Thursday, December 30, 2010

One of the best random days

Now if you have been reading my blog you have seen one of my newer posts talking about the lovely little Leiana, the future make up artist, that shared with me some of her lovely looks the other week.

Well as it would turn out, mom wanted to get something little for Leiana for Christmas from my blog sale. And since they are local, we decided to meet so that they could pick up Leiana's goodie.

We scheduled a time and place to meet, which happened to be the gym (since I have been trying to meet with my girls basketball team during Christmas break).

Leiana came in and was so funny, she told her mom she was going to be shy when she saw me. And of course that silly girl was! It made me laugh, because I was just as excited to meet her as maybe she was to meet me. She had actually requested that her mom ask if she could take a picture with me. It was too cute, and of course I had to oblige. So what if I was dressed for the gym and had on very little make up, the opportunity to meet one of my fans is a BIG deal.

Plus the fact that Leiana loves make up and is only 5...and can do it herself. Very good might I add!

So mom picked up her goodie, and I handed Leiana a little box of random things I had picked up for her. With it being so close to Christmas, and Joe and I being here, I thought it would be nice to get Leiana a little something. Just to let me know I was appreciative of her and her mom.

Meeting Leiana was the highlight of my day...and I not only posted this picture on my twitter, but also on my Facebook (both my make up page as well as my personal page).



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