Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tactical LED Pen – Full Review

If you read often, you know that I don’t post a whole lot of manly-man products round these parts… but because the mister loves multi purpose tools, I just had to review this super cool gadget that I picked up for him because I knew it would make him happy and be useful for when he is out and about.
Let’s dive right in:
Right from the beginning ordering and shipping was super easy.
I got this item on Amazon so, as usual, the shipping was lightening fast and hassle-free. It can be found here.
When It arrived, it came in this sleek, matte black box. The pen inside sits in foam bed to prevent damage and  mine arrived totally flawless.

The packaging reads:
The Tactical LED pen by Survival Hax is half Beauty and half beast.
The pen has some weight to it and is for sure a tad larger and heavier than your average ball point pen … but I would say that this is totally forgivable considering that it is not your average ball point pen!
For starters, this pen is extremely solid and well-made.
The end is interchangeable and functions as both a ballpoint pen and a self-defense kubotan or glass breaker. Inside the pen is a fire starter and the end is an LED flashlight. The top has a solid metal clip to hang the pen on a shirt, back pack, or brief case storage pocket.
All of the features the pen offers are fully functional making this Tactical LED Pen both  multipurpose and practical in one compact package.
I would say these are the perfect gadget for Father’s Day or for anyone interested in self-defense, the  great outdoors, or for your favorite dooms day prepper.
If you loved this item or items like this then you can check out more products at They have a really super cool website! They can also be found on Facebook by following Survival Hax.

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