Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update: Finish What You Started Make Up Project 2011

Figure I would post a quick update in regards to my Make Up Project Finish what You started.

I did throw away one of my items as I couldn't get any more product out of it (due to the structure of it) and the little bit of product that I did get out was starting to dry up. So...SO LONG to my ELF Mineral Eyeshadow has seen better days. I know there are videos on Youtube of how you can depot the ELF version of the eyeprimers and use it to the entirity. However considering I have had that particular primer is about a year old..I figured it was time to let it go (it was in my second purchase ever from ELF from February of last year...kinda crazy huh?)

In regards to other products, I am about a week at most away from finishing off my Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips from ELF as well. I will be posting my February favorites and it makes an appearance (plus you can see how much is literally left in it). No lies I'm pretty proud of myself when it comes to finishing off a lip product as I really can't think of any lip products that I have done that

So, hopefully sometime next week I will be posting another update and have told you that Baby Lips is no longer with us!!!! He He

Once that lipstick is done...I'm so all over buying a new lip product, MAC's Viva Glam Lady Gaga 2..totally all over it! I actually don't really like nude lipsticks...but since I have the original Lady Gaga lipstick (pink total spring favorite). I figure I should get the second one...just because I dunno it seems like a good idea (and I'm a sucker for Lady Gaga).

**Which I am totally doing a mini funeral for my Lady Gaga lipstick when it is done...I'm about halfway done with it. Though I randomly save it for a fine occasion**

On a totally other side note, I'm totally loving my cream blush from NYX in Boho Chic 11...that has been my favorite for a few months now. And one thing about cream blushes is that they last FOREVER! Only a little bit of product is required to get a decent color pay out (wash of color)...and considering this blush has a shimmer in it. I don't require any highlight powders!!!

I do like to change up the color by patting a very small amount of a pressed blush ontop of BoHo Chic (when my favorites for Feb go will see what I mean).

I'm more than halfway done with my Rimmel 26 hr liquid foundation...which is nice because I'm really looking forward to trying to find a good drug store foundation. I do like Revlon Colorstay and the Photoready..but I'm looking for something else. I'm really itching to make up shop..however I'm sticking to this make up project (and not buying anything new from a category until I have finished one item).

Anyways enough rambling...I will keep you updated. As products are finished, I will tell you of what I will be purchasing next (if there is anything in that category that I am wanting to try). And I will be letting you know when I add a new item to my list to finish, as once I finish my ELF Baby Lips...I will purchase the Lady Gaga 2 lipstick. And I will be adding another ELF Liquid Lipstick to my Make Up Project to finish in the color Cherry Tart (their pinky red...that reminds me of a lipstain color).

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