Sunday, March 13, 2011

Imitation form of Flattery? Or Just Coincident?

I know this is a random blog posting..however it does have pictures of a make up look in it!!!! YaY!

But I did notice something earlier today when I was catching up on my subscriptions in my YouTube box...and that was someone else just recently sported the Lady Gaga make up look that I had personally done earlier in the week.

Yes, I know everyone has done their own rendition of a Lady Gaga look...however I just found it very interesting that the person who sported it (doesn't normally do such dramatic looks...let alone wear them out in public). Literally had uploaded a video the day after I had posted a video with the exact look.

Mind you the look was altered slightly from mine to the other person...and really I had followed the idea from watching another fellow YouTube guru (NikkieTutorials...the wonderful Dutch beauty). I followed my look more to NikkiTutorials Gaga Inspired look..using similar shape and semi similar colors (including using the Lady Gaga Viva Glam 2 lipstick). While the person in question didn't quite finish the look and used different colors as well...though I dunno.

My Lady Gaga Inspired Look Sported on Thursday, March 10th

I know the idea isn't my's not even original as really the original artist is Lady Gaga's Make Up Artist...and Lady Gaga was the first person to originally rock the look. So really we all are copying her...but it still just seems odd to me.

I mean perhaps the look was so eye catching that the other person decided to try it out just I dunno. Nothing against the other person too much...I just didn't know if it was me who inspired the person....or merely coincidence that we both did the same thing within the same week.
Better look at the face

Better look at the Eyes

I guess it goes back to if you look through YouTube videos...of gurus that come out with similar to identical looks about the same time frame...who really came up with the idea first. Check out any video where there is one guru's ubber loyal subscribers commenting that oh this look was done by such and such already. I did actually have someone do that to me when I first started doing videos (it was on one of my Glamour Doll Eye tutorials...that happened to land featured video on the site back last year).

I know it's silly to get hung up on something really could be coincidence...I know that imitation is a form of flattery...and that someone is always copying someone else (in one way or another). But I just irks me a bit. I don't want to say...I tried it first...but part of me is thinking it.

Whatever....just a random rant!

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