Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 3: It's all about Nip Tuck

Decided that I would start off my day with a cup of coffee and working on my blog...maybe I should do this more often! ha ha

Random side note: Thank you to all of my followers here on my blog. I don't know if you read every single entry I have done on this blog. But I know the more recent and upcoming blog posts are going to be more about me..and less about make up. So bare with me...and if you like the variety..then let me know!! I love feedback, whether it's good or bad...just really depends on how you deliver it.

My final random thoughts is one thing about putting yourself on YouTube or the internet in general is being able to deal with the haters, and rude critics. To an extent everyone is a critic in their own particular type of way. And to me, if you are tactful about how you say things (while still being real) you get alot further along in life.

**Enter exasperated sigh** I tried to do this blog post earlier in the day..had it all written out..thought it had saved. And then blogspot started having some MAJOR issues and I lost everything I had written up to my sigh....freaking figures! the internet gods hate me!!!

Okay let's get to the point in this blog post for the day!!!

Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show

Nip Tuck Lasted for 6 Seasons

Now keep in mind that the real two main characters of this tv series that was shown on FX was Shawn and Christian...while all the other characters were somewhat background noise. As it is my opinion that the show really revoloved around the relationship, both professional as well as personal between the two men.

The actual plot of the first 3rd to 4th season was very drama filled and action packed. When it came to the 5th season Parts One and Two (as the movie writer strike occured during this season, hence the break and amount of episodes between parts) the plot started to get a bit outlandish. And by the 6th season (which was the last season) they are repeating some of the exact same ideas from the beginning of the season.

Now, I could watch this series over and over, from beginning to end and be completely happy. Minus the fact that whenever I do that (cause I have done that a few times) I end up having dreams that Christian and Shawn come and see me!!! NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!!

I HATED the way they ended the actual series, and I'm not going to go into it...just in case anyone hasn't seen it. Or from reading this blog post ends up watching it to see what I'm rambling on about! But it SUCKS...I didn't want it to end like that!!!

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