Sunday, December 19, 2010

I have some AWESOME Friends!

I have been very blessed in my life...with a good and loving husband. A supportive and caring family and some awesome and amazing friends...both who I have met in person from school, work and those who have come into my life via YouTube.

I know, I know...YouTube friends? How in the world is it possible to become friends with someone who you don't even know, who could live thousands of miles away from you...that you might never cross paths with?? Do you consider them friends? Or just random people? And if they aren't friends, then do you go out of your way for them? Or do you go out of your way for them because they are you friends...just friends you have yet the pleasure to meet and enjoy the other's company?

Whatever your personal thoughts are on these questions..I honestly would love to know...for all you readers of my blog! LoL...though I'm pretty sure there is only a handful! Which btw...I appreciate each and every one of you. Without someone...even if it's one person sitting there and taking the time to read my proves. One that I'm not crazy for taking the time to sit and type out my thoughts...and two...that someone cares!

Anyways, I have had a make up would be me to have a make up issue!!! LOL For the past month and half, I had come across the BIGGEST EXCHANGE issue!!!

My current (and quite small) military base exchange was not receiving any new items of a product that I was desperately seeking...the Wet N Wild Cream Eyeliner in black. Now, I did purchase one about 3 months ago when Joe and myself made a run down to the other military base in Ramstein (ie 1 hr 15 minutes south from way). Yet I didn't think too much of it in only purchasing one of the item...I figured. Since the exchange at my base carried that brand...eventually they would get a restock of items in....needless to say they NEVER DID!

At one point we received some in the Eggplant color (which is purple) but never any black..which of course frustrated the heck out of me. I don't how its possible to get one product but not the other..unless there are other make up junkies who know the marvelousness of the Wet N Wild Cream Liner and bought them all up!

But I digress, so for my birthday Joe and I went down to Ramstein to check things out and see if there were any additional birthday presents I might happen to fall upon...which there were none. It also happen to be that I was having some issues with my Holy Grail Liquid Eyeliner from NYC..that I figured while we were down there. I would look for the Wet N Wild and then the NYC...figure it didnt hurt to have a back up or two. Just because my base doesn't carry my NYC liner...the only way I can get it is have someone from the states pick it up for shopping on ebay is no use.

**Total side note thing. I prefer shopping on Ebay verses Amazon...I honestly dont know why. I guess I like getting the star ratings on Ebay...its like getting a sticker when you were in school for a job well done from the teacher. I suppose I could always check Amazon next time I'm stuck in a bind! **

Lo and behold, No Wet N Wild or NYC on my birthday run. And as timing would have it..Joe and I would find ourselves again down at Ramstein...trying to take advantage of Thanksgiving sales. Sadly again no go on the make up products that I was seeking, though SCORE for early Christmas presents!
**Will be blogging soon about these awesome goodies very soon**

Now at this point I was not only frustrated with the Exchanges for not having either of the items I need, I'm frustrated with myself for not having thought about what I needed...when they did have it. I try not to buy alot of items at a time, just because I am afraid I won't use it up before it starts to go bad. But after doing alot of researching on various websites in regards to shelf life of make up (as long as it is sealed)...I realize I could stock up and be okay.

So I complained a little bit about my situation on a facebook make up junkies page..which happens to have alot of YouTube gurus on it. Check on Make Up Madness and All about Makeup you will find make up lover, collectors and tons of gals that make videos on YouTube. make this long winded blog post short..the amazing and wonderful Charlene AKA All4one1fourall totally hooked me up! Not only has she been an amazing because she has shared so many awesome goodies with me (ie her Lime Crime and MAC) but she went out of her way to make sure she could help me out.

She didn't have to do it...but she has a huge heart and as she put it...military wives have to stick together! And a few weeks ago, I received my package that had two lovely NYX Liquid Eyeliners in black..which I'm currently using one! and two Wet N Wild Cream Liners in Black..which one will be mine and the other is a back up for my make up kit!

*Shoutout to Charlene...thank you so much for being an amazing and caring person to go through all the trouble and many stores to get me the eyeliners! I know you didnt have to..and it was alot of running around on your end. BUT I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH!!!**

I am a very lucky girl to have such amazing friend...who I have never met officially!!!

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