Monday, December 20, 2010

Something just to Make me Smile

Today being the Monday after a ridiculous blizzard that went through our area was pretty boring. Besides the fact that all the snow caused me to get into work about an hour I was waiting for the plow to come and do our road.

I only live 15 minutes away from base (normally 15 sometimes 20 give or take hitting the red light or getting stuck behind someone who drives kinda slow). But considering the fact the roads are kinda crazy with all the snow and ice it took me about 30 to get to base (as I was also stuck behind a very very slow moving BMW SUV...which is funny because most of those have 4 wheel drive..but whatever).

Anyways as my day goes along I get the random email here and there, stuff from facebook..stuff from the main email person that is in charge of contacting active squardon spouses (I put myself on the mailing list...though I have really yet to work an event. I just normally donate food or what not for bake sales and baskets for the holidays).

I received an email that not only touched my heart but made me laugh and honestly made my day. Awhile back a gal that is stationed as well at the same base as myself emailed me in regards to a make up party...and long story short we have exchanged emails a few times. Hopefully I will be able to assist her out..however what really made me smile out of her newest email response. Was the mentioning of her daughter, Leiana.

**I know that Leiana will be seeing this blog HI LEIANA!!!**

Apparently the little lovely, 5 years old is one of my fans as is her mom of my YouTube channel and have been active viewers of it for some time now. Mom says Leiana is quite a little artist and will sit and watch videos for as long as she is able to...she knows OCC lip tars and the jest of how to use make up brushes!

As you know I have some items on sale on my blog...from previous posting and Mom wanted to get Leiana a little something of the goodies I am selling. Which totally makes me chuckle...and I am glad to be of assistance in bringing another make up lover happy.

What made my heart melt a little bit is she told mom she wanted to send me a few pictures of her own look she created...Her Rainbow look. After getting permission from Mom...I get to share them on here!

Little Miss Leiana

Rocking some pretty blues and purples

I'm pretty sure I have done a look myself like that! he he If I don't watch out Leiana is going to be the one making YouTube videos and I will be asking her to do my make up!

I just wanted to share this as with my boring and uneventful day of Snow, Work and Cleaning...this made my day for sure!!!

Thank You Leiana for sharing with me...and Thank you for watching my Videos..I hope to meet you and your mom sometime soon!


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