Friday, January 3, 2014

Intentions VS Resolutions

After much thought, I decided verses making Resolutions for 2014, I would rather make Intentions.

If we literally look at the definition of the words themselves, we can see how this seems like a better choice.

: the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something
: an answer or solution to something
: the ability of a device to show an image clearly and with a lot of detail

: the thing that you plan to do or achieve : an aim or purpose

I personally feel that an Intention, a plan...a Goal is something better to aim for.  Verses making a Resolution which I could ultimately fail at.

I actually had this discussion  with one of my close friends last night...and he actually brought up a good point. When I asked him if he was making a New Years Resolution,he said no. His Resolution was not to make Resolutions...which is an Oxymoronic...and entertaining.

He continued on saying, everyone is all about upgrades and improving, and having the best in things...why not have that or be that as a person. He didn't really need to go on much further.

Playing off of his idea tho, if you want to be a healthier you don't have to give up sweets or wheat or coffee. Or have to go to the gym 3 to 5 times a week..but rather just make the modifications in your routine, and if you are like me, research, plan and adjust.Verses, starting off right at the beginning of I CAN NOT have this or I HAVE TO DO this. If you do this then as my friend put it "Just setting yourself up to Fail"...and the pessimist in me response to that is Life does that to you anyways...why do it to yourself. 

For example, I love coffee...and during the holiday especially when I was at work...totally gave into my caffeine fiend and visited the Starbucks, Mad Coffee Fix, and 6 to 5 deli by my work for espresso coffee drinks...once maybe even two times a day (pending on my day and how tired I was, as well as how many gift cards I got). I need to cut back my intake off coffee...and espresso drinks are pretty pricey. Especially if you get them on a regular basis (3 to 5 times a week), which I'm trying to save money.

So my intention when it comes to caffeine and me, is I want to be nicer to my body and my wallet. I will still have my espresso coffee drink as a treat, but verses it several times a week. Perhaps just once a week...and if I need coffee...cause you know..that shit can be addicting and all. I will drink regular coffee...and considering work has a coffee pot and really an espresso machine, I just have to bring my own milk and supply my own coffee beans. I can then cover two birds with one stone...still have my coffee...while saving money. And all it requires is me making a little more conscious effort.

It's kinda crazy to think, that we prefer to have the instant gratification of something, verses putting in the effort or energy for it. I'm a huge culprit of it, but I'm slowly starting to realize. That you can save alot of money when you do it yourself...and you help improve your character.

Thus, I do have several intentions for 2014...but they are a daily thing. I wake up in the morning and make one intention, similar to how you do when you enter your space on the yoga mat. And as long as I make forth the effort for that intention for the day...until the next. I have done something good, and improved myself just a little bit more.

"None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are"
Anne Rice The Vampire Lestat

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014....Man time has flown by!

Finallly getting around to writing on the ole blog again, and I realize how much has truly changed since I first started this blog back in 2010!!! Me OH MY, has that been a long time of actually being active in the beautyish world/community!

Most of the stuff has remained the same, from when I first started it...but I think it would be fun to revisit the information and do more of an update since it has been 4 years!!!

So's what I said 4 years ago!!!! Lookey Here Lookey Here

A Little About Me:

My name is Lorena, but most people call me Lo (yup this hasn't changed)

I'm 31 years old, married having celebrated 6 years of being together (which marriage is constant work, I remember my mom telling me that it's a job that you never get to clock out for. That you never get a vacation from, and one of the hardest you will have in your life. And now I fully understand what she means).

I'm originally from Sunny San Diego,and currently living there. No place called home right? HA HA, the mister got out of the military 2 years ago now. And after some thought, we decided to hang out hats in San Diego, because well, my family is here..and honestly we needed all the help we could get back when we first became civilians. We are managing alright, he's in school full time and I'm working full time. Both he and I agree that California is the best place to be, though I think I will agree with him that Northern CA is the place that ideally I'd like to end up at. But San Diego will always be home!

I do have my Bachelor's Degree in English,that hasn't changed! I have worn several hats, especially in the work force. My current job working in administration in the ESL world has been interesting, and I can confidently say that I'm a free lance Make Up Artist (though the job market for that is very concentrated with others, here in California). I actually am signed up and very excited to be starting Yoga Teacher Training in a 200 hr program with a local yoga studio. It starts in 16 days!

I'm an avid collector depending on what phase I'm into, it was shoes, then purses, then MAKE UP and now...well I dont necessarily collect anything persay. But my collection of Yoga accessories has increased (ie yoga pants, tanks, props and books.) I have to catch myself from looking at the different yoga pants that each brand/ department store carries. Because really, how many yoga pants does a girl really need??!!

I don't necessarily know if I'm still a MAC whore, though a good chunk of my professional kit is MAC (thank you MAC Pro). I like to see myself as open to about any make brand or products. I do have favorites, and eventually when I do an updated set up of my Make up Collection (see my old one below) you will be able to see what I really enjoy, verses what I just bought and bought and bought.

My goal in regards to my make up is to switch completely to Cruelty free make up. For now I am trying to intergrate it into my collection, so that eventually one day everything will be animal friendly. Until then, it's a day by day...and I have a complete different box of what I use on a day to day basis (which I go through and change out every to every other month). 

What I like to do for fun:

Well has this section changed quite a bit. Although I do still love reading, bowling and of course surfing the net researching, I'm not as make up obsessed as I was, when I first started this blog. Honestly, this is a good thing, for my pocketbook as well as my make up drawers!

My current major hobby, that I suppose you could say has become a passion of mine is Yoga. I plan to do a much longer in depth post about my journey, especially considering the fact I will be going thru 8 week teacher training. But I came to yoga, originally with the thought in my mind that it was going to help me get in shape, but it is so much more than that! So far, I have been regularly doing it for 4 months (and when I say regularly, I mean 4 to 5 times a week), and I'm interested to see where my practice takes me once the 17th begins.

Besides yoga, and make up, I have increased dramatically the amount of concerts that I go to. I like to randomly take videos of my favorite songs by whomever I am seeing and post them to my Youtube channel! If you want to see who I've seen live in the past 2013, check it out!

Why I'm starting this website:

As I stated before I pursue whatever phase/fad I am into at the time full heartedly. Since it is makeup, I do plan on using this site to give opinions/review of various product. as well as suggestions of different looks. All comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated of what I do. Hope that you enjoy this site, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me :)

Above is the original reason why I started my blog, and looking at this now, 4 years later. I think it's proper to say, that I still feel just as passionate about sharing my interests at the time, as I did when I first started this. Although my interests now differ in priority, I feel that getting it out on in the open will help develop me as a person overall. Whether it is about a modification to a yoga pose, or just my ramblings of my normal day to day. Perhaps my voice, thoughts, opinions will spark something in someone else to try something new, or to merely be open to something new. I'm all for sharing, as the saying goes "Sharing is caring", but I do want to make a difference. Even if it is just one person, if I can help or inspire just one person, then I have reached my own personal goal.   

With all this revisited! Happy New Year 2014!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

I love HomeMade Accessories!

Me wearing my new necklace from Kimberly Love's Storenvy

If you haven't noticed, I love to share a little love with the smaller homemade accessories, as I feel the pieces are unique and beautiful. I recently placed an order at Kimberly Love's Storenvy accessory store. 

How I originally heard about Kimberly Love is when I was originally living in Germany. A photographer that I worked on several projects with had found Kimberly's page (originally on Facebook) as she is also a model. He brought her accessories to my attention, as he knew that I loved jewerly, to add to my kit for photoshoots (and within my own personal collection).

I was sad that I personally never got to work with Kimberly, but we remained friends on facebook, so when she put up a link to her store. I knew I had to check out what she had available to purchase, as I loved the various pictures of jewelry she had posted (jewelry pieces that she made for herself). 

What caught my attention and had to be the piece that I purchased first from her line was 
My new accessory is described as "Black and silver spike necklace 18" in length with extended chain to fit your desired length. Spikes are lightweight." 

Overall, I'm very pleased with the necklace, it's light weight around the neck so I don't feel like i'm choking. The actual look of the necklace is fun, it's edgy and very PUNK ROCK! 

I wore it to work today (which dress code is business casual) and it was still within dress code. I wore it this past weekend with a plain black t shirt and it just gave that extra little paspazz to a kinda plain outfit (especially if it's paired up with a smokey look). 

I think it will be one of my new favorite pieces, which I can easily the necklace with black stud earrings or some silver simple hoops. Since this piece is attention grabbing, if it were paired up with earrings that had too much going on, I think it would take away from the awesomeness of the necklace.

Things to note:

The necklace cost a total of $20.00 which I think is a fairly decent price for a nicer necklace. And  the total I was charged for shipping and handling was $2.97, which left me overall paying a total of $22.97 for my item.

Kim is very through in regards to communication with my purchase, she messaged me on Storenvy as well as my personal email to let me know of my shipping tracking number. **Which I was her store's first official customer on her site, thus she was kinda enough to offer me a discount on my next purchase (which I'm thinking I will be doing after my first paycheck from my new job). 

I paid for my item on February 16th, it was put out in the mail on the 17th (keep in mind it was being sent from Germany to the US via first class shipping) and was delivered to my home on the 25th. 
Overall taking 7 business to arrive at my home, as the post office was closed on Sunday and then again on Monday (for holiday). 

What I want to draw attention to is the actual packaging of the item I purchased.

My necklace was packaged as so inside a padded envelope.

Even more care as within the cute package is more necklace was definitely safe! 

Under the bubblewrap, even more packaging!

Now I'm not at all complaining, the fact that Kim is taking such great care to make sure her creation and my item gets safely to me is fantastic! 

My first Piece from Kimberly Love

Overall, I'm very very pleased with my purchase. I think the price of the item was fair, shipping was fast (as well as very good price). And the fact that the item was so cute and awesomely wrapped that I can't wait to see what else she places on her I want another piece for myself (and one to share!!!).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A little LATE

Better late than never at I was editing my recent giveaway video that is currently on my YouTube (which if you havent checked out whats up for grabs go to my YT;s on the front page!

Anyways I found my NOVEMBER 2011 favorites video...and considering November was my birthday month I'm pretty sure I show off a few things I got for my birthday or around my birthday that fell into FAVORITES!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrating the New Year

pic of Joe and me New Year's Eve 2011

A very late post, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Hard to believe it is already 2012...I swear where did the year fly to??!!

Anyways this post is about me New Year's Eve 2011-2012 and how I spent it. Considering this is the first New Years in the states that Joe and I have celebrated since we first left to go to Germany it was a pretty big deal...and also pretty different as well. 

Let me explain...via pictures!

Picture New Year Eve 2010-2011

Yes, the biggest difference is in Germany Fireworks are legal and actually encouraged to be set off on New Years. As the fireworks were forms of celebration and entertainment that brought happiness and joy to whoever watched it. 

Picture 2010-2011

Of course it works out to where Joe turned to me a few days before New Years and asked me where we could get fireworks...which are ILLEGAL here in California. And yes he was pretty sad, but have to make due with what you have.

Pic from 2011-2012 (Travis, Jimmy, Joe)

We decided to hang out with our friends at a local Irish Pub, formerly known as Patrick's, to celebrate the New well as say good bye to Patrick's (it worked out where the owners decided to sell, and with the new owners they were getting rid of the name). 

Pic from 2011-2012 (Steve and Me)

Pic 2011-2012 (Ray and Travis..they like their hats)

Pic 2011-2012 (Travis and Steve) imagine this is early in the night

Yes, if you look at the pictures most of my friends that night that were out with us are male. As it works out, most of my friends here in Cali are males...I'm slowing but surely finding good female friends to have in my life. 

Overall it was a good night, had some good drinks, good laughs, and stories to share and remember all throughout the 2012 year!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Winner of Small December Giveaway

First wanted to say Thank You to everyone who took the moment to stop by my blog and enter the most recent small giveaway that I had running on here.

So I am going to keep this blog entry, short and straight to the point. I took a few pictures with my phone of the website I used to get the winners name.

I only have three people enter...but you know what...I totally dont mind, just means it's a higher chance of someone who actually takes the time to read my blog will be a winner. 

And now to announce the winner!!!

Congrats to DREAMER!!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered this small giveaway...I will be having another one just around the corner, considering Christmas is just around the corner..and I think it will be for a "higher" named brand!!!