Friday, January 14, 2011

Starting off the Year 2011

With the ending of 2010...and the beginning of 2011 I realize there are various points in my life that need to slightly change.

The biggest is focusing on my own personal goals...I made a half ass joke last year about getting into Military Standards shape. So that I would be capable of passing the PT (Physical Test) in order to be able to get in...that was a big motivator for me last year to drop about 15 pounds. As you know from reading this blog that I fell off the wagon shortly after my family came to visit towards the tale end of the summer.
But I realize I shouldn't give up on my it was good motivation to change. So I'm planning to keep up with going to the gym as regularly as I did before...what seems to be the biggest problem for me is the fact they made the gym close now at 10 pm. Before it use to be open 24 hrs a that if I felt the urge to head off at 10 pm to go run on the treadmill it wasn't a big deal. Now I have to pay attention more to time and figuring out a more ideal schedule.

Second, I will try to make more time for blogging.

As I know this will be a little bit harder with Basketball season...however from working harder with the girls. I have realized what I need to have them focus on that I do not have to spend nearly as much time planning practices out as I did before. It does seem a little odd, but from going over stuff with them it makes me remember other drills and skill builders old coaches of mine had us do. Thus I'm in turn turning around and using it on them. The team itself has goals, which I hope by the end of the season they are capable of achieving.

Goals for Basketball Team
  • Be able to run a Full Court Suicide as a Team in 35 seconds or less
  • Be at least 75 % Free Throw Shooting Percentage
  • Be the BEST Defensive Team in League
  • Everyone be able to do a Right and Left Handed LayUp
  • Demonstrate the Best Sportsmanship on and off the Court

However, I'm sure to make the conscious effort more to blog. As I know I am extremely behind in posting swatches of various products I have received as gifts or purchased!

On a whole other different note, with the ringing in of the new year. The launching of my official website which is where you can find my professional portfolio as a freelance Make Up Artist. Another high point in my road to making my hobby into something real.

Check out my website Lorena Parsons

I am very lucky to have a friend who actually is a website designer who helped me out with it...well he made it for me...fixed bugs and will be available to work on it when I need it updated! yay for that. As I have issues enough trying to get this blog pretty looking...god forbid I try fiddling on a website that I would want people to refer to for my work.

I'm very happy with the way it looks, and I can't wait to work with other photographers to add to it. As I feel it doesn't nearly show what I am capable of doing!

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