Saturday, April 3, 2010

1st YouTube Swap

So I was very excited to go to the mail box and find my package from my girl Jackie, aka Queen of Hearts214.

After having watched a few other girls videos, I decided to email Jackie and see if she was down to swap. Happily she agreed, we set a price (that I'm pretty sure we both went over) and went shopping.

BTW, the stuff she got me blew me out of the water! It was so much! I feel like I didn't send her enough. I got everything from make up to jewerly to nail polish! OMG, did I get a ton of nail polish. I think I'm good on nail polish choices for a long time, well I won't at least personally go out and buy anymore! ha ha

But yeah, I dunno part of me thinks that people when they watch her video response to my video will think I didn't hook her up (like she did me). That's totally not the case! I try to find pieces of Konplott that seem to fit the person (if I am sending them one). The ring I sent Jackie ( I seriously loved!) I looked at it. I wanted it, but then I was all OMG. Perfect! It just screamed her name (since seriously I have enough stuff on hold at my job of Konplott to last me til next summer to buy)!

And Konplott is so not cheap! I mean I do get a discount on that because of where I work (since we sell it). But everything is priced in Euro and then converted over to dollars, yeah it's a pretty penny. I'm so not saying, I didn't want to get Jackie (or anyone else, if I do future swaps stuff). It's just, I feel like I should explain it a bit better.

The choice of stuff to buy here on the military base that we are stationed at BLOWS! I am really busy during the week, so trying to go into the economy and find cute stuff is kinda hard. There is a city about 45 minutes south from me that is renown for the place to go shop at. However, if I'm not already working on the weekend (ie babysitting or working at the gift shop), any plans I make seem to fizzle out.

Like this weekend, Easter weekend. My only real weekend off! I'm sick! I can hardly talk, I'm constantly clearing my throat popping a cough drop, drinking orange juice or hot tea. It's so not fair! Cause I was really looking forward to doing something different this holiday, verses just staying home with Joe and being a bum. We were going to go over to a friend of a friend's house for Easter lunch/dinner, but with me being sick. And the people having kids, I so don't want to expose anyone to my nasty COOTIES!!! GRRRRRR!

But yeah, the whole point of this blog was pretty much to say. I did a swap, I love everything I got. I'm not gonna lie though, I already have so much stuff that I got on my own....that I might turn around and share some of my wealth in cosmetics and stuff with my family.

How is that for ironic, I started my Project 5 Pan and have been getting stuff for FREE!!! he he either by swapping (which I guess really isnt free because I pay for the other person's stuff and shipping), but I have won like 2 contest as of recent. So it's pretty neat to be like BAM box in the mail box with make up!!! he he

I did have to say one last thing, I love the card that Jackie threw in my box as well :)

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