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Providence and Grace Mineral Make Up

I have the great pleasure to be doing a Review on a Online Mineral Make up Company, Providence and Grace.

I heard about this company via YouTube and went to their website, checked out the large variety of products they offered (you have anything from primers to lip scrubs also Perfumes). Of course the major bulk of their products are loose Mineral Eyeshadows.

I contacted the website to inquiry a bit more about the products, to see if I was eligible to do a review. As you all know, I truly love reviewing products. Especially when it comes to Mineral products (since I'm a converted Mineral shadow lover).

I exchanged a few emails back and forth with the lovely Jennifer Ray, and picked a handful of products to be able to review! I did look through all the various listed products attempting to pick out my favorites from the Providence and Grace line. I felt I had made some good choices.

The items were shipped out October 15th and arrived in my PO Box on October 21st, 6 days, coming all the way to GERMANY?! That is amazing speed! That is even faster than Express Mail I have received before (by one day)!
These items were packaged in a bubble envelope, and were safe and sound! :)

I overall chose a total of 7 items to review and received 6 of 7! Which really to receive even one item is grand, but to get 95% of the items I requested totally rocks! **Quick Shout out and Thank You to Jennifer for making this possible. I truly appreciate the opportunity**

So Let's get into the products that I will be testing out for the next month or so:
*denotes the products description on the website

Providence and Grace EyeShadow Primer

This item is interesting considering it's a water based Eyeshadow Primer.
Has no scent, clear liquid form (however it contains glycerin, which we all know is what is used throughout make up products). It is in a lipgloss tubing, with a doe foot applicator. I'm not going to lie, I'm interested to see if this EyePrimer holds up compared to my various other products.

This can be purchased for $5.99, currently on sale for $4.49 (as of December 26th)

**I did not take a picture of this item swatched on my skin, as it would look like water (which can be hard to photograph).

This picture is taken from the Providence and Grace website of what shadows look like swatched on top of the Primer that is available from the site.

*This is absolutely the best primer for all of your eyeshadows. This really increases your color payout! Once you use this you won't be able to live without it.

To use: Simply remove applicator from bottle and dab a small amount onto eyelid. Wait until it is almost dry and then apply your eyeshadow as usual. Alternately, dab a small amount of primer onto the back of your hand and use your eyeshadow brush to mix in a small amount of desired powder and apply as usual.

Providence and Grace LipStick in Bite

I had never seen a LipStick in the form of a chapstick (however I do believe it is a less expensive way to sell a product).
The color is a metallic wine, with soft gold undertones (at least on my olive skin). The formulation caught me off guard, it's quite thick (reminding me of a chapstick or lip balm), but having the color pay off of a lipstick. This had no taste, and only slightly stains the lips.

Borrowed Picture of Bite from Providence and Grace Website

This can be purchased for $5.99, currently on sale for $4.49 (as of December 26th)

*Bite is a deliciously deep red color. This lipstick glides over your lips smooth as silk. My special formula is loaded with great ingredients that soothe, moisturize, heal, and leave a protective weather barrier on your lips.

My lipsticks feel like a lip balm but have great coverage just like a lipstick. You will never have to put lip balm over or under your lipstick again! All my lipsticks are soft, smooth, and glide over your lips like silk. Your lips will not only have the perfect color, they will be immediately soothed and moisturized. My lipsticks aren’t heavy or waxy feeling; they are light and feel almost like you are wearing nothing at all. You can’t find a better combination than that!

Comes packaged in a lip balm style tube.

Providence and Grace Lip Glaze

<span class=Photobucket">

Queen is an interesting color...it is very similar to a deep wine or burgendy but has the metallic hint of copper or gold. Thus giving it more of a rust looking color swatched on my skin. Putting this color ontop of Bite lipstick really gives that ultra metal red lip...but worn on its own it is still quite pretty.

The texture itself isn't like any other lipgloss that I own, it's not at all sticky...it actually glides on your lips very easily. It does make me wonder if it will slip too much and get all over my lips (and more) if too much is applied.

<span class=Photobucket">

borrowed picture of Lip Glaze Queen from Providence and Grace Website

What I want to point out is the flavoring that I chose for this lip glaze was Mega Melon..which it literally tastes exactly like a Melon. Very sweet, it is very hard to not want to constantly lick my lips due to how much I enjoy the taste.

What is nice about the Providence and Grace lipglazes is you have your choice of what flavor that you want your glaze to come in. They have a total of 25 different flavors to choose from, anything from a wonderful fruity flavor (ie Peach) to a sweet and mixed flavor (ie Pumpkin Cheesecake). So for all those lipgloss junkies who prefer flavored gloss you are definitely going to be pleased with these glazes!

This can be purchased for $5.99, but is currently on sale for $4.49 (as of Dec 26th)

*Queen Lip Glaze is a beautiful dark red colored lip gloss. This coats your lips with the perfect amount of color to accentuate your already beautiful lips and adds a huge dose of shine! Beautiful miniature golden flakes will adorn your lips.

Providence and Grace Eyeshadows

<span class=Photobucket">

I chose three different shadows to review from the website, which is broken down into sub categories depending on what color shadows you are most interested in trying out. There are a total of 101 different shadows available on the Providence and Grace website, the most shadows being in the Pinks and Brown sections.

What also makes the website easy, especially if you are new to the brand is checking out the side bar that has the Top 9 popular products, 8 being eyeshadows and 1 being a lip glaze. It actually works out to where one of the shadows that I will be reviewing is in the Top 9 popular products...and that honestly wasn't on purpose (just a fluke...but I suppose it works out to my benefit).

Shadows can be purchased from the website in a couple different forms, the one I am listing for price and what most purchase are the basic 5 gram jars (come with shifters). With shifters placed in jars, you won't get a full 5 grams of product..more than likely 2 to 2.5 grams of product (but do not quote me on this, as I have not asked).

If you do want to try out the products (as some people want to get a feel for the products) they are also available in sample sizes. The sample sizes come in a "small clamshell container", though I am uncertain of the amount of product you receive in it.

**Please not that Providence and Grace offer Stakers of eyeshadows available in 3,5, or 7 high. This will allow the make up lover (aka addict) to pick and choose their favorite colors and get a discount on the price. Plus the fact they are in an easy to carry and travel with, as all your eyeshadows are in one place is a huge perk. Please refer to the website for more prices and information.**

I want to point out that I received 2 shadows in the sample size and 1 full sized of the shadows (the full sized one is Baby).

In regards to the swatches they were done on top of the Providence and Grace Eyeshadow Primer that I received for this review

Providence and Grace Shadow in Antique Copper

<span class=Photobucket">

Antique Copper-Satin bronzey Copper with golden shimmer.

<span class=Photobucket">

This color is very very pretty, I can see why it is rated #8 most popular product from the website as it is just perfect. Not too deep of a brown, but not too much metallic so that it can be overwhelming or too much for a basic every day look.

This could be a great crease color or a lid color, possibly a pretty nail polish as well. The reason why I chose this color is I thought it would be a good color to use to create a pretty neutral or pin up look.

This can be purchased for $3.99, but is currently on sale for $2.99 (as of Dec 26th) full size


This can be purchased for $.99, but is currently on sale for $.74 (as of Dec 26th) sample size

*Antique Copper is a beautiful brown copper color with a touch of sheen. This can be worn by itself or as a highlight to other eyeshadows. It can also be used as eyeliner if applied with a brush. This is a highly pigmented eyeshadow so a little bit goes a really long way.

Providence and Grace Shadow in Baby

Baby-satin feel shadow in a Taupey Pinky/Brown color with a hint of shimmer


This color is interesting because it is a combination of a pink and brown (exactly to a tee..in my opinion). The shadow for sure has a satin feel to it and is very very easy to apply, as Cookie would say "It glides on and blends out like BUTTER". Applied dry the color is pretty, I don't doubt wet it would be very nice too. I could see it taking on more of the pinky color (pending too on what base it is put over).

I think this would make a very pretty lid color, perhaps a highlight color (pending on the look it is being used for). As well as it could be used as a blush on certain skin tones (keeping in mind they don't mind having a hint of shimmer in the blush).

This can be purchased for $3.99, but is on sale for $2.99 (as of Dec 26th)
This can be purchased for $.99, but is currently on sale for $.74 (as of Dec 26th) sample size

*Baby is a gorgeous brownish pink color. This can be worn by itself or as a highlight to other eyeshadows. It can also be used as eyeliner if applied with a brush. This is a highly pigmented eyeshadow so a little bit goes a really long way.

Providence and Grace Shadow in Shine

Shine-Frosty Pearl White with reflects of Aqua, Pink and Green


Shine is a beautiful sparkley white that takes on almost a pinkish hue on my skin (perhaps its the undertone mixed with my skin type). No matter the case, I think this color is by far my favorite of the three that I chose from Providence and Grace. This is just swatched one time on my hand, dry with a easy primer...can you imagine what it would look like WET? I can't wait to try!

I think Shine would make a great highlight color, inner tear duct and possibly pending on the look really pretty as a lid color. I could even see if this is applied very very lightly as a cheek highlight on the face! Also just a small dab on the lower lip on top of a pretty lipgloss would give the lovely POP and add a little texture to the lip color.

This can be purchased for $3.99, but is on sale for $2.99 (as of Dec 26th)
This can be purchased for $.99, but is currently on sale for $.74 (as of Dec 26th) sample size

*Shine is a gorgeous shimmery white color. This is perfect to highlight the inner eye, browbone, or to use as a base color. This will brighten any eyeshadow applied on top of it and will make blending easier.

**So far I have used all of the products and I am quite happy with the pigmentation and overall effect they each individually have. Though I do plan to keep them used more so together as when I chose the products to review...I had a certain look in mind.

I will have a official review of the line on my Youtube channel within the month of January as well as the particular look (in tutorial form) available on my page as well.

For now, I'm quite impressed and pleased with Providence and Grace.


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