Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In the Kitchen: Baking Edition Coconut Macaroons

Another edition of baking within the In The Kitchen Series.

This time its one of Joe's personal favorites, Coconut Macaroons.

Yup, these bad yet ubber yummy cookies are one of few that we have saved in our household when I actually decide to bake. Apparently these cookies are a hit with several others as well (from his shop).

Not much more to say to that, these cookies go great for anytime of the year. If you wanted to make them a little more special you can warm up some dark chocolate and dip or drizzle chocolate over the cookies (so then they really taste like Almond Joy candy bar).

I'm thinking of adding a few more of my personal favorite items to bake to the In the Kitchen series...just been slacking hardcore! My apologizes ahead of time..I know alot of requests have been coming in for different items to be featured on there. I will get to adding new videos to that section on my YouTube soon!!

Check out the video:

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