Sunday, January 23, 2011

Upcoming Giveaway of YourSweetTreat Goodies

As you guys know I love to shop, especially at places that have unique products...especially when it comes to accessories. If you have watched my YouTube channel you know that I purchased several different products from Your Sweet Treat, an online accessory store that specializes in accessories that look like little sweets.

Due to my personal liking of the different, cute and adorable the fact that I like to hook my subbies and followers up I have decided to do a small giveaway on all three of my different networks.

I will have a giveaway on my YouTube Channel, one on my Twitter and one here on my blog. Considering many people kinda transfer over (ie someone can be subscribed or following me on each social network are eligible to win a total of three different times). However, I do want to point out I have been keeping an eye on my followers on my blog and twitter account in particular as these two accounts have the smaller about of people. Thus I will be able to tell if someone decides to start following just to increase the likelyhood of them scoring a different prize.

I was originally going to have two different winners on my YouTube channel, however somehow the necklace that I originally purchased a few months ago for a giveaway is suddenly missing. I'm not certain if I just misplaced it...or somehow it walked out of the room when I had a visitor.
Thus the prize now is going to be something small, pending on how well things go for me personally. I might do another bigger giveaway at a different point.

Keeping this in mind, I will be posting the official rules and whatnot for this giveaway this upcoming Friday on all networks. So please keep an eye out for that.

And for now, if you haven't checked out Your Sweet Treat , definitely do so. As right now there is a Buy 1, Get 1 Nina is trying to clear out her old inventory in order to give her the space to create new and cute items for Spring!!!

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