Monday, January 31, 2011

Overview of Madame Madeline Lashes

I have been lucky enough to qualify to do a review on the False Lash Provider Madame Madeline.

I personally have purchased from the website before so I already had an idea of what various brands that they carried. The website has everything from Revlon, Elise, Ardell, Andrea, Gypsy, Sherani, Japonesque, to my personal favorites...Red Cherry. Besides the random lash extension products and special lashes (IE Halloween).

However I personally have not tried out all the different brands/products that Madame Madeline first order I mostly stuck with what I know which is Red Cherry False Lashes.

Thus given this golden opportunity, I decided to try out a few of the other brands..that I have heard via YouTube or read reviews on via MakeupAlley.

Overall I recieved a total of 5 products that I will be doing a review on. I showcase the products in a video that I just recently uploaded to my Youtube channel.

I received the following lashes to review. I was able to look through the website, make a list and the company would decide which lashes they would like to send me from my list. I actually received every lash that I had on my list (which is very nice).

I am including pictures I found off the website (as I accidently deleted the pictures I took with my own personal camera). Also I want to note the ** on the prices listed means Madame Madeline's website offers a bulk deal (price) on that particular item. Go to the website in order to find out more information.
1 pair of Elise False Lashes #347

Described on the website as "Blue and Black Mod Feathered Lashes".
Price $4.55

1 pair of Ardell InvisiBands Babies

Described on the website as "Ardell InvisiBands Babies is natural looking style. Babies lengthens and thickens eyelashes in just the right amount. Style comparable to Modlash #53 Lashes and Ardell Fashion Lashes #135."
Price $3.49 **

1 pair of Andrea Accents #305 Lashes

Described on the website as "Andrea Accents is a collection of LITTLE (HALF) LASHES. Andrea Accents 305 lashes will change the way you look at faux lashes forever. Eye Accents were designed to enhance your look by not creating new new. They are half the length of typical strip eyelashes and are to be used on the outer corners of the eyes to give your eyes a little boost. "
Price $3.49**

1 Revlon Beyond Natural Defining Lashes #91148 (comes with 2 PAIRS)

Described on the website as "Enhance your look! Get Gorgeous, natural lashes effortlessly with Revlon Beyond Natural eyelashes. With various styles available, each with a different length and volume, you can easily customize your lashes."
Price $5.15

1 Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Clear .25 oz

Described on the website as " DUO Eyelash Adhesive (regular, non-Surgical) is the world's best sellingwaterproof lash adhesive, made in the USA. It is a safe, latex adhesive to use with Ardell Lashes, Andrea false eyelashes, and other body decoration/accessories. Duo eyelash adhesive provides a slight stronger hold than DUO Surgical Adhesive and is available in clear and dark tone."
Price $4.20**

I received an email confirming my products had been mailed out on December 27, 2010 and arrived in my PO box (in Germany) on January 7th, 2011...and considering that is during the busy holiday season (plus closures due to holidays...and it traveling all the way to Europe) pretty decent shipping speed.

Everything in the box came neatly packaged, plus they included some business cards with addition discount code to get 8% off the entire next purchase. Use code: FALSIES at check out on the site if you plan on shopping with them.

Some other random and useful information about the site includes the following:

Customers have the choice of purchasing items individually as well as by bulk, pending on what brand and product you are getting, the bulk products end up giving you the best prices.

It is important to note that you get free shipping if you spend $100 or more on products from the website, which seems like quite a bit. But if you are a freelance make up artist and need to restock up on lashes for photoshoots, make overs, or make up lessons...that really is a pretty good offer. (This offer is good for within the US).

There are various discounts and promotions on certain lashes, checking out the tab marked discounts will allow a customer to know of current promos. Also another good way to know about upcoming promos is to be on the emailing mailing list.

Yes, I'm signed up for that and compared to several other companies who massively email customers two to 5 times a week...Madame Madeline keeps their customers updated. However they DO NOT go overboard with the that customers don't feel overwhelmed or pressured to make a purchase. I personally get announced when a company sends out email after email of promotions and what not...I have unsubscribed to several beauty companies for that reason alone!

Overall, I'm happy with the service I have received from Madame Madeline. I do have a formal review to do on this company...but I just wanted to share a few first thoughts about the products and service so far.

Picture of a Look I did wearing my Andrea #305's

The Lashes are very Feminine Looking
And give the eyes that little POP

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