Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day One: A little about ME

So my journey off attempting to keep up with my blog starts today, June 28th...because...well because it seems like a good day!!!

The weather is actually beautiful and very sunny, actually to the point of where its rather hot here in Germany. I'm talking like high 80's..yeah I know crazy right?

Most of my friends (who have kids) are either at the local village pool or using their backyards as cool get aways from the heat...while sungoddessing (as we call it..or tanning). While I'm hiding away in my house...doing some laundry. Yup...I'm feeling like a hermit a bit today...but it happens. I went out yesterday when it was a bit cooler...and boy I tell you what. No matter what color your skin is...and how tan you are before hand. The sun when it wants to can get the best of you!!!

Thus I have decided to start off my 30 Day Photo Challenge!!!

So here goes nothing!!!!

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with ten facts

Picture taken on recent trip to the States May 2011 at Silver Strand State Beach

Fact #1 I'm the oldest of two within my family.
More detail: There is a 7.5 year difference between my younger bother and I. And while we didn't get along so well when we were younger, as adults I feel our relationship has become closer and deeper. I spent most of my time with him while I was at home visiting this past May.

Fact #2 I have been a military dependent for overall 24 years.
More detail: My dad was in the military, Marines, for over 22.5 years...though at the age of either 23 or when you graduate college (which I did when I was 21). As a military dependent you lose your military privileges ie medical coverage, shopping at the exchanges, being able to easily get on a military installation, etc. It was with marrying my husband in 2007 that allowed me to become a military dependent again, thus leaving a 4 year gap between college and getting married of fending on my own. Overall, I have had a very good experience as a military dependent, minus a few issues I have with the military system (but that perhaps is for a different blog entry).

Fact #3 I hate canned spinach but love fresh spinach!
More detail: Yeah, I really don't know how that is possible, considering I eat spinach salads at least once a week. But it canned is freaking NASTY! I remember my mom would randomly cook it and I would be forced to have one large spoonful. I would always plug my nose and verses trying to chew it...cause I didn't like the texture. I would pretty much try to swallow it whole...never ever a good idea. I don't understand how Popeye can eat that CRAP!!! Fresh Spinach is the ONLY way to GO!!!

Fact #4 For being Hispanic...I never seem to have a single bean in my house!
More Detail: Random and sadly very true. Alot of my friends here and even back home make fun of me for the fact. I can make a mean salsa, enchiladas, homemade tortilla chips (or Cheeps as we have all known to call them), patron margaritas, and Mexican rice. But for the life of me...I just never seem to have any type of bean in my house (whether canned or dry). I know it's one of my big follies as a cook and as a Hispanic female. I am trying to work on it...I even recently asked a few friends back in California. To share their recipes for made pinto beans....I have just again been too absentminded or lazy to get the items at the grocery store!!

Fact #5 When in doubt I always read outloud an important note or email
More Detail: I'm guessing that is the English major in me that wants to make sure my grammar and the flow of the words is used properly. Or maybe I just want to double check and make sure that I don't sound like a big retard. Nonetheless whenever I can...I do. Call it being insecure of what I'm saying or being picky when it comes to writing. I never send without rereading..and rereading it aloud at least twice!

Fact #6 When I have to babysit I prefer the child to be a boy verses a girl
More Detail: I have been on and off babysitting local military children since we arrived here in Germany about two years ago. I have sat kids of all different ages, sizes, and sexes. But I do prefer little boys verses little girls. Why you ask? Simple...boys are more resilient to playing outside, rough housing, and tend to mind a bit more a female sitter (as they are use to their mothers being the one in charge of their reprimanding and whatnot). It has been so much easier to play along with a little boy or even watching them play with their toys and not require or demand attention. Verses a little girl, who will always want you to go along with whatever she is doing...because most little girls want to be princesses. And a princess always has all the attention!

Fact #7 A reoccurring theme in my dreams of the past year rotates around X-Men
More Detail: Call me crazy...cause I totally am willing to agree with you on that one. In the past year I have had at least half a dozen dreams where somehow I'm either an X-Men character or the characters from the comics play a significant role in the dream. Normally these dreams are pretty action packed and vivid, to where I wake up from the dream...quite uncertain where I am at. And NO, I don't watch the movies or read the comics the night to week prior of me having the dream. Apparently my subconscious is trying to tell me something...and I still haven't figured out what it's trying to say!

Fact #8 I plan to have my back eventually all tatted up!
More Detail: One thing about tattoos is they are quite addicting! I got my first one when I was 18...something small and girly. Looking at it now...I wish I was more creative with my idea...and really if I want to I can cover over it. But my back is what I'm really looking forward to actually working on. I'm suppose to get a matching tattoo with Joe that will go on my right shoulder (as I have a current tattoo that is matching to my cousin on my left.) I want to get a lower/middle back piece of a dragon and phoenix....there is a meaning behind it. If you want to know just ask. And then some Japanese Kanji as well separating the two different pieces on my shoulders. Of what statement...I hadn't quite decided yet. I have played with the idea "Survival is living with no Regrets" or something like that.

Fact #9 I am a camera whore!
More Detail: There are very few times in my adult life where I do not bust out a camera to snap a quick photo. Whether it's on my Iphone or my hot pink Kodak camera, a picture will be taken. I don't necessarily have to be in the pictures...though of course I do try to at least get in one. I just like to have pictures to look back at later. My current screensaver is of different photos of this year being out with friends.

Fact #10 All my major relationships have originally started from online
More Detail: Yup, call me crazy but I was advenurous enough in my dating career to actually rely mostly on the wonderful world of the internet to find guys to date. All my serious and steady boyfriends (minus my husband) were found in old school AOL chat rooms! It still makes me chuckle when I randomly hop on an old screen name on either my AOL or Yahoo and get an im stating "A/S/L".

Hope You enjoyed a little extra info on yours truly! See what Day 2 brings!

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