Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nails of the Week: Katy Perry's OPI The One that Got Away

Decided to change things up and change up the nail color...although the other nail polish I was rocking was holding up just fine!

What can I say is I love Katy Perry...and well as much as I was enjoying Not in the Movies...I totally had my eye on The One that Got Away since I received my nail polish collection.

The color is listed as being a Berry color with a hint of shimmer. I guess that is what really grabbed my attention in regards to this color because I do love my wine/berry colored items (lipsticks, lipglosses, nail polish).

And with my olive skin tone, I personally think this nail polish looks bomb on me!!! :)

But that is just my opinion...does anyone else have this color? or any of the other Katy Perry's nail polish? If so what is your favorite color?

I honestly think this might be my favorite...I will let you know after trying out the other two polishes the rest of this month!

With flash
Pretty yes?!

No Flash

Totally digging this polish, I put on my Manhattan Base polish (1 coat) followed by 2 coats of The One that Got Away to be followed by my Sally Hansen Top Coat ( 1 coat).

So far I have noticed that this color sadly isnt lasting as long as the other polish. As it's chipping on my right pointer finger (though all the other fingers look pretty good).


No matter what I still love this color!!!

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  1. I got Teenage Dream...I love it. Lasts forever with Seche Vite on it. I also got the blue one, Last Friday Night. That one is a different story. It's gloopy & takes at least 3 coats. Maybe I got a bad bottle??