Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Look #1 2010

With the holidays now just around the corner...I decided to jump on the band wagon of trying to create some easy to wear Holiday appropriate looks. So far I have done two...I'm hoping to try and do two more before the New Year...but that really depends on how much time I devote to working on my hobby.

The one good thing about it being just me and the hubby is we can both do our own thing on the actual holiday themselves for a bit...get back together to hang out. Of course if we had plans with others that is one thing...but as of right now. We are going to be sticking at home and enjoying the day off!

Anyways, the first look I created for the Holiday season is a pretty simple semi dramatic smokey look using of course one of my favorite mineral lines....Glamour Doll Eyes. I want to state that I actually got the idea for this look from another fellow YouTuber named Chelsea AKA Macismycrack. However I did change it just a in used a different color. But I still like to give credit where credit is due!

So with all that said here is the look!

I used only two shadows to create the smokey eyes.
Glamour Doll Eyes shadow Pistol Pistol
a marvelous and magical, gun metal grey with a ton of rainbow shimmer
Glamour Doll Eyes twi Shadow Skin of a Killer
a lovely shimmery and sparkley soft white


A way to make this eye really pop is adding some false lashes as to make the dramatic look even more feminine. I don't know what it is about false lashes but whenever I wear them I always feel very girly and very glamorous. Maybe because it is easier to bat my pretty eyes!



I have been told this look could be considered too dramatic even for evening time. But I think to each their own. I rocked this look during the day...but definitely think it is more evening time appropriate as it would look great with a cute dress or sexy skirt suit. I personally almost wore this to Joe's Christmas Squadron Party but decided on a bright eye look (which might be making an appearance on the blog and youTube channel as I have been obsessed with the palette I used to create the look).

One more time the final look
I do really like wine colored lips especially with the fall and winter season. So put this with a soft wine that I think really compliments the smokeiness!

Below is the actual video of how to create this look yourself!

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