Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Little Bit of Time with Elizabeth from Kiss My Sass

I love Indie Companies, and I have decided it was time to have a little Question and Answer with lovely owner of Kiss My Sass, Elizabeth.

I feel as a mineral junkie, it's not only the products that keep me purchasing. But the master mind behind the products, the customer service and overall presentation and reputation of the company. 

I have actually known of Kiss My Sass for about 9 months (or so), due to the lovely Phyrra. I have been following Elizabeth ever since, as I drooled over quite a few swatches of her products. 
What makes Elizabeth business savvy is not only does she make her own mineral make up, but she has a bath product line Suds N Sass. I'm hoping to place an order from her bath line and test out some of her products (I will keep you updated). 

Now that I have ran on a bit, let me get to the main point of this blog post!!!

Since Indie Companies are home-run company as a consumer (and mineral addict) my loyalty and love/lust for a company products really stems from how well I get to know the owner. So I felt it was time to get to know a little more about Elizabeth and Kiss My Sass. 

My Mini Interview with Elizabeth

Q. What made you decide to start your own business (in particular mineral cosmetics and soaps)?

A. After I had my daughter in 2006, I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home Mom and raise her myself.  I also knew that I needed something to do from home to make a little bit of money to supplement my Hubby's income.  I tried mark/avon as well as Mary Kay and they just didn't do it for me.  Then I received a Melt & Pour soapmaking kit as a gift and I fell in love.  Not exactly with the quality of the product in the kit but with the idea of making my own products instead of selling someone elses.  I did quite a bit of research after that and in January 2008 Suds n Sass was born ; )

Q. What inspired you for your company's Name?

A. I had actually gone through quite a few names and my husband suggested Suds n Sass and I loved it!  My husband also came up with Kiss My Sass as name for our previous Lip Gloss which I also loved and thus carried it along to Kiss My Sass Cosmetics!

Q. What are your personal favorite products from your own line (type, color)?

A. This is very hard as I love alot but here are my top favs:
Blush: Sunday Morning & Innocent
Highlighter: Halo
Lip Gloss: J'adore, Purple Rain & Sweet Escape (I prefer the Gloss over the Glaze)
Lip Mixer: Divine Diva & Downtown Brown mixed w/ Nude Attitude
Shadows: Boogieman (Halloween 2011), Reign Over Me, Boardwalk, and so many others it's hard to choose!

Q. What are your top 3 sellers in eyeshadows? Lipglazes/glosses? Cheek products?

A. Shadows: Reign Over Me, Sleepy Hollow, Spellbound
Glosses/Glazes:Plastic Princess, Purple Rain, Innocence
Cheeks: Glisten, Suntan, Raspberry Snow Cone

Q. You originally sold both cosmetics and soaps...what made you decide to change to mostly cosmetics?

A. At that time, I was running out of space for two growing companies and I had decided to close Suds n Sass & open Kiss My Sass Cosmetics for makeup sales only.  Since then, I have moved everything to a much larger space and I am doing both Suds n Sass & Kiss My Sass Cosmetics : )

Q. Where do you get your inspiration for colors? names of colors?

A. Inspiration for colors comes from things in my daily daughter, nature, makeup I saw someone wearing in one of my fav tv shows etc.  As for names, this is where I struggle and often times I ask my hubby or I ask my Twitter followers!

Q. What makes your products different than other make up brands or other indie companies?

A. I don't think there's anything specific that makes my products different from other indie companies but I do try to be original when creating colors and I try to have the best customer service possible!

Q. What are some of your personal favorite make up brands?

A. While I do love Kiss My Sass Cosmetics lol I also wear makeup from other brands (both high & low end brands) such as Urban Decay, MAC, Bare Escentuals, Hard Candy, Physicians Formula etc.

Q. What do we, as fellow make up lovers, get to look forward to with the fall season from your company?

A. I'm a bit late answering these questions, but I do have some Halloween/Fall themed items available on Suds n Sass and if the Halloween/Fall Goodies aren't on Kiss My Sass Cosmetics yet, they will be very soon!  Halloween is my favorite time of year to create both unique colors as well as unique fragrances!

Q. What is one of your goals you hope to achieve before the ending of 2011? (this can be company related or personal...whichever you want/feel comfortable answering). 

A. I was planning on Re-Launching Suds n Sass on October 1st BUT unfortunately, I had completely lost everything on the Kiss My Sass Cosmetics site : (  My goal for the rest of 2011 is to have both sites up, completely finished and running smoothly as well as maybe a Christmas/Winter/New Years Eve collection..

I want to Thank Elizabeth for taking the time to humor me and answer all my questions!!!

Hope you have enjoyed this little minute of getting to know a Savvy Indie Business Woman!!

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