Wednesday, October 6, 2010

High Voltage Cosmetics

So I made an order on September 24th to get a few samples sizes of a few Mineral shadows from High Voltage. I received them, yesterday, October 5th.

I have been following the lovely, Jasmine, owner and creator of this lovely line, on Twitter for a few months now. I have seen a few reviews of the line and a couple of tutorials.

I decided to take the plunge and make a small order. If you didn't know this about me, I have an addiction for mineral shadows. While others go gaga over lipgloss or pressed eyeshadows, I can sit on a website and just scroll though pics of minerals. If there are no swatches on the site, Google is my friend!

I purchased a total of 9 shimmer shadow samples. I wanna say it was a hard process of elimination, considering Jasmine has so many different and wonderful shadows on her site. I love the fact she breaks them down by color families (IE Earth tones, Pinks and Reds, Greens and Teals, Yellows and Oranges, Blues, and Black/White/Silver).

However, I honestly just went into each section, gazed at the picture for a few second and looked at the name. ha ha, such a hard choice. I did end up with more colors in the blues/purple/teal family...but I think it was just the way things worked out for this first purchase.

I am very excited to use these products. I did sit down and swatched them. And I know I will be able to have some fun with them. Again, I'm a sucker for pretty colors as well as shimmery shadows...again this is just personal preference. I do love a good matte, but I think mattes are great crease colors (or great to use for cutting a crease....which I am not very good at).

Anyways...Overall I spent a total of $10.00 for my lovely products, $9.00 for 9 sample shadows (which samples come in a small bag). These samples contain 1/8th of a teaspoon (which depending on how heavy handed you are with products can last anywhere from 15-20 usages). The additional $1.00 for was shipping and handling, which I think is a great price!

I hate it when some companies offer the $1.00 samples of their products but then want to charge you more than what you are spending on the actual product!!! Drives me crazy when that happens, but in this case High Voltage is very FAIR!

My shadows came in a mailing envelope, and I just loved the fact that Jasmine made sure to include a copy of my order, and included a small note on it as well!!!

Photobucket This is what my shadows came wrapped up in!!!
I thought this was so cute! Plus it kept all the product safe and together, there was no spillage from any of the baggies! Which is a definite thumbs up from me! Plus, how can you not think that's cute?

Here are the lovely colors that I ordered, a total of 9 of I was so excited I had to open my package at work just to look at them.
Looking at them, starting from the left and moving right they are the following:
Radio Star, Mean Streak, Alter Ego, November Rain, Scandalous, Roadie, After Hours, Bootleg, Teenage Riot

On my next blog posting I will put swatches of these wonderful Photobucket is having issues..I'm lucky it is letting me get up! Always gotta be something!!! he he

Not only did I get these awesome colors to play with...but Jasmine rocked because she included some awesome extras!!!!

Photobucket The shadows go in the following order from left to right:
Swap Thing, Witches Brew, Zombie Chic and Ghost Town

*Swap Thing and Zombie Chic are in her Halloween Collection #1 while Witches Brew and Ghost Town are in her Halloween Collection #2

I had been eyeing the twitpics she had been posting of her new Halloween Collection, and she was AWESOME to include 4 for me to play with!!! I think she knew I was lusting after them :)

She does have two different Halloween Collections, she included 2 shadows from each collection for me to play with! Good and bad because it does make me want to get and she doesn't do sample sizes (to sell) for these collections. So I guess I will just have to wait and see what I can manage when it comes to pay day later...he he he.

Overall, I'm a very excited girl! And I did do a look today using my favorites least of the normal shadows...I think the Halloween shadows are great for a look all of its own!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this rambling from yours truly...considering its been soooo long I figure I should start doing these more often.

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