Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moving Forward in Make Up

One of the best Christmas Presents I could receive this year, was something I earned for myself. After much debate (which was mostly with myself) I decided I would sign up for Model Mayhem and see what happens.

If you don't know what Model Mayhem is...well it's the networking site that many people in the fashion industry use to get exposure and make contacts. I do already have a small group of photographers in the semi local area that I hope to work with.'

However having a profile on this website would allow me the ability for when we either head back to the states to live or when I'm headed home for a visit to family be able to coordinate and work with some other photographers/models/ etc.

So after much hesitancy I decided December 23rd to fill out an app and see what happens. One of the must haves for putting an app in is four pictures of at least 3 to 4 different looks (especially if you are applying for Make Up Artist). However I used what I thought would be appropriate for pictures.

After waiting two days, I received an email on December 25th stating that my profile was approved and welcoming to Model Mayhem. So far I have done very very basic posting, I'm pretty much trying to find some Southern Californian contacts for when I go back to the states to visit in April (and I will be there for almost two months).

Fingers crossed things will work out...but it was one of the best Christmas Presents I earned

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