Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update: Finish What You Started Make Up Project 2011

Another day, another make up product is officially done and a new one started. I honestly feel pretty proud of myself because of how well I'm doing with attempting to finish make up that has been in my collection. And I dont doubt it prolly is looking a little annoying that I am constantly updating my blog with posting in regards to my Finish what you Started Make Up Project!

I really thought I was going to have a bit of an issue trying to actually finish products, but so far I have been doing pretty good. Plus with finishing the various make up items, I am making more room in my collection (and storage area). Doesn't necessarily mean I'm off to immediately replace them as soon as I am done (as I end up having at least one back up product so that I can have something to use once one item is done).

Keep in mind, if I believe something is Holy Grail status I will be hopping in the car or online to get my hands on another when I find something I really like (and that works well for me) I need to get my hands on it again. As my luck tends to be when I find something that I really like (and I only get one back up) the product gets discontinued...perfect examples the Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer and MAC's Moistureblend Foundation...both products I love. Both products that went BYE BYE!

This time it is one of my pressed facial powders that has finally taking a rest, my Wet N Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder in 821 Natural (as when I originally purchased this powder it was during the winter..hence the light color choice).

Overall, I have personally enjoyed using this pressed powder...and I love the fact it is at a good price point. Though I will not lie, I do have some shine through and have to retouch my T zone area about 4 hours after applying it...sometimes a little sooner (pending on if I get sweaty or not).

The powder is very light, it gives minimal coverage (if you are a pressed powder only faced girl) but it feels very soft on the skin...and does not leave a powdery feeling on your fingers (if you were to rub your hands across your face). Even though I had a very light shade for pressed actually ended up helping me out, as I had a liquid foundation that was a tad to dark (thus it gave me at one point a semi-orangey looking face). With a bit more of buffing this pressed powder in, I did notice that the liquid foundation coloring got a bit lighter (huge plus, considering I'm trying to finish up products...verses trying to purchase more).

I know Wet N Wild has been stepping up their game in regards to their eye products, thus I do think it might be time to at least change up the packaging a bit for their facial products. Understand that the actual packaging for this pressed powder is made of recycled paper...thus it will not make a good compact to throw in your travel make up bag or gym bag ( I did that to a different powder and I was sad to have to clean it out of my purse a week later). That is really my one issue with this the packaging is left to be desired for!

According to the Wet N Wild website the Natural Blend Pressed Powder is "Paraben-free pressed powder made with natural ingredients and infused with vitamins and minerals to nourish skin. Enriched with light-diffusing pigments to help minimize imperfections and provide even-looking coverage."

Since I have scraped as much as I can from the Wet N Wild pan, I am now going to try out a powder I purchased on sale a few months ago and see how it is the Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder in the color Light-Meduim.


Now I personally have never used any pressed powders from the Revlon line, however I have used the Colorstay foundation on myself (I use the Photoready foundations in my make up kit for when I work on clients). Though I have one Colorstay Lip Liner in my kit (it's the truest red that I have ever seen and looks great on all skin tones).

So trying out another item within the Colorstay family should be pretty interesting. The biggest compliant that I have read when researching a bit about this pressed powder is that it doesn't sit right on the skin when using it to set liquid foundations (the only one it seemed best suited for is the ColorStay liquid foundation).

I just barely started using this so I will have to keep an eye out and see what happens with it! I suppose time will only tell if this product will be a good or bad...but no matter what at least I got it for 50% off the normal sales price! he he!

According to the Revlon website the Colorstay Pressed Powder is "Exclusive ColorStay™ jet-milled formula for ultra-fine, silkier texture helps to minimize shine and creates a fresh, flawless finish that wears for up to 16 hours over makeup."

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