Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby Showers...Boy it's alot of work!

Now this blog post is kinda random, and very old considering the topic is about a baby shower I planned was almost a year ago. The shower itself was March 13, 2010!

My girl friend here (the actual first person who was willing to meet and sit and chat with me when we first arrived in Germany) found out she was pregnant (which she and her husband were trying to do so).

Justin and McKenzie at the baby shower

Is it crazy to think that she was going to plan on her own baby shower for her little one?

Anyways long story short myself and another one of her friends (which is now my mutual friend) worked together to plan the event. There was a lot of going back and forth about this party as originally it was suppose to be just for her...then she wanted to do a double baby shower with another girl...and then it went to being just her baby shower. So needless to say it was a bit of a pain to figure out exact numbers for the party...but we finally did get all the taken care of! WOOT!

The other gal and myself each supplied different food for the party, while I also worked on making (at least my first attempt of) a diaper cake, and planned all the shower games. The shower games overall were pretty easy...I was just being quite anal and wanted to make sure they kept within the theme of the party.



If you ever need a really good website to figure out what type of baby shower games there are...besides the obvious and normal choices. Check out Baby Shower 101

If you are interested in knowing what different types of finger foods I supplied, they were originally the first recipes I showed on In the Kitchen with Lo.

HomeMade Chips

Egg and Cheese Puffs

Not only did I supply these yummy treats, but I made a nacho and salsa dip, veggie tray with dip and of course the diaper cake!

I watched a few videos on YouTube in attempt to learn how to make an acceptable Diaper cake. Overall, I thought it was okay for being my first one...however I wouldn't go into a business doing it! ha ha

As you can tell there are different layers to the cake. I tried to make it look like it had whip cream frosting..hence the usage of toilet paper around the diapers. And of course the extra additions to make it more girly with the pink flowers, ribbon and stuffing.

Gift Table with Diaper Cake and regular Cake

I was satisfied with how things came out...however after doing all the work for it...I have decided that being a party planner is just not my thing! ha ha!

Some Pics from the Baby Shower

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