Friday, July 7, 2017

Adventures in becoming more Tech Savvy

I made a recent purchase from Amazon, to get the newest #ventcarmount 
If you didnt know, I was a bad bad girl and would often have my phone in my lap, while driving.

Occasionally holding the phone in my hand, when I was trying to follow GPS or in some cases trying to respond back to a text..yes yes I know. I did use the feature, talk to text when I did respond.

My new gadget of the ventcarmount has already made my life so much easier. I can answer calls hands free, just leaving the call on speaker. I would have to carry a pair of ear buds (with microphone) in order to be able to talk, and not hold the phone to my ear. I can even answer video chats, if I needed (I haven't had to worry about that yet...but it's good to know).

HUGE perk, with it on my air vent, when I turn on my AC, it cools my phone, so I dont have to worry about my phone over-heating and draining my battery faster. Cause it totally does happen!!

I purchased mine from Amazon, Follow the Link below to get your own and have your world ROCKED

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