Totally other side note:
My family dresses up their dogs for Halloween this year!!!!
Derek the Hairy Pumpkin and Reckless the Devil

DJ the Convict

Ginger the BumbleBee

Hope everyone else had a memorable Halloween...I wish I had more fun stuff to report...guess there is always next year!!!

Happy Halloween

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  1. Looks like you had a blast!! Looks like you went all out. Such fab costumes.