Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday my chill day

So today is a lazy day. I did alot of videos this past week/weekend because I felt I was totally behind on my channel!

And as I sit here and wait for Joe to finish downloading Weeds Season 5, episode 1...I realized how behind I am in my blog. :-/

Is it sad it is almost easier for me to make and edit a video, verses sitting down and writing out my thoughts about my day. My videos, particular products? ha ha, I think it is just laziness. I put so much effort into doing my videos, and then i just totally don't want to do anything else.

I think, though, I have decided that Sundays I will no longer make videos and use it as a catch up day. I can do stuff around the house, because sometimes the week goes by so fast, I get behind in wifey duties. As well as catch up on my blog too! And this blog is pretty much only for myself anyways, so I can rant and rave about things and I don't really think anyone else will notice! ha ha.

Though HUGE thanks to my "stalkers" aka my followers on here. I truly appreciate you guys taking the time to randomly check out my blog. I promise, I will be more regular on here!

Overall, this weekend has been GORGEOUS here in Germany!!! I can proudly say we are having some Spring weather, which means when I got back to the states in May I will prolly miss out on alot of sunshine (and rain).

I can't wait til summer, just because of all the different festivals that go on. Seriously, Europe becomes alive in Spring and is the popping place to be in Summer :)

Total other note, I'm a bit nervous to go home. A decent amount of people back home know about my channel (and have been requesting) me to do their make up when I'm there. And as much as I want to help them out, because I'm nice like that. I have a feeling, I'm going to try to shy away from it as much as I can.


Simple, I know how to do make up on my own face. Apparently I have gotten alot better at it (yay), but I'm not use to other faces, skins, eyes, lips, etc. Plus I also won't have all my amazing collection with me to play with either. I think that as well as my choices of colors to use on people would be alot different than what they think looks good on them (if that makes any sense).

Perhaps while I know a person could pull off some bright blue or green, they steer away from it because they prefer (or always have worn) neutral colors or very basic make up. I would just hate to do a bunch of work (and use my products) on someone for them to turn around and hate it!

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