Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update: Finish What You Started Make Up Project 2011

So another day....another product finally being finished!!! Woot Woot...no lies I'm getting pretty excited about finishing off the various products from my own personal collection.

This time it is a face product...Finished up my drugstore foundation...Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in 202 nude. I purchased the foundation earlier in the tail end of fall when I was a bit darker. Thus using this foundation during the winter has been interesting to say the least...on the more cloudy days it wasn't as nearly noticiable that it was too dark.

I also lightened it a bit up by using one of the lightest pressed powders I had to help set the foundation ( IE Wet N Wild Natural Blend in ). It worked pretty good, minus the fact that when the sun actually made it's way through the many clouds...it was pretty obvious that the foundation was the wrong color. ha ha

I did notice that I had to rotate this foundation alot more as well...considering it has a built in Face Primer..which I noticed that after using it for about a good 2 weeks (everyday) I started to have a mini break out in the areas that I am self conscious of (ie chin...neck...and upper lip). But it proves that I wasn't pay attention to what I'm putting on my face..BAD Lorena...very BAD!


Overall, I did enjoy the foundation...it gave full coverage that lasted from the time that I applied it to my face til I washed it off and went to bed. Minus the fact that it has a built in Face Primer to it (so those who are more acne prone skin...be careful when wearing it).

According to the Rimmel Website the Lasting Finish 25 Hr Foundation is described as "Immaculate appearance up to 25 hours, no smudging, light feel pleasant, invigorating and moisturizing, revitalizing mineral complex."

I am switching over to a different drug store make up foundation in hopes to not only try out a new brand...but also allow my skin a little breather. With the nicer weather here in Europe..I am wanting to allow my skin to get some sun. But also to get away from having to wear a full coverage foundation.

Now don't get me wrong, I love me my full coverage foundations for evening or if I'm going to have a long day and I don't want to have to mess with that if I don't need to!

So this foundation was what I picked up just shortly before Lent (as I'm not suppose to purchase any make up during Lent...since I gave up shopping). Though after some thinking, more than likely I will keep this thinking going on (giving the exception to foundations...as I know with the summer I will more than likely be going through different colors).

With all the revamping done to Wet N Wild eyeshadows, I thought it would be appropriate to try out their foundation (to see if they had any hits with those products). I picked up the Ultimate Match SPF 15 Foundation in Nude (which currently matches my skintone).

**I originally started writing this blog post when I first purchased this product. I have been using it now for about a month..so I will do a follow up posting soon of my overall thoughts**


According to the Wet N Wild Website the Ultimate Match SPF 15 Foundation is described as "Glides on weightlessly for sheer-to-medium coverage that’s never heavy, chalky, or dull. Evens out flaws with a silky, semi-matte finish that let’s your skin’s natural luminescence shine through. Contains SPF 15 for the ultimate in anti-aging treatment."

But yes, I'm realizing more and more that I do go through my drug store brand foundations about every other month...so I am looking forward to seeing which brand I try out next. Does any one have any recommendations to try?

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