Monday, January 31, 2011

GiveAway Time On the YouTube, Twitter and Blog

After some consideration, I figured it was time to do a fun little giveaway on all my different website pages that I have a following on.

Thus there will be various rules for each website that I have subscribers and followers make sure that You are AWARE of which rules go to which I will only repeat myself one time!!

The giveaways are all going to start on the same day and end on the same day and pending on which one you enter...please be aware of this.

The items that are up for grabs are small goodies that I recently purchased from my favorite unique accessory esty store...Your Sweet Treat. I personally own 4 pieces of jewelry from this store (and two are on their way to me as well). I truly love the unique and adorable products, which is why I am giving everyone the opportunity to try to win something of their own.

Keep in mind I purchased these items up for grabs with my own money, for you all because I wanted to share a little bit of what I like with you!!!

Start Date of Giveaways: Feb 1, 2011..Tuesday
End Date of Giveaways: Feb 14, 2011, Monday 6 pm EST or 3 pm PST..which is midnight here in case you were wondering!

These Giveaways are Opened INTERNATIONALLY, as I want all my subscribers, followers everywhere to be able to win something!

**It is important to note, that one person can end up entering the giveaway a total of three times (ie entering each form of giveaway...YouTube, Twitter, and Blog). I am doing this because it makes it more interesting when more people each prize is different so I don't have to worry if someone ended up winning two items. However you can only enter each particular Section ONE the rules will state in each their section**

Rules for YouTube Entries
  • Must be a subscriber to my YouTube channel
  • Must be 18 and up, or have Parent permission
  • Enter ONE time only via Comment
  • Comment must state Your Favorite Sweet Snack ....example "My favorite sweet snack are Peanut butter cups"

Rules for Twitter Entries
  • Must be a follower to my Twitter account
  • Must be 18 and up, or have Parent Permision
  • Enter ONE time only via @ Comment to myself
  • Comment must state the Following "Hey @SoCalGrlnGerman enter me for your @Yoursweettreat giveaway "
Rules for Blog Entries
  • Must be a Blog Follower
  • Must be 18 and up, or have Parent Permission
  • Enter ONE time only via commenting on this blog entry
  • Comment must state Your Favorite Snack after doing something (working out, school, work, taking a nap...whatever) example " My favorite snack after I work out is a Power Bar"

Hope that this posting makes sense...if you have any questions shoot me an email anytime to my email that is listed here on my blog or on my Youtube Channel. I will make sure to get back to you!

Winners will be announced on Feb 15th...and names will be chosen by using Fruit Machine!



  1. ... After I had a good workout/clean the house I Like to grab a kellogs power bar... its sweet but i'm not eating un healthy...;0)

  2. When I am getting ready for work my fav sweet treat is this Raspberry Hot Chocolate that Hersey's makes. It's so yummy and perfect for the cold weather.

  3. My favorite snack after i work out is an apple :)

  4. I'm disabled &on chemo now so I can't "work out"...but I do love oranges as a treat.

  5. My favorite snack after cleaning my house (picking up after 3 sons and a husband is tiring!) I LOVE to sit down and have a little bit of a Hersheys Chocolate bar. I deserve a sweet treat every now and then! xoxo

  6. I love pizza! :P

    gfc: quinieleong

  7. My favorite snack after homework is chips/

    gfc: Allison

  8. My favorite snack after cleaning the house is some sunflower kernel (yeah, i had to search that xD because i had no idea what was the name xD)
    I really like it, and is a great way to relax a bit before keep doing other things, in my case usually before start making the lunch...

  9. my favorite snack after school is a bag of chips :) ty!!

    youtube username: madhavikl

  10. My favorite snack after working is a bag of lindt milk chocolate truffles. So yummy and sweet. Just thinking of it right now make me drool. lol ;p

    youtube username - mslynduh

    Thank you for this giveaway!