Sunday, November 14, 2010

FOTD: Glamour Doll Eyes Using My Shadow Tower

Another day, Another opportunity to play in my Glamour Doll Eyes.

From previous posting I have mentioned about shadow towers, so you will know that I was lucky enough to be asked by the lovely Vee to make a shadow tower.

I chose some basic colors, Bare naked, Chocoholic and Fabulous!

So it would only be appropriate that I randomly rock my tower when I feel so inclined to. With the other week being my vacation (ie Birthdays and Anniversary week off together). Joe had decided we should go down to Trier (one of the oldest cities in Germany) and check out the hookah bars/lounge.

Yes, I do smoke hookah. Flavored tobacco is still just as bad as regular tobacco, but I figured how often do I get to say I went to a hookah bar/lounge in Germany. Thus, Friday night was our DATE NIGHT!

I figured what the hell, might as well rock some GDE's. Seriously even if I am having a bad day, I reach for my Glamour Doll Eyes and I instantly feel better!

I think Fabulous! makes an amazing Liner..especially for BROWN eyes!

If you have coordinating accessories it does really finish off the mostly neutral eye!

As you can see I applied Fabulous! wet to both the upper and lower lash lines. Making sure it was a winged look...a little tricky with a brush (at least for me).

I applied Bare Naked all over the lid wet and then blended Chocoholic into the crease. Bare Naked is a very pretty color dry, but wet it takes on this amazing metalic golden sheen. Then using Chocoholic, which is a pretty warm brown, to blend into Bare Naked. Pending on how heavy you apply Chocoholic, it can take on a warm metally brown to a deep Brown.

I could see why Joe at one point asked if I had on more shadows than just the aqua liner, as Bare Naked and Chocoholic seem so light compared to the brightness of the Fabulous! I just think that if you are going to have such dramatic liner, you want something softer on your lids.


I paired off the eyes with some strong pink lips, using my monthly favorite NYX LipLiner in Fuschia and topped it off with Glamour Gloss Scene Queen.

Overall, I enjoy rocking my tower when I'm feeling "lazy" but want a little bit of make up!

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