Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Changes for My YouTube in 2011

I haven't been blogging nearly as often as I was in the past few months, I fell off the horse shortly after my birthday/anniversary week. And have been struggling to get back to it!

It's crazy that it is going to be the first weekend in December already!!! Where has the time gone.

I have been very much lagging on the videos on the YouTube channel, I finally got a question about it from my best friend back in the states. I know right, of all people, she was all..."Excuse me when are you going to put up more make up tutorials". This coming from the same girl that actually introduced MAC into my life back in 2005!! CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!!

Starting next week, my time will consist of working my job at the gift shop, being a good house wife and attempting to stay on top of the chores around the house, being the head coach of the Girls 13-15 yr old Basketball team through the Youth Programs on base. Besides of course, when I have time freelancing my artistry skills. Needless to say, that is alot that I have on my plate...besides the fact that I am back on the work out wagon. So my goal is to go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week.

Keeping all this in mind, I realize I will more than likely lose subbies on my YouTube channel and I am okay with it. I understand people want to watch videos are that up to date and entertaining of their favorite gurus and persons. I feel lucky enough to have so many people who are interested in watching and learning from me. Considering I don't think of myself as a guru, just a girl that loves to play in war paint.

All this said, I will be trying to do alot of prerecording the next weekend or on days I have off from work, so that I can and will have some things to throw on my channel. As I do miss making videos, plus the longer I go not making videos...the rustier I am at speaking! Ha HA, you guys don't even know the struggle I had the other day working on an intro piece to a video I have filmed..and it's sad because the intro is only a minute long!!! UGH...good job Lorena!!!

However, I hope everyone will understand that I do have other committements that will occupy alot of my free time, which I normally use for my hobby time (ie YouTube). So I hope I will be forgiven but not forgotten with me being less active.

**This next section is something that I am very saddened to write...but I know it's for the best**

Due to my busy upcoming schedule, I realize I have not done a proper justice to the mineral make up line that I am a team member of, Mayra's Cosmetics.

After alot of thinking, some praying and correspondence with Mayra, I have decided I will be retiring from my position as Team Member and Spokesperson for Mayra's Cosmetics. This will be effect as of Jan 1, 2011.

I have had alot of fun these past 6 months of being the active face to the line, however I feel that with my busy schedule. I am not doing my job that I have been very lucky to have and I feel that it is time for hopefully someone else to take that role. Someone who can committ the time, energy and effort to really make Mayra proud.

Now, just because I will no longer be the face or member of Mayra's Cosmetics, doesn't mean you will stop seeing products from the line in my videos. I still love the products that I have purchased as well as received as a team member and I plan on using them until they are finished. And I will repurchase the items that I love best!

I just wanted to share that bit of information with you guys, as I know I have gotten alot of support from Mayra & many of her followers and subscribers on YouTube.

So to everyone, whether you found me because of my team member position, or because you found me randomly. Thank you for all your support and love...I truly appreciate it! :)

Being a Team Member of Mayra's Cosmetics has been the most memorable event of my 2010 and so far my YouTube career (yeah I know career is probably not the best word to use, considering I don't get paid for it...but you guys know what I mean). I will look back at the time of being a Spokesperson for the line...when I'm really old and wrinkly...and be like. Yup, I was on the internet....doing lots of makeup...and it was fun!!! he he

**Now Looking towards the Future**
I don't know what 2011 will bring to my personal life as well as my Youtube life...however I am very excited and ready for whatever good, bad and challenges come my way!!!

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