Saturday, December 25, 2010

Some Random Goodies from a Sweet Subbie

I had received these awesome goodies from one of Cookiemix67's subscribers, named Angelica back in November.

I do realize it has taken me a long time to get this blogged about, however I did want to talk about the products. Considering, it was the first time that only subscribers of Cookie's had sent me something. Most of the time it was one of my subscribers who would end up sending me something, and something extra to share with Cookie.

I do always feel honored and quite blessed when someone takes extra time in their day to send me something. It means so much to me, because they don't have to. But they want to...and it has always been my personal thought that what goes around comes around. As one of my friends put when we were growing up, "sharing is caring".

Thus, I just wanted to say Thank you to Angelica and her daughter Briana for sending me the thoughtful goodies. I have the picture that Briana drew for me put to the side...I'm trying to find a cute little frame for it!


Keep in mind there was no real reason Angelica sent me goodies as well...though I am very much appreciative of them...especially considering the fact they are brands that I do not personally own any of.


I have heard of this company before actually from both Cookie and Mayra (of Mayra's Cosmetics). Cookie had received some products from a different subbie..and since we liked to share stashes...she showed me what she got. I thought the products were pretty good, pigmented and quite easy to apply. While Mayra had at one point been inspired by a quad and came up with her UV pigments (those that glow in the black light) luck would have it..I would be seeing that quad again!

This quad has no name...just a number but look how bright and pigmented these shadows are!

**These are swatched on top of ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer**
The pigmentation of the skin is just as good as it looks in the pan! I plan on saving this quad for a fun spring time look...or perhaps even fasching (if you want to know more about that...i will be posting more about happens twice a year...and is quite fun).

Not only did Angelica include this lovely quad she threw in another one!!!

Again very pretty colors...this is more of an everyday to weekend quad...great for those with green eyes (as purples really make green pop).

Again pretty good pigmentation...however I really think these would pop even better over a dark base (black) or even a purple base.


Now I had never heard of this brand at all until I had seen Cookie open up her package from to get something completely new and unknown is quite nice!

As much as I am a sucker for eye shadows...I do love to be able to try out different products within a brand. Luckily for me Angelica thought about this and included something awesome!

A GORGEOUS and amazing pink is a hot vibrant pink that looks great on my warm skin tone. As Cookie had pointed out to me several times...whenever it came to the discussion of pink lipsticks. Most pinks look better on me..while browns and nudes look better on her cooler skin tone.

And of course...last but most certainly not least!

The packaging is so sleek and pretty


Again beautiful color to have together...kinda reminds me of the paintwheels from Lady Byrd that everyone and their mother tries to sell on their make up websites!

However I do believe those shadows are nothing compared to these!

**Swatched on ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. The swatches that were applied Wet were done so with MAC Fix +


All these shadows do have some amount of shimmer or glitter in them which is more noticeable when they are applied wet. I think of all the colors my favorite two is the soft magenta pink on the top right corner and the dark purple, bottom left corner. I think those two together would be a pretty combination.

Looking at these colors again...actually reminds me quite of bit of Revlon's Colorstay Quad in Berry Bloom, however these shadows are more pigmented than the Revlon's.

Overall, I again feel very honored and lucky to have someone else think about me and include me in their thoughtfulness to someone else!


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