Sunday, February 13, 2011

In the Kitchen: Homemade 2 Bean Chili

As you guys know I do love cooking so of course when I find a recipe that gets a two eyebrows up from Joe...I know its In the Kitchen worthy.

Yup, TWO eyebrows up from Joe is the best rating you can have when it comes to the taste of food. As it means that he is extremely surprised and happy to have whatever item is in his mouth.

Something to keep in mind, when it comes to Southern cooking..whether its meat, beans, potato salads and mister is pretty picky. As he is a born and raised Texan, so he is very set in his particular tastes!

The 2 Bean Chili (courtesy of the side of Campbell's Tomato Juice Can) is an additional great recipe that we have added into our monthly diets at our home. It's relatively quick, easy and can literally make about 8 meals for two people (pending on how much one serves at a time).

Of course, the fat kid in me has to add additional toppings to the chili to make it tastier, prettier looking and overall more yummy (even if it's an additional 100 calories). Being a fat kid at heart and trying to cook always tends to lead to least for the waist line!! HA HA

Nonetheless, if you are interested in finding out my own spin on the recipe watch the video below

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