Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Swap of 2011

So I did a video on this Swap earlier last month, but never posted it here on my blog. And considering people take the time, effort and energy to go shopping for items for me for the swap...the least I could do is talk about the items I received.

As luck would have it the first swap for 2011 for me was actually with the first person I ever did a swap with, Miss Jackie AKA theQueenofHearst214...I always call her the Queen of My heart!

She did totally hook me up the first time we did a swap last year and did so again this year as well! So I know I said it in my video but I do want to stress the point that Jackie is awesome and a great friend. And I thank her from the bottom of my heart for my awesome goodies!!!

The biggest surprise in the box was the awesome cigar box...that apparently she saw while out and automatically thought about me. And I totally love it!
It's funny one of my friends here from base saw this box recently over in my make up section and she started telling me exactly how this picture differed from the original pose (as apparently it is one of her favorites).

Another huge shock, suprise and delight to have in my swap box was some Jesse's Girl Shadows!!! I have never owned it was nice to add them to my collection..since I have watched a few YouTube videos featuring these products!
It's funny that she ended up sending me these particilar colors as I sent some pretty similar from TKB (a mineral company up in the bay area...its where many people who make their own shadows get their products from).

Some other random and fun goodies she threw in my box were the following:
Matching make up bags (big and small)
Nail Jewel Wheel (though thats alot of work to use them)
Nail Design stickers (which I might use next week)
Scented Rose Petals (can be put in bath or used as decoration)
2 mini Lip glosses/balms

And finally Jackie knows I lover accessories so she made sure to totally get me some diverse choices!
Matching necklace and earrings from Claire's (Gothic themed)
Funky matching earrings and necklace (black jeweled)
Awesome flower clip for my hair or a brooch
Cute stud star earrings

Overall, I'm very lucky to have such a good friend to hook me up and help a girl out. Alot of products are either more expensive here to purchase since we have to pay in Euro or we have the particular products/brands available!

*Side Note*
I do plan on doing maybe one swap a month or every other swap...pending on my budget and if anyone is wanting to. I know with the huge push in crackle nail polishes and people being interested in trying out European make up products...I will be more than happy to swap. Just let me know!!!


  1. Awesome! I know I would love to try some you ever see it and know how much it is? PM on YT if you want,k? Hugs,Ter/bobbysgeel

  2. I see it when i go to the german economy make up stores. it depends on what you are wanting from the line in regards to price.