Sunday, November 28, 2010

Birthday Goodies: I'm a LUCKY GIRL

So, with the closing of November in a few days. I have decided it was time to get cracking on getting up the little haul I have been saving from my birthday!

Considering my birthday was November 7th, I am beyond overdue for this without further adue let's get into the basics.

For my birthday itself, considering it fell on a Sunday I decided I wanted to go down to Ramstein base. So Joe and I spent about half the day down there, having a nice dinner at Marconi Grill (which btw is the whitest Italian food chain possible...and that night we didn't even have Italian food...had a nice steak).
We did some light shopping, mostly just trying to see if there was anything worth my while to pick out additional to my birthday!
**I will have a few separate blog entries going into more detail of some of the products, swatches and what not**

From the Hubby:

I did get two major things I was lusting after for my bday from the hubby, the first being the entire collection of 80's Child Pigments from Glamour Doll Eyes (pics for swatches and a more in depth view of this collection will be on a future blog entry).

Considering both Joe and myself are children of the 80's it only seemed appropriate that I have this collection for my 28th birthday. Besides the fact that I have an extreme weak spot for Glamour Doll Eyes products, so with the twit pics Vee was putting up of these lovely shadows. I had them listed as my #1 birthday present. In all honesty if I had only received these shadows for my bday I would've been totally happy...though of course my hubby is awesome. And knows the way to my heart is to spoil me :)

I also recieved the 15 Ultra Shimmer Palette from Sedona Lace.
What really made me want this particular palette from Sedona Lace is the face that these shadows were shimmer based (also satin based) and that they came in such an array of some of my favorite colors to use.
I personally think brown eyed girls can pull off most colors, however Purples and Greens look amazing...and so do blues. Hence, after watching a video tutorial done by the lovely Vee, owner of Glamour Doll Eyes, I knew I just had to have it. I actually had this palette on a maybe wish list since I saw its release on Sedona Lace website. I just hadn't really seen it before (as no other major make up line that sells the premade make up palettes had this available).

I am very glad to have received it for my bday, I think it is a great addition to my personal collection. The price itself, before using the code that was being promoted at the time it was purchased, is a good deal, $14.95.

I have done a few looks in my everyday looks that use either entirely it or most of it, so I would recommend checking it out.

From My Parents:

My parents paid for my trip to the states last year, stating it was a birthday present for 2010. So I was totally content with receiving a card from them and a phone call. However, they were awesome to wire some money for both my birthday, Joe's birthday and our anniversary so that we could do what we wanted. So their money paid for our dinners out on our birthdays and I was able to get a new foundation and concealer that I had been eyeing. (No picture there, however I am still thankful for their gift).

From Cookie:

Now, I honestly didnt expect anything from any of my friends here in Germany. However, Cookie made sure to hook me up with some goodies!

The biggest surprise and that is what made me UBBER happy was the actual palettes in this present! Sleek Palettes!

It's funny, I had mentioned several times to Cookie that I really wanted to try their products out (from the first time she did a make over on me using her Bohemian Palette on me from a TwoSome Tuesday video).

I received both the Storm Palette
Which yes this palette had a little accident on the way to being shipped to Cookie, the mirror broke. Honestly it makes no difference to me, as I really don't use the mirrors provided in palettes anyways.
The colors in this palette are all very metallic, mostly satin/shimmer with about 3 matte eyeshadows. I think that this palette is great for doing smokey eyes or a neutral look.

I also received the Sunset Palette

Again another great palette which had a bit more of shimmer and satin based shadows with bright and very pigmented matte shadows. The color that of course draws anyone's eye when you first open the palette is the bright blue and orange. At first I was a little under certain of...however after playing with the palette a little bit. I think these are great choices to have with the rest of the rustic colors...which of course is great because rustic looks great on me!

Within the goodies included, some HIP lipgloss (which I had never used before), a glitter Eye Pencil from Pop (which is a UK brand) and the NYX cupcake lip balms.

Overall I felt very loved and very special that Cookie had thought of me on my special day.

From my Godsister & her hubby:

I didn't expect to received anything from any other family that hadnt asked me what I wanted for my bday, so boy was I surprised at what came in the mail! Mind you I didn't do a Mail Time video as this was a birthday present, and I knew I would be doing some sort of blogging about it anyways!

My Godsister made sure to cover all different choices of products, everything from a rose scented candle (which I burn in my room whenever I have a client over for a make over) to a ton of make up!

The item that catches my eye the most, as I do enjoy everything from her and her hubby, is the Stila Palette!

Another first for my collection a Stila Palette, I thought it was also unique because it was based off October's Breast Cancer Awareness (all the colors had names related to the idea). Besides the palette (if I'm not mistaken) some of the proceeds from the palette sale went to Breast Cancer Research.

I have heard mixed reviews about Stila products, so it is nice to have my own so that I can formulate my own opinion of it. I have used the palette once so far and so far so good!

From my Aunt:

My Aunt asked me what I wanted for my birthday so I kept my answer quite short, as she reminded me a few times that times were tough for her. Thus, I ended up with some comfy and very purple pjs and Mac Fluidline in DipDown (the brown Liner).


I know I know, I'm not suppose to give into the MAC thing...however I have been wanting for a long time a good brown cream liner. And I tried Mac's Fluidline when I first was introduced to make up from my roomie back in 2007, I gave it a go back then. And FAILED...however with alot more knowledge of make up and the proper application I figured it would be okay to try it again.

I'm not saying I will go back whole heartedly to purchasing MAC products, however the ban I have held on the company is slowly lifting. I'm not saying I will use my own personal money to buy the products, however if it's a gift....I can't really say no! LOL

**there are some other goodies that I received that will be in the next blog posting of my bday goodies. So keep an eye out for that**

Overall, I am very thankful and very lucky to have had such wonderful people give me such great gifts. I couldn't ask for anything more!!!!


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