Monday, March 15, 2010

Vivian Made an Appearance the Other Night

So after a very very long stressful week, I was finally able to have the free time I have so desperately been needing. And finally made my official 100 Subscriber contest video, which I have to say has been the most interesting look I have done so far.

I think it was having my new colored contacts that made me decide to do something out of my norm for make up, and thus Vivian had a "new look".

True, I have always gone for a darker look when I have "dressed up". But adding the colored contacts, just give me the push I needed to go out of my comfortable look into something completely different!

And I just felt the look, the idea of having that Alter-Ego was perfect theme for my 100 subscriber contest. I mean it allows anyone to "dress up" or do make up and be someone else. Seriously who doesn't love the idea of being someone else just for one evening? I have so much fun being "Vivian" and I think Joe hopes she will come back very soon.

I do plan on doing a tutorial recreating a wearable Vivian Look, more than likely focusing on the eyes and a light contour. Just because the way I applied the colors was alot different compare to how I normally apply. Overall, it seems like I changed up everything for Vivian.


I'm really excited about my contest, now that it is up and running. The only thing I haven't been able to do yet, is film the prizes video. Waiting on getting stuff in the mail is such a pain in the A$$!!!! Especially when certain companies have overall huge sales and for whatever reason the whole shipping out process takes longer that I like. And then the mail itself takes forever. I just want the stuff here already so I can show it off, and then package it up and wait to announce the winner.

Well more thank likely Vivian will be announcing the winner, it only seems appropriate. If she starts something, she should finish it! Though I do notice she is a bit of a B#tch, so she could always make more work for me. ha ha

Until next time!

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