Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday...Chillax day

Random Sunday Thoughts

So today was a semi-productive day in regards to getting a few things done around my own house (ie cleaning). Did a few baby shower things (picked up a few things I will need to make the food). Picked up some fun beauty wants while at the exchange and pending on what I think I will make sure to do a review on the items.

Products purchased:
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in 200 Nude
Covergirl Translucent Loose Powder in 105 Light
Covergirl Liquid Liner in Black
Cosmetic Sponge pack in squares 24 pack
Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant in Powder

I also was able to upload some videos onto my channel, which is great considering I had a major event occur (ie 100 subbies on my channel). So I have to come up with an idea for my 100 subscriber contest! I think I might have to seek the advice of a few friends who don't know I have a YouTube channel, just to get an idea of what they think would be interesting to learn/watch.

On a side note, I was so disappointed when I was at the Exchange today, they had been carrying the mini waxing kit (pre-made wax strip kit) by Sally Hansen. And apparently they are no longer going to be carrying them now!!!! OMG!!!! That was probably one of the few things the Exchange actually carried that I liked, love and need!!!! GRRR to you AAFES!!! The closest place I can buy that from is the Exchange an hr & 1/2 ride (one way) besides try to get it online. I seriously just hate how when it's stuff I need (more than want) it gets taken away from me!!!! And the stuff I don't necessarily need, they make sure to get my attention with it.

Thus explaining why my random beauty products purchase today, the Covergirl was on sale for 30 % off. Revlon was also 30% off, and of course a few others that I didn't get (ie Almay for 30%, Loreal for 25%, Maybelline for 25%). Evil, Evil AAFES, trying to make this make up addict want to pull her hair out!

Anyways it's late, I edited my second request tutorial (from one of my younger subbies). I rocked the look all day today, and I know it caught a few stares! Whatever Joe, thought it was cute and his opinion is what matters most. :)

I think it's interesting that the only requests I have gotten so far are from high schoolers, nothing at all wrong with that. Just something interesting to note.

Until another time!!!

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