Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nails of the Week: Katy Perry's OPI Not Like the Movies

So with the basketball season coming up to a close for me...I have been letting my nails grow back out again (as I followed the rules myself and kept my nails trim...since I occasionally played against my girls).

And with my receiving some awesome nail polish for my Valentine's present, I decided it was time to play with the pretty colors.

The first color I decided to try out from my Mini Collection of Katy Perry's OPI polishes was, Not Like in the Movies.

This nail polish in my opinion was one of the most interesting colors from the four...due to the fact that the color itself seems to change pending on what light is hitting it!

It has an iridescent shimmer, and I would describe this as a grey/green with pink and purple undertones (ie shimmer). Cause anytime I'm sitting looking at my nails and move my hand around I can see anywhere from 2 to 4 colors! Totally lives up to the name...Not Like in the Movies!!! he he

Without Flash

With Flash

I have had this nail polish on for about a week now...and I must again say how much nicer using OPI is for chipping and staying power than any other nail polish I have owned.

Not only do I require less product applied to my nails (this was only two coats of the polish) but I have had little to no chipping. I actually had to file down my nails a but so even with doing that (after having nail polish on) I had no issue.

It really does make me want to get into nail polishes a bit more (at least for the better quality items) but I figure it will have to be special colors or collection to really get me to jump on that bandwagon.

I do love Katy Perry and of course all the hot videos talking about her nail polishes have been out for awhile now (though the shatter polish seems to be the hot trend at the moment). Overall I'm very happy with my polish and I even don't mind having a mini polish (cause the full sizes are just too least on eBay they were).

So Pretty

**Random side note, I just recently started using a new nail polish base from Manhattan (German make up brand) I'm wondering if it combined with the OPI makes for better staying power. I will have to use it when using a less expensive brand and keep you informed!

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