Friday, February 11, 2011

Finish What You Start Make Up Project

So I attempted to do Project 5/10 Pan last year and FAILED horribly!!! I think I went about two weeks of trying to use my products and not buy anything...and then I hung out with Cookiemix and we went shopping. Two make up addicts and lovers together is never a good thing, so needless to say. I overestimated myself...I thought that I could do it...and I couldn't!

Well it's that time again, however I thought about trying something different and it just so happen that other YouTubers were thinking the same thing. Verses trying to finish certain things off before buying anything else...this is to finish off products that have been used that are almost done. And when that item in particular...the type is done..then you can (if you need to) repurchase another one. However the major point of this make up project is to really try to use products and make room in your storage area.

Thus I started going through my make up and pulling items that were halfway done and putting them into their own little basket within my storage unit. **Which if you wanted to know how I store my make up collection that is my personal use...i will be uploading a video soon on it. I just recently filmed a video for's a bit long...but perhaps my organization will inspire someone else to do the same**

I do make a stipulation in regards to two different products, the first being mascaras and the second being eyeshadows or pigments.

I decided to do this project mostly focusing on products that I use in my day to day... IE mostly face products and lip products. My eyes are constantly changing, pending on my mood and how much actual time I have to do them. As on my off days from basketball or work, I take the extra time to be a little more creative than if I have other plans.
Normally I am a mineral girl...but with my busy schedule of basketball practice twice a week and a game, besides working anywhere from three to all five days a week...I have been reaching more often for my pressed eyeshadow palettes. Whether its a quad from ELF or my 28 Neutral from Coastal Scents with a colored cream liner...I try to make it simple easy and an overall complete face that takes 15 minutes.
Thus my minerals are patiently waiting til I have more time to play with them...which will be hopefully soon. As will my reviews of products....having the time to throughly research and break down pros and cons to a product and company takes just as much time as being creative with a make up brush.

Mascaras are one of the most expendable product in a make up collection...because they need to be replaced the most frequent. Thus I don't even count mascara as a thing to actually try and finish. I honestly only try to use one mascara at a time...unless one is black and then the other one is a colored mascara.
Pretty much meaning you will never see me trying to finish off a mascara in a project pan because there is no point. Even if it is your Go To mascara for the three months that it is open and good to is rare that someone finishes all the product before it has to be tossed.

Anyways with all that rambling I have thus made a final list of the products that I will be trying to finish off. Keeping mind in that once that item is completely finish, I can if I need to replace it.

Face Products

Rimmel 26 hr Foundation in 202 Nude

Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer in Light 0-1
MAC Studio Concealer in NC20

Cover Girl Professional Loose Powder in Light

ELF Essential Bronzer in Warm Tan

NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic 11

Eye Products

Eye Base:
ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

Eye Pencils:
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencils in Zero
Wet N Wild Brow/Eyeliner in Dark Brown

Lip Products

MAC Angel Lipstick
NYX Thalia Lipstick 529
ELF Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips

Lip Gloss
Essence XXL Lip Gloss in SuperGirl 02
Glamour Gloss in Socialite

Other Beauty Products

Paris Hilton's Can Can travel size

I feel more confident in this Make Up Project as I have all the different products that I need to finish grouped together in my make up area. Seeing them all together is a helpful and visual reminder that I need to finish them before I can do anything else (looking for a new product to review or try out).

Another good thing out of forcing myself to do this Make Up Project is it helps me revisit products that I might have started to use and then decided it was time to switch things up. By reusing them again, it will give me more information to help with reviewing the product which will be useful later!


If you want in trying to make some room in your storage space for your make up collection!!! Cause I know trying to do it on my own didn't work...I would love to support anyone else who is thinking of taking this on!

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